How To Choose Quality Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress is obviousliy one of the best blogging tools all over the world. However before you decide a quality home for yur blog, you need to be sure the hosting will fit your needs.

1. Know What You Need

Personal or professional blog? 99% of personal blogs are going to go fine with the smalles hosting plan. More professional ones may need more expensive plans. Therefore, you do not need go with most expensive hosting plan.

2. Wordpress is not Require Much Space

Most of the blogs don't use 100 mb of web space. What you need to know is if you will be able to host multiple domains and databases. Perhaps you'll would like to put a photo gallery or a forum. And each of these needs its own database. Be sure your host provides you more than one database.

3. Know What Are The Wordpress Requirements

On page you will see two basic requirements and that is: PHP 4.3 or greater and MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater

Wordpress Hosts almost always use linux based servers. If your host is wanting you to choose Windows hosting for WordPress, run a mile!

4. Check The Extras Of Hosting Provider

One-click set up is a crucial feature of better Wordpress Hosts and so are wordpress upgrades. If you see a Host that uses a three month old Wordpress Install you should be careful with this host.

5. Did They Have Good Support

This is another important issue that you must consider because you cannot know when you need help. Good support means two things. First one is to be able to fix your problem. And the other one is to fix it quickly. If your site isn't online your visitors cannot axess you blog, then you may lose visitors/money and etc.

6. Hosting Quality- Reliability

First is uptime guarantee. Reliable wordpress hosting means 99.9% uptime guarantee. It's normal to have some downtime, since servers need to restart occasionally.

The second is money back guarantee. Honest hosting provider can calmly offer 30 day money back guarantee, since they believe in their quality.

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Darren 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips. These are very basic and very helpful information for me. I will consider your saying when i am purchasing hosting.

Thanks again!

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