How To Eject And Remove A Stuck CD Or DVD From A MacBook

All I wanted was my DVD back!
All I wanted was my DVD back!

Hey Mac, Give Me My DVD Back!

After I had burned a new DVD of a video I edited up one day, I wanted to make sure that it would actually play on a Mac, so I did the same thing that I always do when I want to watch a DVD -- I pushed it into my MacBook's SuperDrive (what a cool name). As my MacBook made the weird noises that it always does when I put in a DVD (is that necessary?), I noticed that the SuperDrive showed up as an icon on my desktop and that the DVD was spinning around and around, which seemed pretty normal as well.

Unfortunately my DVD burning skills aren't quite up to par because the DVD didn't end up playing, which isn't the first time that my computer skills haven't quite been as sharp as I would like them to be. But, it didn't bother me much and I figured that I would just eject the defunct DVD and try to burn another one -- no big deal, right? Wrong. To my surprise, when I tried to eject the DVD from my MacBook nothing happened. It was like my Mac didn't want to give me back my non-working DVD and it wasn't budging on the matter. I couldn't get my DVD back and I had no idea how to eject it.

Luckily, after searching around on how to get my MacBook to part with my DVD I finlly figured it out and I finally got my hands on the DVD that didn't even work in the first place. Just in case you have the same problem that I did, I listed out some ways to get your stuck DVD or CD to eject from your MacBook too so that you don't panic like I did.

The location of the eject button on a Mac
The location of the eject button on a Mac

Press And Hold The Eject Button

OK, this might seem like a no-brainer, but the fact that I am a fairly new Mac user, it took me a couple minutes to figure out that I needed to press and hold the eject key if I wanted to eject a DVD from my MacBook. The eject button is usually the key that's located at the top-right corner of your keyboard. Most of the time pressing and holding this eject button will do the trick, but sometimes you need to pull something else out of your bag of tricks. Keep on reading if you this option doesn't work for you. 

Dragging the CD icon into the trash can might eject your CD/DVD
Dragging the CD icon into the trash can might eject your CD/DVD

Drag The SuperDrive CD Icon To The Trash Can

If hitting the eject button doesn't work for you and your DVD or CD is still stuck in your MacBook a good second option is to drag the SuperDrive icon that appears on your desktop to the trash can. On my MacBook the trash can is located in the bottom right-hand corner of my desktop, so dragging down the icon is pretty easy. The SuperDrive icon should look like a CD and should have the name of your DVD or CD listed below it.

Once you drag the CD icon into the trach can, your DVD or CD should be ejected from your Mac. If not, it looks like you might need to keep on reading. Don't worry, this option didn't work for me, either.

Hold in this mouse button on your MacBook during reboot and your DVD should eject
Hold in this mouse button on your MacBook during reboot and your DVD should eject

Holding In The Mouse Button During A Reboot

Believe it or not, this is what finally did the trick for me when I had a stuck DVD in my MacBook. All you need to do for this to work is reboot your MacBook and as it's rebooting keep your fingers pressed down on the mouse button that's actually on the laptop. This might work with an external mouse, but to be honest I haven't tried. As you're pressing the mouse button and your MacBook begins to reboot, your DVD will eject before your desktop appears. I'm not sure how this happens (and I don't really care), but it actually works. Maybe it's some type of Mac magic or something?

Using a credit card sounds crazy, but has actually worked for some people
Using a credit card sounds crazy, but has actually worked for some people

Last Ditch Effort: Using A Credit Card

I'm not saying that this method always works, but I know that it has for a few MacBook owners and at this point if nothing else has worked, it's worth a shot. I mean, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Over on a blog I read about how this guy used a credit card to somehow get a CD out of his MacBook's SuperDrive. It took him a few tries, but he did it by simply sticking the credit car in the SuperDrive's slot, pressing the eject key and once he felt pressure on the card he pulled it out, along with the CD. Seems kind of crazy, but hey, it worked and might be worth giving a shot if none of these previous methods worked. If this does actually work, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know.

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geraldgarces profile image

geraldgarces 7 years ago from Philippines

hahaha! your hub is funny! yet informative too! nice!

Mad Macs profile image

Mad Macs 7 years ago from Indianapolis

Another thing to try is using post-it notes. Take 5-6 of them and insert them sticky side down and make sure they go over the disc stuck in the drive. You can get discs out sometimes that way as well.

berhe 7 years ago

HI I easly removed it A Credit Card. I kept the card partially inside and turn the mac off, when I turn it on again it ejected the cd imidialtly

Ang 7 years ago

Thanks for posting this info! And to the post-it note addendum, that's what did the trick for me! Thanks guys!

carpesomediem profile image

carpesomediem 7 years ago

Very, very informative hub!

chris 7 years ago

omg thankyou thankyou so much

for posting up to use a credit card!! I accidently got a mini disk jammed into the mac. Now I know to never put that in again lol. I tried various other methods like restarting & holding down the key.. I even tried using my tweezers & various paperclips lol.

anyways thankyou so much!!!!

I used my credit card, and it actually worked!

jbeam 7 years ago

the credit card trick actually worked. i had TWO discs stuck in at the same time, weird situation, but hey, i got out of it.

