How To Create An Msn Account

Create An MSN Account

 Creating an MSN account is very similar to the other search engines own accounts Yahoo and Google, all you have to do is sign up like any other site and set up your account from within your MSN account. So signing up for an MSN account is super easy and there you can create a blog space too as well as a free email address, MSN accounts have the Hot-mail email addresses and can be connected to the MSN messenger which alerts you when you get emails sent to you.

Go to MSN and create an account by clicking the sign in link and then clicking the sign up link, you will then be asked whether you already have an email address to sign up, if not, just click no and the email on this new MSN account will be your email address, then click continue and you will be forwarded to the main sign up form.

Choose what country you are from and then decide on a user name which be the front part of your new hot mail email address, then create a strong password for your MSN account.

Now you set a security question for password retrieval if you forget it and then you fill out your details, such as your name, gender, date of birth and zip code.

Lastly type in the security word verification which protects MSN against spam bots and other spammy software.

Now click accept the MSN agreements after reviewing them.

You should now be signed up for an MSN account which is a good collection of website tools to better communicate online with anyone you have as a contact.

Create MSN Account

How to create an MSN account, it is quite easy.
How to create an MSN account, it is quite easy.

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i want to creat a new email account

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