How To Create A Zip File In Vista

Create A Zip File In Vista

Creating a zip file in Windows Vista is very easy to do, but it isn't easy to find if you don't know how to do it, but since I am here, there is a simple way of creating a zip file with Vista.

Vista itself has been one of the past disasters of Windows, because it has been a rather clunky operating system with extras that aren't needed for the average computer user, in previous windows versions the ability to do a zip file was an extra add on that you had to download, such programs like Winzip which is a free download, but then you had to pay later for the full version, which made your file zipping more efficient.

Any documents that you create, you can put them into named folders, which you may know already, it is best if you are going to create a zip archive or file, to collect a few files that you want to include and then zip the file which actually compresses your collections of files and may save some space as a result, also creating a zip file, makes it easier for people to download, as they can save the full zipped folder or file for extraction later when they have time, this makes it more convenient.

So, in Windows Vista, once you are viewing all of your important documents, you can right click on a folder which is were you have placed all the important word files or whatever files you've created, then you want to hover over send and then click on Compressed (zipped) Folder and this will copy all of the files and the folder and zip them all nice and tidy for you, and that's it, simple eh?

Create A Zip File

Create a zip file in vista.    Image source -
Create a zip file in vista. Image source -

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Create A Zip File In Vista

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