Darren 7 years ago

Thank you!! I did the trick where you hold down the mouse button while re-starting the mac book.... and it worked perfectly!!! As soon as the desktop reappeared the cd simply popped out...awesome!! Oh yeah, I used a wireless mouse too!

Anna Grace 7 years ago

Holding down the mouse during a re-start worked like magic. The disc just popped out! Thank you so much!

Ryan Hupfer profile image

Ryan Hupfer 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

Glad that I could help all of you! If you happen to find out any other ways to get them out, please let me know and I'll update the article.

jonty 7 years ago

this is really a wonderful hub....

very informative .... very nicely explained ....

keep the good work up .... god bless you .....

bloom 7 years ago

thanks a lot its really work, i hold the mouse button while my mac pro is reboot...then the cd really pop out ...

Chloe 7 years ago

Oh my goodness thank you so much the mouse trick works! My problem was I put a cd in which my mac usually reads fine and this time no icons or any sign of my cd being recognized was on my computer and the eject button didn't work! So if ever your cd/Dvd doesn't even pop up on your computer as an Icon to eject restart with and hold the mouse down! MAGIC! Thanx a Million!

Xander 7 years ago

Used my ID card instead of a credit card. Worked immediately.


Annon 7 years ago

The credit card thing did the trick, thanks!

Pietro 7 years ago

hey the post-it thing worked GREAT! It was 3 years I had that dvd stuck. thanks!!!

John 7 years ago do you extract the disc if there's no power to the macbook?

Alex 7 years ago

Credit card worked for me. Tried all the other stuff without success. Credit card wedged in above the CD did the trick.

mariamno 6 years ago

credit card worked with my mac. I never succeeded, actually, but as soon as my husbond tried, cd desided it was time to go out:))) thanks.

Jimmy  6 years ago

The sticky notes worked. And for anyone thats really stuck, you should seriously try it out.

SILVIA duart 6 years ago

Thank you so much it was very useful! I've spend several hours tryin to eject the dvd.

I did the trick where you hold down the mouse button while re-starting the mac book.... and it worked!! THANKS AGAIN!!

Abb 6 years ago

Amazing buddy! After ruining my saturday night from having my CD stuck inside of my macbook. THis is the first time that this happened to me, so I tried the credit thing to remove my stuck CD, no luck, so I researched it for a while then by 5 am, I fell sleep for couple of hours, knowing that i had to made an appointment for 10 am with the geniuses at APPLE. Luckily I came across your page and decided to "Hold In The Mouse Button During A Reboot" and voila, my CD was ejected and I immediately shredded it. LOL Thank so much!

Muinas 6 years ago

Woooooow holding the mouse botton while restarting the computer worked for me !!!

cpittaluga 6 years ago

Great information. I installed a new hard drive in my daughters macbook, when I put the operating system disk 1 in it would not eject...I spent hrs trying to make it work, I finally googled it and found your blog.. Your trick of holding the mouse button worked...

THank You...


ru 6 years ago

post it notes!! amazing. brilliant. worked like a charm to get a mini-dvd out.

jay 6 years ago

The old pc came out in me in trying to fix my 11 year old's macbook. Before looking at your suggestions, I removed all the screws and took out the battery. This after doing a regular power down and restarting the machine didn't work several times. I put the battery back in and didn't remove the case. Rebooted and the CD came right out before I even had time to try your suggestions. Maybe the disconnection from the power for a few minutes had something to do with it.

Tbo  6 years ago

Macbook pro Blue screen with DVD in drive: SOLUTION!!

SO my Gf's MBP would make the start-up sound and nothing else but a blue screen. This started after trying to boot up a burned DVD. Nothing Worked!! No boot-up command codes, no track pad button, no holding the eject button, NOTHING!! Finally in desperation I tried the credit card trick.. VERY skeptical I felt around gently with a credit card. Had a couple scares with the disk rubbing the card and making a painful sound. But the key was when I inserted the card strait into the drive slot. It would only fit on the left side of the drive. I could feel the disk, so I tried placing the card above the disk and booting up the MBP.. nothing. Ok desperately tried underneath the disk and pushing the start button "POP" "VVVPPPTT" AND THE DISK WAS OUT. I snatched it like a pit-bull on steak. Then without anything from me, it booted up perfectly.


1. Credit card on left side of slot. Insert as far as you can still hold on to the card below the disk.

2. press the boot button.

3. feel something hit the card ad remove when you see the disk coming out.


BrianAlt 6 years ago

My daughter had two, YES TWO, DVDs stuck in the drive. She forced a second one in while one was in there already. After several tries with a stack of post it notes I got the second one out and then the first one came out after a restart without a problem.


Michael Keller 6 years ago

Same here, had 2 disks in superdrive courtesy of my 4 year old son. Just kept running drutil eject and gently tapping the macbook on my legs with the drive point down. After a few tries, drutil eject and gravity caused the CDs to appear to the point I could pull them out.

Monica 6 years ago

Thank you SOOOO much! The reboot with mouse button trick worked! Now I can get class pics to yearbook for my son's school!

