How To Create A YouTube Playlist

Create A YouTube Playlist

YouTube play-lists make it easier to group your related videos together and you can create as many play-lists as you want within your YouTube account (If you haven't created a YouTube account yet, then head on over here and find out how to create a YouTube Channel) or you could just sign up and follow the instructions here YouTube Sign Up.

To create a play-list is very easy, within your account just go to Videos which is your own tab were all of your uploaded videos are stored and then you can click on New, which is a small drop down box that will show Play-list and Video Upload, click Play-list, now you will come up with a simple form for the title, type the title in and click Create, now you should be presented with a larger form to fill out.

Fill the description in and add the relevant tags, so your play-lists can be found better on YouTube, your link and embeddable code will be displayed here, should you need to use it to share with your networks and last of all, you can decide whether this play-list will be your video log, then click save changes.

And that's pretty much it and remember you can decide whether you show these play lists to your subscribers or on your YouTube channel page, but I would recommend them to be placed on there as you are adding extra value by showing them. Play lists can show in the YouTube related videos displays which is what you want really, as this brings in more traffic to your videos and possibly more subscribers.

Play lists seem to work better when you show people how to do things step by step as people are more inclined to go through each step within each play list, also keep an eye on the play lists and make sure they are in the correct order, you can do this by clicking on any play list in your account and numbering them accordingly, from one to however many videos are in the play-list.

More YouTube Tips to come.

Creating A YouTube Play List

How to create a YouTube playlist, it's simple.
How to create a YouTube playlist, it's simple.

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Create A YouTube Play List

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