How To Create A Yahoo Email Account

Create A Yahoo Email Account

Creating a Yahoo email account is just as simple as a Gmail account, all you have to do is decide what your user name and password will be, especially important is your user name as this will identify you as you, the security of Yahoo now is becoming tight and that's a good thing, there are questions and other stuff that you may have to answer periodically, just to identify yourself that you own the email account.

As anyone may know, in the past Yahoo had struggled with people signing up for free email accounts to spam people with and that's still the case, but there have been lots of improvements in the way that spam is dealt with online, so this is slowly being phased out, which is good for the honest people who need a free email account, but permanently bad for other sites that you want to sign up for with a free email account as you might find that you are banned from using that Yahoo email address because of others stupid actions.

To sign up to Yahoo, go to Yahoo and click sign up, this will take you to a form to fill out which includes your details such as your name, gender, date of birth, country and post or zip code.

Then you decide on a user name that will be the front part of your new free email address and then think of a good strong rock solid password, next you will be asked to provide 2 security questions with answers, just in case you ever forget your password and log in details. then type in the words from the security box to confirm you are not a piece of software trying to create a false account for spam. Once you have filled in this form, you should receive a welcome email to confirm or with your details after you have logged back in.

And that is it, creating a Yahoo Email account is very straight forward, but do understand that some websites have banned the Yahoo email addresses because of excess spam usage.

Create A Yahoo Email Account

Create a free yahoo email account.
Create a free yahoo email account.

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It's a good service

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i love yahoo servises

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now i'can enjoy yahoo becouse it is conneting me with many friends.

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