Stu 6 years ago

I used a Joker from a deck of cards and the small CD slid out just enough for me to grab it with my fingers - piece of cake!

Kate 6 years ago

On the new MacBook the credit card didn't work but the reboot while holding the mouse worked. Thanks so much!!!

schesbh 6 years ago

WOW! just removed a mini cd inserted into a new macbook pro! Used the credit card on reboot and out it came! Thank you!

Henry Gray 6 years ago

Hey! the mouse thing worked amazing! but the CD is stuck again! jeez, these new macbooks. Thanks for the tips, you rock dude

amanda 6 years ago

i got the card stuck in there too!!!! ughhhhhhh

Grace 6 years ago

YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! THANKS SOO MUCH, it worked the one pressing the mouse while rebooting. :)

Nicole Scotto 6 years ago

I used the credit card trick and it worked!!! I mean it took like five tries, but it actually worked!! Thanks so much!

Linda 6 years ago

THANK YOU!!! I am now a firm believer in 'Mac magic!' Held down the mouse...AND eject button for some extra good luck- worked like a charm! :)

save my system profile image

save my system 6 years ago from United Kingdom - London

Hey very informative hub. The trick of holding mouse button really work well fro me and I also promote it. Thanks a lot for giving such easy to do and simple trick on MAC.

kels31 6 years ago


Jay Cee 6 years ago

it works !!!.. the credit card!! haha thanks

Justy 6 years ago

for me the effective way was pushing mouse button during the reboot!!! thanks!

clojost 6 years ago

I tried all of the explained methods and have failed. The computer isn't even booting up all the way so the screen stays black. When I do restart the dvd spins continually. Just don't know what to do anymore. I don't use the computer really, but the dvd is from the LIBRARY! I got my Powerbook G4 out (have a MacBook now) to help a refugee family now in USA to learn English, inserted DVD, and now here I sit and can't get the blasted thing out.

BMG profile image

BMG 6 years ago from timor laste

how about for another brand of notebook?

jasoncox83 profile image

jasoncox83 6 years ago from Ohio

Don't forget about ducktape, and a hammer. Works wonders every time :)

Superman 6 years ago

Great! I used the credit card and the mouse trick and it worked. Thanks!

mimi 6 years ago

thanks, today i just got a cd stuck in my macbook pro. So I tried holding the mouse button down while a reboot and it worked. The cd came right out. I was happy. thanks again. 6 years ago from bear, de, 19701

very informative info. unique method, right way

Nina from NZ 6 years ago

Thank you so much. Holding the mouse button and rebooting freed my stubborn DVD. I was Mac-less for an awful moment!

Definitely ditching this dodgy DVD though.

angie 6 years ago

Thanks Saved a trip to the Mac shop and maybe money I used the sit on the mouse method and it worked The credit card one was not good as I had my Snow Leopard CD in it and I did not want to wreck it I was trying to reinstall and it just did not work Probably cos I had not taken off the orignal one I dunno I have to try it again tho..........

Arnaud 6 years ago

I'd like to thank all of you guys for your very helpful comments and advices ! I just removed this fu... CD from my girlfriend's Macbook's superdrive with.....the credit card !!! What a trick !!! I'll recommend this site. Excellent.

mark 6 years ago

My DVD was stuck and all I could think was WTF! I did a google search and found your page. I had to put 2 fingers on the mouse pad to eject the studid DVD. Super drive my arse! What is that horrible noise every time you put DVD in it?

fernan 6 years ago dvd was stuck after reading whole bunch of site.. finally found solution here..

just holding mouse works.. :P i was frusrated wanted to do the dvd, opening and all good thing got alternative way lol...

MC 6 years ago

Another way is to open up a program called Terminal:

Applications - Utilities - Terminal

When opened, type "drutil tray eject"

It will release your disk immediately! :)

Lauri Wilson 6 years ago

OMG, i first got a disc stuck and it didn't read, so i tried to eject it with the eject button and it would work? So i put another disc in thinking it would get the other one to eject? wrong! not only did it not eject it got sucked in. I'm like"dumb ass" so then i got tweezers and nail file nothing worked, so i read your wonderful blog and tried all of it, NOTHING. so I tried a combination of all of it~~i took wide tape like masking or duck tape and wrapped it around a thin credit card and tried it. It worked after i turned it off and back on again and pressed the eject or mouse button i don't remember cause i was so pysyced that it worked. It stuck to the disc and both came out at the same time. Now i'm afraid to put them back in? lol

crazy but i love these bloggs, i save so much money on fixing things, dishwashers, driers etc...

good luck

paola 6 years ago

thx man the post it thing worked for me but now my i think my mac thinks that there a cd inside of it but there actually isn't :(

Saif 6 years ago

Thank you so much. The credit card trick worked perfect! Thanks alot! :)

Nilanjan 6 years ago

Man... Your blog was a god send!!!! Bless you! (BTW - it was the credit card that worked! Not as simple as inserting a waiting but more sliding it up and down the slot - in my case it seems that the disc slot was not allowing the disc to exit... the sliding the card top to bottom across the slot sort of freed the slot cover and the centre of the disc peeked out! At this point i just grabbed the damn thing and pulled it out!)

