HTC Sensation Black Screen Fix


A common problem with the Sensation Range of phones from HTC is the black screen of death, this normally occurs after the phones battery dies, then when you attempt to charge and power up the phone again you now have a black screen sensation that shows no sign of life.

For most people this black screen on your HTC sensation will make you instantly think, "broken screen". this is not the case however. and thankfully the sensations blank screen can be easily fixed 90% of the time with a hard reset.

To perform a hard reset simply follow the instructions below

  1. Remove the battery from the phone, wait a couple of seconds & re-insert.
  2. Press and hold the volume down button, and while still holding it, press the power button.
  3. Soon a screen with 3 android images will appear, you may now release the volume button.
  4. Scroll down to factory reset & press the power button.
  5. Your phone will now restore itself.

You have now successfully solved the HTC Sensation black screen of death. Simple huh.

Please note that in doing a hard reset you will lose all data on the phone. Your SD cards documents will be untouched.

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Ahmad 4 years ago

I have followed all the steps but nothing is on the screen is still blank and i m hopeless now

TheMidnightRider profile image

TheMidnightRider 4 years ago Author

Was your phone dropped? its possible that the screen may be damaged.

saxo 4 years ago

jag pröva inget funkar ju / i trid but i dosent work?

dinilsone 4 years ago

i have the same problem and i did all this options but still not fixed ,i still can not see the anything and i cannot do the hard reset...

adeel 3 years ago

i Did Hard reset but problem remained same.

Bluewhale 3 years ago

That was amazing. Took 2 mins and sorted my phone. Thank you

birdmom 3 years ago

This has saved me twice. Seems like when I use my camera and there is a lot of memory used up, my phone chokes and goes to black screen. Instead of using factory reset I use reboot and nothing on my phone is lost.

zrmughal 3 years ago

oh man u made my day was so easy to do

annalise 3 years ago

I tried it a few time's and it still didn't work, any other ideas?

Ferndizzle 2 years ago

wooo thanks a lot just saved 100$ on repair services!

Clement 2 years ago

y to do

annalise 5 months ago

I tried it a few time's and it still didn't work, any other ide

saxo 2 years ago

when i charg my phone the led is showing red that its charging but the scren is still black how shuld i fix it help me plz

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