How To Create Gmail Account

Create A Gmail Account

Creating a Gmail Account is fairly straight forward and all you need to really do is sign up for a Google account, but do you know the features of having a Google account? Well they are very advantageous if you have a Google account, because Google itself have partnered up with other sites over the years and provide other tools and services within your account for free.

There's Blogger, YouTube and other great tools for optimizing your websites with and also sites that will help you grow your traffic, you just have to work with them really, Google accounts are free to sign up for and it only takes a few minutes to sign up for one, but be aware that the adsense program you will have to have built up some web presence beforehand to be accepted, so bear that in mind if you think you are going to be earning from your site or blog.

But since it's Gmail that you want, all you have to do is sign up and then sign in, wait a few seconds and you're in, first things first you may want to let the people that you know online your new Google mail address which you would have created when you went through the sign up process and any contacts that you make that also have a Google account and Gmail account can be see in your email dashboard at the side, a green light indicates that they are currently online and a grey light indicates that they are currently offline.

There maybe certain filters that you might want to create, maybe you had trouble with email spam on another account and so, you want to make this one a bit more secure and less susceptible for spam messages, the usual Viagra and Rolex Watches are the words to filter out, you can do this by selecting a message by clicking on the small box icon at the side of the message and then click on more actions and go to filter messages like these, then you will be able to add specific words that you want to filter out, so that these types of email messages get trashed or deleted.

Even though there are filter options, Gmail can be a haven for spam messages if your email address is sold to a third party or an untrusted email address collector, usually spy-ware that gathers email addresses and sells them on, which is pretty underhanded and down right nasty of them.

So always look for creating a Gmail account within a Google account

Create A Gmail Account

Creating A Gmail Account.    Image source - Googlemail
Creating A Gmail Account. Image source - Googlemail

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waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

This is basic stuff that anyone should know, but I guess that's why you wrote it, because I'm sure there will be some who don't know about Gmail....and plus gmail is free..

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Yes, you are right, I did this because it was a top searched phrase.....

mubi201 profile image

mubi201 6 years ago

good hub dear for the beginners

navdeep 6 years ago

it is a very beautiful

MIKA 6 years ago


sumit 5 years ago

i wanna make my identity on gmail plz tell me what is the processar to make it

kirtiranga 5 years ago


PURSHOTTAM 5 years ago

Happy dwali

alpheus mosimane 5 years ago

i would like to have a gmail account

mritunjay 5 years ago

how to create an g mail account

joby k jacob 5 years ago

hw to creat an gmail account please help me

ZAHID 5 years ago

hw to creat an gmail account

anitha 5 years ago

google have good features

Fayfo 5 years ago

Iwant to regester a gmail

HAMEED ABDUL 5 years ago


Shikhu 4 years ago

could u plz tell me how to create a gmail account . I have tried it for more than a hundred times

surarh 4 years ago

nice da

richard 4 years ago

Thank you'll for your help


kuledeep 4 years ago

i want learn to made id

Anita 3 years ago

Hello, Pls let me know if we have an adsense account that is not approved and we create new account, is this account is enough for youtube application for adsense with youtube or should we have to have an approved adsense account for this before we apply.

monit 3 years ago

it is the best

b'bieyh 3 years ago

Very easy to create this..... nice...

radhi 2 years ago

it is good

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