Wyn 6 years ago

Absolute no-brainer......the eject button worked like a charm!!!

Thanks for the reminder : )

Kristen 6 years ago

I've tried EVERYTHING! It hasn't worked at all! :( And the thing is that this is my SCHOOL laptop and my DAD'S CD! I haven't told him yet... My best friend is coming over to help me tonight. I think all the methods I tried BROKE my SCHOOL LAPTOP! Grr! Sorry, No postive feedback... :( WHY ME?!?!?!

Laura 6 years ago

thank you

Lubo 6 years ago

Cool the credit card trick worked,disc ejected first time..

now i have a flashing folder on screen with a ? on it,take it my macbooks jigged...

Kels 6 years ago

didn't work :( mines really stuck in there any advice?

Jas 6 years ago

OMG i experienced the exact same thing!!! burning a dvd failed, tried it on my macbook pro and got stuck.. panicked as hell as my macbook is only a week old.. found your this page and it helped my mac from being constipated.. thanks soooooo much!

Deb 6 years ago

It does seem obvious now that you mention holding down the eject button, but I too am new to a mac and this whole laptop world! Thanks.

steffi* 6 years ago

Thank you, you saved my day with the "Holding In The Mouse Button During A Reboot" thing! It worked well, I was close to freak out before I found your page.


rjcreighton2 6 years ago

Holy crap! it worked. Held the mouse down and restart and voila. Thank you!!

mados123 6 years ago

Excellent MacGyver trick with the post it notes. A combo of the notes & a card to flatten the notes against the cd worked. Cheers!

Kurren 6 years ago

I had tried everything to get a stuck dvd out of my macbook. The thing was so stuck in there, I couldn't see any part of it (even a little sliver) when I was attempting ejection- the last time this happened I could see a little sliver and managed to grab it with tweezers. I found this page and tried everything on it with no luck, I then grabbed a strip of heavier duty double sided sticky tape and stuck it to one end of my CVS card and fumbled with that (doing as described above with a credit card) for a second and managed to get the dvd to eject without any damage! (I'm not sure what exactly happened though, because the stickiness combined with thickness of the card seemed to be it, but the dvd didn't stick to the tape or anything, it just popped out!)

Thanks for the help and ideas!

matthewjason profile image

matthewjason 6 years ago

Superb Informative hub !

Mine DVD is not yet stuck in the Super drive but as per you are saying holding the eject key, putting super drive icon into trash and the best way to use of credit card as per you said.

Thank you so much for the information given by this hhub!

Great hub I like it!

mohit 6 years ago

thanks a lot man ...your mouse button press trick worked for me....

Janey Stoddard 6 years ago

YOU FREAKING ROCK!!! The rebooting thing worked! You are the bearer of computer miracles! Thanks

Colleen Epperson 6 years ago

I modified the credit card thing and wrapped the card w/ painters tape, sticky side out. I got both cds out. Yay!! Thanks!

Jamie Stogner 6 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I tried everything to remove a mini disc AND full size disc that were both stuck in my MacBook. In desperation I tried the sticky note remedy and IT ACTUALLY WORKED! I have no idea what I did or why it worked... but the discs came out one at a time and my MacBook is now disc-free! AWESOME HUB!

denbutton 6 years ago

thx i work for me holding mouse when reboot

Stanlety 6 years ago

OMG, the credit card half way in worked!!!! The optical drive is already damaged so holding the mouse down did not work. Thank you!!!!!!

Kirstin 6 years ago


alicia 6 years ago

after trying the reboot, leaving it alone for 10 minutes, holding the laptop at a 45 degree angle etc i tried the credit card method and it worked on the first try.....thank you!

anna 6 years ago

THANK YOU !!!! Stucked dvd in macbook (no system on mac) - the holding in the mouse button trick worked perfectly.

Jo Anne 6 years ago

God bless you! I got the mini-cd that came with my new video camera stuck - and was afraid I'd ruined my MacBook when I went to the Apple help page and found out you should never, ever, insert a mini-cd (duh!). It took a combination of post-it notes AND credit card (to put some pressure on the post-it stickiness), but it pulled right out. Thank you!

Aiman 6 years ago

Thnx a lot! really helped me out - made a few tries with credit card, i got it out!

Babs 6 years ago

Once I tried to read a defective DVD (the drive was a tray-less) in my friend's MacBook and it stuck! it wont play, it wont eject -- all we hear the dangerous sound from the drive..

and we called up a friend he suggested to hold the MacBook Up-side-down and give gentle hits to it's base and the DVD ejected !!!

Taiya Cardoza 6 years ago

It worked!! A dvd has been stuck in my bf's mac w/ a bad harddrive for months. I have tried everything! I held down the mouse button and turned it on - tada!! Out came the dvd, thanks!!

carly 6 years ago

the credit card thing actual works. i stuck a little cd in my mac by accident and it was too small for the computer to read. i tried the first three options above, but non of those worked. The last option about the credit card really works. Thanks!

