A hacker is someone who

* enjoys maximizing knowledge of computers

* appreciates about programming

* is an expert of any kind

* is a malicious, inquistive meddler

Inversely short a hackers enters into unauthorized computer network, gets data or alters data or delays transmission. It is defined as cyber crime by cyber law and it is defined as punishable offense by law.

  • Hacker-- enjoys maximizing knowledge of computers
  • Cracker— someone who breaks into systems

Ethical Issues

Is it wrong to break into systems and damage files? Is it wrong to break into systems and just look around, but not damage anything? Is it wrong to even try to break into a system? Many consider hacking to be equivalent to breaking and entering, and would consider hacking to be unethical. The following are some ethical issues:

  • Computers are beneficial to mankind
  • Should be maximally used
  • Use does not deprive owner
  • Entry ( illegal or otherwise) does not “ break” anything
  • Owner may request that others leave computer when owner needs to use it
  • Therefore computers should be open to all to use, keeping computers idle by using security is unethical since it does not benefit mankind

The risks pose by hackers are:

  • computers control important things(e.g nuclear power plants)
  • hackers could damage computers, either maliciously or inadvertently
  • difficult to discern intent of hacker
  • for safety, must use security measures to keep out hackers

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NerdyWerds profile image

NerdyWerds 5 years ago

Great article. I'm glad to see you draw a distinction between crackers and hackers. I've hacked a good deal of systems and devices in my time but never with a malicious intent, so I dislike being grouped in with crackers.

bodh678 profile image

bodh678 5 years ago from ASIA Author

Thank you.

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