How To Customize Taskbar Of Window Vista

Window Vista Taskbar

Taskbar Customization

After looking at windows vista task manager, it is turn to find out what one can do with vista Taskbar and the Start Menu properties. The figure shows where the window vista taskbar is located, which is at the bottom of your computer window. There are so many functions that you can perform with the taskbar including launching of the programs menu

Adding Toolbars on your Vista Taskbar

Right click on the Windows Taskbar, and on the drop up menu that pop ups click on the Toolbars. While on the Vista Toolbar you are able to remove or add the Web Address icon, Windows Media Player, Links Icon, Tablet PC Input Panel, Desktop Icon, Quick Launch and New Tool Bar. To add or remove click on the Toolbar check if any that you want to add is checked if not checked check it or uncheck it. The icons are known as the vista Icon based Interface discussed in earlier on Vista Interface.

Now that you have added or removed the icons on your vista taskbar, you are still able to perform other functions, right click on vista Taskbar to perform the following functions

  • View – to change Icon sizes either large or small
  • Show Text
  • Show Title
  • Close Toolbar – This will close your Taskbar toolbar from appearing on the Vista Desktop
  • You can cascade your windows – when you have many programs windows open in vista you can cascade them and have them all open in an ascending order on your desktop as shown below
  • You can show Windows Stacked
  • Show Windows Slide by Slide
  • Show Desktop – to open your Desktop and Minimize other running programs
  • You can Open Up your Task Manager
  • Lock the Taskbar
  • Taskbar properties

Vista Cascade

Taskbar properties

Taskbar menu – you can lock the taskbar, auto hide the taskbar, Keep the task bar on top of other windows, you can group similar taskbar buttons, you can also quick launch, you can show Windows Preview Thumb Nail. To show or un show any of the above functions, just checked or unchecked the corresponding box to reflect what you want. To check the box will show the function, un checking the box will remove the property

Start Menu - Gives the user option on how to view Window Vista Start Up Menu, select on the first option known as Start menu or Classic Start menu

Notification Area - Gives the ability to hide inactive icons, customizing your icons. Other than Icons you are able to add clock, volume, Network and power icons on the taskbar by checking on the boxes. To remove the icons just uncheck the boxes

Toolbars tab - here is where you will be able to add your address, Windows Media Player, Links, Table PC Input Panel, Desktop and Quick Launch on your desktop.

After checking the boxes click on the apply tab on the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties to effect the changes immediately or click on the OK button for the changes to be reflected later

Vista Customization Taskbar Properties

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