Eileen Fletcher 6 years ago

The credit card suggestion just saved my life. I was getting desperate! I'd tried every thing. So I partially inserted the credit card (about three quarters of the way in) - switched off the computer - switched it on again - and it automatically ejected the credit card along with the CD. Thank you sooooooooo much for the suggestion!

fan of "mad macs" 6 years ago

MAD MAC THANK YOU! THE STICKY THING WORKED! I tried to eject my cd like fifty times and then i tried your method and i got it out on my second try! YOU'RE THE MAN!

Dantonni 6 years ago


the cridit card method work for me.

i'm so thankful

Finn 6 years ago

Brilliant. The holding the credit card in and restarting worked! I had tried everything else, including threatening my mac! Thanks

Laurel 6 years ago

Just tried the credit card method after all else failed- worked like a charm! Just in time, too.

Mona 6 years ago

Thanks so much it worked!!!! our 2 year old stuffed 2 cd's in!! sigh of relief!

Karan  6 years ago

WTF. Dude the credit card trick just worked for me, nothing else worked !!!!!

Chicago 6 years ago

credit card did the trick for my gf who has been moaning for a month.

mike 6 years ago

POST IT NOTES -- actually worked. DVD was mechanically stuck. Tried the credit card but it didn't work.

Bos 6 years ago

The credit card trick did the job for me...thanks so much!!!



Ivana Day 6 years ago

I used your credit card method with a sticky tape and it

worked! Thank you so much, you made me very happy,Ivana

DC 6 years ago

I couldn't get the drive to eject by itself even with a credit card in. I finally got it out using 2 cards, one on top and one below the disc, then held them together and pulled it out.

Unfortunately drive now seems stuffed. Put in another disc which works ok, but still had the same eject problem.

Apple store visit it is then.

Scott Frasier 6 years ago

I tried them all. The credit card worked after it made some scary noises--but it worked!

howard 6 years ago

u r truly a life saver my husband was going crazy!!!

Gerrit 6 years ago

Credit card did the trick!!! My MBP didn't even show the Apple logo during the boot phase and was stuck in limbo due to my dvd that was in the drive!

David Giddings 6 years ago

stuck the wrong start up disc in my Mac Laptop where I was wiping the Hard Drive clean and re-installing system. Thankfully I had a mouse handy. popped it in USB port, restarted, held the left side down on mouse and out popped the Disc.


Marc-Antoine 6 years ago

Very impressive the credit card trick! It worked perfectly for me. I have just partialy inserted the credit card, reboot the computer and hold on the mouse and the cd came out!

thanks a lot

cloudflyr 6 years ago

It worked, the holding of the mouse button while rebooting!!! Thanks.

utdfan 6 years ago

Thx for your help!! The credit card trick worked after 4th try. I put it in 3/4 of the way and rebooted and out it came!

devin Ferreira 6 years ago

i pulled off the credit card trick first try. tip= i used my license it is a little thinner

Deborah Kennon 6 years ago

The credit card worked like a charm. It took me two tries and I got it right out. Thanks for the guidance!

GreatGuggliMuggli 6 years ago

Kanon! Fungerade alldeles utmärkt med kreditkortet!! Tack och bock för tipset!!

San 6 years ago

The hold the mouse button completely worked. Just make sure the computer is FULLY off and then hold down the mouse button and the hit the power button on the computer and then BOOYOW!!! THANKS!

Laura 6 years ago

None of the above worked for me. I could hear it struggling as I rebooted it while holding down track pad but no joy. The credit card thing didn't either as the card couldn't reach the cd. So basically I pressed the eject button down while putting pressure onto the laptop where I thought the cd was. Worked on second attempt!phew

MD 5 years ago

Thank you so much... :) The " Holding In The Mouse Button During A Reboot" worked for me! I held down the mouse on my macbook and the CD ejected just like you said...I am so happy!

Genea 5 years ago

It looks like this happened to a lot of people. Has apple fixed this in later MacBooks?

Miranda 5 years ago

Holding down the mousepad button while rebooting worked for me [: THANK YOU!

fairmuse 5 years ago

Thankyou so much The sticky notes trick did it for me - the ONLY thing that worked

PY 5 years ago

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! The mouse button worked :)

freeperson 5 years ago

Ohh!! my god it work-out with id card also awesome!

just right now i did it, with heart pumps hehehehehehe

thans man for this notion n putting this trick......

Thank You

ashleyt 5 years ago

thank you so much for your help!! you were definitely right about holding down the mouse button while restarting the computer...thank you again

gremlin 5 years ago


My Mac won't reboot and I needed to remove a cd to reinstall and the credit card trick totally qworked. I had the computer off, slid the card in and when the gray screen appeared the cd and card poped out.

Thanks Again!!!

mac mom 5 years ago

I have spent hours trying to get a dvd that i checked out from the library out of my macbook. I have tried everything I read!! I finally took a credit card and attached duct tape to it by sticking it on one end and then folding it over the other side of the card so the sticky side was up. I reluctantly stuck it in the drive and it stuck to the dvd and pulled it out. yikes. My kids will no longer be inserting dvds in the computer on their own!

komamakh profile image

komamakh 5 years ago from Dubai, UAE

I usually lift my laptop up with the SuperDrive facing down and press-hold the Eject button. Always works!

