How I Unlocked My iPod Touch With A Cracked Screen Without Backing Up or Restoring

iPod Touch 3rd generation or later

I spent hours of searching on the internet trying to find a way to unlock my iPod Touch 8G without having to use the slide to unlock because my screen is cracked. I had even contacted Apple Support and was told that I could not unlock my iPod Touch without using the slide lock and that the only way to unlock it was to replace the screen which costs $100.00. I can't afford this right now but I wanted access to my applications on my device.

After searching through Help from the iTunes screen, this is what I was eventually instructed to do:

  1. First connect your iPod Touch to your computer.
  2. In iTunes, select your device and click the Summary button which is towards the top of the iTunes screen right beside Apps.
  3. Click the button that says Universal Access which is located towards the bottom of the iTunes screen right below Options.
  4. Select Voice Over in the options then click ok.
  5. Click continue.
  6. You will hear your iPod say "Screen locked." When you try to slide to unlock it will say: "Slide to unlock." Wait a second and it will say: "Slide to unlock or double-tap." Double-tap. Your screen will then be unlocked.
  7. I then tapped the setting icon on my iPod Touch, then tapped passcode lock, tapped Simple Passcode to ON. I chose a very simple passcode using the numbers that I was able to easily tap due to my cracked screen. Here you can also change the Auto-Lock settings. I you choose never, be aware that this will drain your battery. But your screen won't automatically lock either.
  8. After changing to a Passcode Lock, I hooked my iPod Touch back up to my computer, performed steps 1-4 again but thiis time for the options I clicked on neither which is right below Voice Over. This will enable you to more freely use and navigate on your iPod.

Depending on the severity of the cracks, you may not have access to some of your apps. To fix some of this problem, you can rearrange them through your iTunes on your computer to make it easier to access them.

I am having issues using my keyboard though and some of my apps are a little harder to use because of the cracks but at least I am able to use my iPod once again until I can make arrangements to have it repaired.

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5 years ago

I love u

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Thank you soooo much! my screen cracked a few days ago and i've been looking all over for exactly this. Thanks!

Alyssa 5 years ago

It didn't work for mine??? it never said (slide to unlock or double tap) ??

Alyssa 5 years ago

its cuz when i click continue... it keeps popping up... help??

merianfoundler 5 years ago

Thank you for this post!

Mine iPod's screen has cracked yesterday. At least I still can use it to listen music.

calvinwithcrackedscreen 5 years ago

i have the same problem as alyssa, i click voice over then a pop up comes up. i have tried pressing voiceover then cancleing and all i believe is possible, please respond

asadsomro 5 years ago

Thank you soooo soooooo much .... ive been searching a solution from a month ... i finally got it ... thankyou very much :)

Hero XU 5 years ago

I can't find Voice Over option in Itunes. I am using Ipod Touch 8GB and Itunes 10. Please Help me !. My Email :

Alexis 5 years ago

I don't no where to find Universal Access to get to voice over i have an 8gb and i tunes 10.5 i think it is plz helpp me if u can email me or someone email me

FalcoPawnch 4 years ago

In the settings menu on the iPod, you can also choose to turn voice over on by using different commands such as pressing the home button 3 times. I set mine to that, so now i can get in my iPod without having to Sync, and i can leave my time out to 1 minute.

Kip 4 years ago

There is no "Universal Acces" under options under summary. Please help. My daughter cracked hers last night and she is very upset.

Ariel 4 years ago

If u can't select summary in itunes on your ipod u may be able to click the home button a few times and voice over will activate. This worked for me when my sister's ipod cracked and the slide bar wouldn t slide, we rebooted it and unlocked it by double tapping, we then restored it in itunes and put the back-up on her ipod

Penn 4 years ago

Thank you, I can now use my ipod touch at least for listening to music again

Sawyer dean 4 years ago

Ok almost there. I see the universal access, I chose voice over, it comes up on my iPod , but it doesn't say to double click to unlock. I tried it anyway but it didn't inlock. Any other ideas?

LAEEQ 4 years ago

You sir, are a genius!!!

shandell 4 years ago

we can't get it to work... what else will help. its not talking.... ITS MY SISTERS IPOD

daysia 4 years ago

I unlock it with pluging it into a computer all i did was jold the button down until voice control came on n said unlock then click the camera icon n then exit the camera icon it took me to my main screen

fire girl 4 years ago

i tried everthing for a month i did what u said and nothing happened i am realy sad beacase i am going beach any other ideas to help my ipod

breagh 4 years ago

life saver. but can you help me. it says cannot back up. and then later or settings and i can't select either one of them.

Tracee 4 years ago


drewd 4 years ago

my library wont sync my ipod until i put the password in what do i do?

david stone 4 years ago


horus 4 years ago

i love u with a hot fiery burning passion

A k shiplu khan 4 years ago

Best in the world in smart phone.

ela 4 years ago

thankyiu, this was great, it allowed me to do the ios 6 update. but for everyday use there is a much simpler way slide up the camera icon, then click the home button

Bob 3 years ago

Extremely helpful! Thank you for posting!

Inga 3 years ago

Thank you SO MUCH. "Apple Genius" said my machine was dead and no hope to get anything off it. Thanks to you, I have managed to unlock it and backup my data. So grateful. Thanks!

TeeJay 3 years ago

I can not see that option available under summary??

jake t 3 years ago

well that all worked, thanks. but I still can't get on because my 7 and 9 in my password those buttons don't work?

kobi 3 years ago

how did you select agree?

Ali 2 years ago

I can't found universal access option :'(

Ali 2 years ago

I can't click on the option "open iTunes when this iPod is connected" to find out more options

johnson 2 years ago

To unlock your iPhone visit this site...

dijah 2 years ago

my phone screen doesn't work at all is there someone of getting my stuff onto my computer really just my text messages. I don't have an apple just a pc

Guest101 2 years ago

it's telling me to enable facetime to make a video call.....

That One Guy 24 months ago

I dropped my iPod, the glass on the screen is fine and not cracked, but my iPod can't sense my touch at all. This won't work for me. I'v done hours of looking around for a solution, from practical tricks like this to full out jail-breaking and hacking, but I can't find a solution. I just want to make a backup. Anyone know what I can do?

rowan 15 months ago

you are a hero!!!

Macleod 9 months ago

@That one guy, we are sailing in the same boat bro. Found a solution yet?

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