How To Add Twitter Connect To Your Wordpress Blog?

Why is Twitter Connect Important?

Now, i am going to talk about, how you can add Twitter Connect to your blog comments. Before i start, i want to mention about that why you need this twitter connect. You need this this connect because, deu to this, your blog visitor can leave comment easily. I mean, they will not fill the blanks including name, e-mail etc. They easily connect with this plugin to your blog and leave comment.

How To Add This To Your Blog?

You can add twitter connect to you blog via a wordpress plugin which is called Twit Connect. This plugin will make everything easier.

First of you have download it from here.

After that unzip this file and upload it to your blog's / wp-content/plugins / section.

And then go to your wordpress plugin panel and activate Twit Connect plugin.

Now all you have to do is cofiguring it by entering Consumer and Consumer Secret Key, from Twitter which you can get from here.

And finally, you will see a form that is like the below i put it. Fill the blanks as the below pictures say.

After you all these things your Twitter Connect button will be added to your post's comments section. Thanks to this button your visitor will post more comment that is i hope:)

If you want to check my blog and see the my twit connect button, here is my link (Netbook World).

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joyoge 7 years ago

nice plugin thanks for the tut..

Makyol profile image

Makyol 7 years ago Author

You are welcome Joyoge.

martellawintek 3 years ago

hi there dennis it took me ages to find it here is there link

and details , there there most competitive in the game ,just say martellas told you to ring him

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