Clare 5 years ago

Brilliant info - thanks! Haven't been able to get a stuck DVD out for days so tried holding the mouse button down during reboot and voila!

ronald 5 years ago

d credit crd trik alwys will mke me ur creditor... :D tnx

Thomas P. Brower 5 years ago


The sticky notes actually worked!!!!

I got my "Action Replay for DSi" stuck on a mac laptop from school and i thought i was dead meat.... i would have to pay for the whole thing and i was just searching up how to take it out and i found this page just came out....THANK YOU SO MUCH....u same me like 1,000 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!

gaurav 5 years ago

ye salla koi kam ka nahi han....

gaurav 5 years ago

ye salla koi kam ka nahi han....

andr00 5 years ago

Had one of those rectangular "business card disc" things stuck in there pretty bad. Tried everything here, then started trying combinations. What worked was double sided tape on the bottom of a thin ID card. Once I worked it over the top of the dist, it stuck to the disc and yanked it right out. Thanks, people.

Me 5 years ago

Thank you :)

.. 5 years ago

credit card trick worked best


paulina 5 years ago

the only method that seemed to work for me was the credit card one (Driver's License in this case). I kept the DL a little bit in for 2 eject presses and by the third one the DVD came out on its own :D This was great help, thanks a lot!!

Loral 5 years ago

I don't know what the hell is up with my computer, but I am 99% sure there is a disk in the disk slot. It will not come out, no matter which of those methods I use, and there is no disk icon on the screen. I was really looking forward to watching Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani tonight. So if anyone has any idea, I am open to some help.

Lyndsey Drummond 5 years ago


Ray 5 years ago

the credit card worked!

Sara 5 years ago

Thanks for the post-it notes idea. My husband thought the disc was a goner!

Audge 5 years ago

I was very doubtful when I saw the instructions to hold the mouse button down when rebooting but I tried it and it WORKED!! thank you so much for your help! I have a MacBook pro :)

David 5 years ago

The sticky notes worked for me... pretty genius I most say!!

Vangie 5 years ago

You're a legend!!! I tried the 3rd option, ie pressing down on the mouse button while rebooting. Voila!!!

Thanks heaps!!!

Snow Leopard 5 years ago

Hi! Had a DVD stuck in my drive. Googled it and found your post. The mouse down thing worked as if it was meant to be a debugging tool! Thanks!

OPSwede 5 years ago

I had two DVDs stuck, and used credit card and tape + pushing the mouse. Worked like a charm. Good post!

JL 5 years ago

Thanks for the help,

Officially one more thing that I hate about MACS!!!

gibson 5 years ago

i used a post it note with a credit card on top for a bit of pressure and it came out straight away! thank you for the trick!!

cars 5 years ago

thanks dude .. my mom was shounting on me because of this stucked cd. f***

jk 5 years ago

THANK YOU!! Your suggestion to reboot worked for me. Thanks!!!!

md shah alam 5 years ago

thankss dude..itz working...

Sammy 5 years ago

any of the above doesn't work out to me and I am kinda desperate on how to remove the cd on my macbook. Maybe I should need to open my macbook or ask for technician to do that.

when I try to done those method especially by pressing the MOUSE while rebooting my mac...I can hear that the cd is moving inside but still it doesn't put it out..and I don't know why!

Susanclane 5 years ago

Worked like a charm on the third try. Used my crestor card half in half out , heard it trying to eject pulled out the card and there it came. Thanks!

Cheese 5 years ago

WOW!!! It's great!!! I have tried it on my macbook.

It worked on my credit card!!! Thx a lot!!!

Chris 5 years ago

post it note was the trick. wonderfully simple and fast, worked first try. thx.

James 5 years ago

thanks!!! pressing the mouse button worked for me..

Salma 5 years ago

i tried everything, the credit card, the dragging, and nothing did it best as the press and hold mouse trick :D thanks alot

YOON EUN HYE........... 5 years ago

Try restarting the macbook and after that while booting try holding the eject button and that will pop out....! if this help PRESS THE LIKE BUTTON!...

Sarah F. 5 years ago

The credit card trick worked on the first try. You just saved my life. Thank you!

Krahv 5 years ago

The credit card worked for me, thanks a lot

erin 5 years ago

the credit card worked, and i thought it was really stuck. thanks!

Puneet 5 years ago

Thanks a lot, the card thing even worked for me

gma 5 years ago

Two of us tried for 2 hours and nothing worked till we bumped it several times with a full size CD (holding tightly) while holding down the eject button, then we were able to grab the small CD.

sazzadcsedu 5 years ago

The 3rd trick comes as a solution for me.

BOOEZ 5 years ago

Credit card worked well although I thought it was a big joke or something. Thank you so much for this great tip.

alix 5 years ago

the credit card really works!!!!!! just in few seconds!!!!!!

Celin 5 years ago

I just hold the pad and the cd pop out... Thanks

penguano 5 years ago

mad macs you chief

Margo 5 years ago

I was about to give up hope. I tried all 3 methods and they didn't work. Then, I read somebody's comment about the post it note trick and out it came!! Woohoo. Thanks!

