How To Create A Youtube Channel

Creating A YouTube Channel

 When creating a YouTube video channel it is best to think about the focus of your channel first, think about what videos you want to create and indeed what your username will be, as you can try and make it related to your niche with a keyword or two, the videos will be the very heart of your content, so it is wise to come up with some good quality videos that are useful with a mix of some personal videos thrown in, but remember that focus, it has to remain constant for your YouTube channel to be a success with lots of viewers.

There are two ways you can sign up for YouTube, you can either sign up through your Google account or you could sign up with YouTube directly, which is recommended, but then so is signing up through a free Google account as you can get a Blogger account there too and promote your videos on a related blog too and what you could do is write what you say in the videos, but in a different way, so as to provide maybe more value or useful tips or whatever.

After signing up, you can then create and flesh out your YouTube channel profile, by adding a website link which is DoFollow, meaning that the search engines will follow and index your web URL, also you can write a bit about yourself too and add your interests and other information as appropriate, getting your YouTube channel set up is the first priority, because you want everything to sit well and look good for when you add videos.

There are options for changing the colours of your profile page and also adding a background image which could also brand your channel page particularly if you plan on using it for business, also you can add a picture of yourself or your business logo image which helps with your brand too.

You can also set up your homepage (channel) to show all modules or select ones on your channel page and decide whether you want to share your future videos with Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader or Orkut - Which is a social network. This is a good idea if you have networks on each, except for Google Reader as that is still a way to share links to your videos, but as yet there are no proper social features, except the separate Google Buzz, which is attached to your Gmail account if you have one.

Settings tab - Here you can decide on a title for your YouTube channel and also the keywords which are called tags and also decide whether you want others to view your channel, which nearly everyone does.

Themes and colours- This is were you can change the colours of your YouTube channel and you can do almost any shade of colour that you want and then make some of the different modules transparent against your background iage if you've uploaded one.

Modules - This small control area is were you can tick the boxes to make certain modules appear on your channel page, current modules include:-

Comments module - This is so people can comment on your channel.

Subscribers module - Shows all of your subscribers.

Friends - Shows all of your friends.

Other Channels- You can show any other channels that you own or anyone elses that are related to yours.

Subscriptions - Who you have subscribed to.

Groups - What groups you own or have joined.

Recent Activity- What videos you've uploaded, rated or favorited.

Also there is now a module called Moderator, which you can ask questions of the YouTube Community about anything, you can also ask for ideas about any subject that you can think of, preferably your own channel subject.

The Videos And Play-lists module is were you control what play-lists you have and how they are displayed on your YouTube channel. and you can also decide whether your featured front page video is going to be auto-play or not, which is entirely up to you.

The Post Bulletin module is were you can post a reminder or notice to your current subscribers, maybe you've created a video or series of videos or even have an event to announce, you can do that there.

Once you have created a few videos, it is best to check and keep checking the Insight of your videos, as time goes on, you will discover where your video viewers are coming from, which videos are more popular and whether they are of a certain age or male or female, as well as other statistics. Your Insight can be a gold mine for traffic, really as you can find out what videos are popular and do similar ones in that niche area, which is also how you use Google Analytics with websites to find high traffic content on your websites or blogs.

When you have your YouTube channel set up by exploring all of it's options, just remember to try and participate within the YouTube community as there are millions and millions of videos on that site and many other tubers who might be interested in your videos if you make contact and get involved with their videos too.Well what are you waiting for? Go and create a YouTube channel and start video uploading.

Create A Youtube Video Channel

Create a youtube channel.
Create a youtube channel.

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agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 6 years ago from Australia

Thanks, down the track I have always wanted to do this, not that I have any vids as yet but you never know do you?

bookmarking this Hub for future reference :-)

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Thanks, I've got a few youtube channels at the moment and one is doing better than the others....

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