HannahRB 5 years ago

Thank you soo much!! I tried the turning it off and holding down the mouse thing and it worked perfectly!

Dr.Tushar 5 years ago

This thing worked!

Be careful......... while using the credit card

Frenchy 5 years ago

Um, before you spend an hour trying to get the CD out make sure your Mom didn'y borrow your Mac, take the CD out and leave it upstairs...

Shin 5 years ago

The holding the mouse button during reboot actually works

Gary1978 5 years ago

The credit card trick worked!

Liz 5 years ago

I can't believe the post-its trick actually works! The Mac reseller/service center in Singapore was going to charge me $129 for the work!

Thanks for the awesome tip!

AEF 5 years ago

Wow! Holding down the mouse totally did the trick! thanks.

best try 5 years ago

I tried the stickpad.. it worked like a charm. CD was already visible from outside of the drive.. so it was a easy one. thanks guys.

PJ 5 years ago

Love the sticky note idea...the only method that worked for me!

MGknottyKnapps 5 years ago

wooohooo! i got a sticker, attached it to a credit card, stuck it into the drived, got another cc and pressed down on top of the sticker so it could 'catch' and out pooped-2 CDs!!!! Back in business! Thanks for the sticky note suggestion! Nothing else worked for me but this trick!

megan 5 years ago

thank you so much! I put a mini-cd in my mac but it wouldn't play! I got freaked out and traded every thing! First I put a gift-card in and then rebooted and held down my mouse! I was freaked out that wasn't going to work! Thank you so much!

blaaa 5 years ago

WOOWWW thanks the eject button thing really did do the trick

AFallGuy4U 5 years ago

No credit cards, No post-it's no tweezers. Just shut it down and turn it on it's side, (slot down) give it one good shake and let gravity do its job...remember to have a firm grip on each it over carpet or a mattress cause it will pop out quick...Cheers!

pla 5 years ago

Credit card and Post It note together worked for me! We've removed two DVDs from the tray of my 24" iMac. Thanks!

Ruth 5 years ago

thank you thank you thank you. had to turn off by holding on/off button for a while and then when I turned it on again while holding the mouse pad down the DVD was ejected. I can't thank you enough

mig 5 years ago

worked with the credit card! thx

i inserted an old dvd with a paper label that slightly bent up and jammed the dvd mechanism of my mac. after a little cursing i googled how to remove a stuck disc from a macbook and got as 1st hit this page.

Barnegat Blummis 5 years ago

The holding-the-mouse-button-while-rebooting was the charm for me. The macbook wouldn't release the Windows 7 install disc I had in there. Yay for you!

SN 5 years ago

The credit card actually worked for me. Thanks!

M.Lee 5 years ago

Sticky Note=Awesomeness!

macbook22 5 years ago

This worked! I had to put a credit card into the slot and hold down the trackpad while rebooting. Thanks for the help!

Emerald 5 years ago

The one during reboot was amzing thx sooooooooooooooooo much

Starry 5 years ago

I held my Macbook with the CD slot facing down. Gently shook it whilst holding the eject button and the CD slid out 1 second later. Whew!! No need to call a Genius =D

Daniela 5 years ago

Yew!! I held down the mouse button while it was restarting then when i turned the computer back on it came out!! finally :) Thank you!!!!!!

mira 5 years ago

I put in a big disc halfway and pressed on eject button, then the lil mfo disc came out, wohooo

Volensanima 5 years ago

You have no idea how grateful l am for this information...THANK YOU! Seriously thought l really messed up my computer. Xoxo!!!!!!!!

sf 5 years ago

used a credit card. put in a mini music disc that came free from a t-shirt I bought. credit card worked w/o scratching. took me 2 seconds. thanks!

tex 5 years ago

Thankx mates. i tried the mouse trick it works really well.

Denis 5 years ago

Holding the mouse key worked the first time. Thanks.

Krishna 5 years ago

Holding the mouse button actually worked for me.. thanks!!!

guest 5 years ago

the post it note worked for me! :) so simple. my mac was turned off. i stuck the thin post it notes in sticky side down and the pulled the CD out with no problem. THANK YOU!

Fayola P 5 years ago

This was so useful and easy to read. Thank you!

yoyo 5 years ago

thanks for the mouse trick!!!I was desperate!XOXO

Tasha 5 years ago

After 3days of searching on the net how to get my mac OSx cd out i finally stumbled on ur blog. the external mouse button trick works too! Thanks!

Linda 5 years ago

Thank you so much! I wa beginning to panic, till I found this post.

PubeMcGoobe 5 years ago

Credit Card worked, let just hope it will play dvd's again. I just got the CD out and am way too nervous to put another CD in and resulting in it getting stuck. Word to your mother great information on this hub!

tom 4 years ago

Thank you ......... it worked even though the credit card had expired ;•]

Soph 4 years ago

excellent ! thank you so much- "Holding In The Mouse Button During A Reboot" worked perfectly ! you're the best :)

Susan 4 years ago

The mouse trick is pure magic! Thank you for sharing and saving my day!

carey g 4 years ago

Holding down the mouse button and restarting just worked for me, thanks so much for your help!!!

ac slayer 4 years ago

holding the mouse thing while rebooting worked for us!:) Thanks so much!!

Suboss 4 years ago

Tap it above the cd rom and press eject

Bigmantisdel 4 years ago

Another thing that works for me is to open iTunes (even though it is a DVD) where there is always an eject button on the screen. Press it and usually that works when other things fail.

Babgess 4 years ago

Just used the method by holding down the mouse button- worked like a charm :)

banker 4 years ago card works ....thanksssssssssssssssssss

goudy 4 years ago

woahhh! holding the mouse while reboot worked like a charm!!!!

gotta do it to believe it!


michelle 4 years ago

The credit card trick worked on the first try.

Jaccobb 4 years ago

The credit card trick work! haha thanks

philb 4 years ago

thanks so much, the reboot worked for me.....

ginger 4 years ago

sticky notes yeah! nothing else worked. thank you!

NK 4 years ago

This is a great resource! Thankyou! Not sure if success came after holding the mouse down and rebooting...or sticking a credit card into the drive! (I went w/ the combo) :) Chaching! I got my DVD back!:) Thanks again!

William 4 years ago

My id did it 4 me.i cant believe that pc outsmart apple on this with their manual eject hole on their dvd rom.picture steve jobs inserting his gold card to get a disc out of his macbook.its better sought this mess very mad coz av been doing this from 10pm and its now 2am monday.i got a client waiting tomorrow for a dvd i finished burning yesterday and i almost fucked up.thanx 4 the credit card suggestion.

kush 4 years ago

THANKYOU VERY MUCH, it was helpful

TI 4 years ago

Post it really worked for me. Thanks so much. Now I don't have to get reservation for genius bar.

Audrey 4 years ago

Thank you so much! I was really doubtful about the credit card trick but it actually worked!!!

MACBOOK IS MEAN! 4 years ago


Lina Shape 4 years ago


What they said... :(

Ed W. 4 years ago

Hey Apple, the advanced technology company, here's an idea - why not add a small manual eject button like the WinTel world has been using for, oh I don't know, Decades!!!! and spare the Apple FanBoys the grief of having to use credit cards to get stuck CDs/DVDs out of your systems?

ruy santana 4 years ago

BOTH the DVD AND the credit card are now stuck inside !!!!! the credit card was "eaten" by the computer !!!!! what to do next ????

Lillian White 4 years ago

The credit card worked

Meg 4 years ago

OH MY GOD the credit card thing totally worked!

Jason 4 years ago

holding down the mouse and reboot for me.

Thank you for a clear and humorous instruction

Glenna 4 years ago

Thanks! Credit card technique worked for me.. :)

Brooke 4 years ago

Thanks so much for the credit card idea! It worked perfect! Nothing else would!!!

kendy1018 4 years ago

the credit card trick worked! thanks a lot!

Jenni 4 years ago

Thank you so much!!! Holding down the mouse and reboot worked!

Kelly 4 years ago

My son pushed 2 DVD's into the slot of our MAC. UGH...I was so mad! This happened once before and we paid to have it fixed. This time I decided to try and figure it out on my own.

I used a credit card and a sticky tab (I couldn't find any post its), it grasped one DVD and then the other came right out!

THANK YOU sooooooo much for the helpful tips.

Nikki 4 years ago

Thanks!!! I had no idea there was an eject button on the keyboard lol that worked for me :)

slaughterteddy 4 years ago

...thanks - the credit card trick also worked brilliantly on an Alienware X17!

Mia_Liu 4 years ago

I tried with my C Card few times and the last time I pulled my com up a lil bit and I saw a tiny little edge of the CD...Eventually, I get the CD out with my finger nails... It HURTS!!! btw, I'm gonna pay genius bar a visit tomorrow... just in case... i'm 100% sure the Drive has a problem, cuz while i'm reboot the computer, I figured that the sound the drive made when turning on the computer is different from the usual days... ANYWAY, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! At lease i don't need to shat down my computer cuz it is keep trying to reject the CD out, somehow get blocked and get the CD back, read it, reject it, blocked, go back to drive......FOREVER!

Brianna 4 years ago

Thanks so much! Credit card worked on first try!!

AMum! 4 years ago

Would you belive the credit card trick works in reverse too... My three year old son had inserted my credit card into the CD slot in my husbands Apple Mac and I was just dreading telling him. So... I read this tip and inserted a CD into the drive that my card was stuck in pressed eject while keeping hold of the CD, after two attepts the edge of my card popped out! Thanks you have saved me a lot of stress and worry!!!

Stephanie 4 years ago

Thank you so much for the credit card idea! IT WORKED! TY so much!

Thankful 4 years ago

OMIGOD! After spending hours trying to remove a burned CD, I found your page. I used the holding down the mouse button (bar) on computer and it worked on first try! You are awesome.

Thanks 4 years ago

work with the two fingers in the mouse pad!!!1 Thanks!

Amazed 4 years ago

ohmigosh!!! Thank you so much!!! I felt like I'd tried everything and was getting desperate but rebooting it and holding down the curser worked like a charm!! Thanks heaps XD

James 3 years ago

I was forced into trying the credit card trick. I put the card in while my iMac was off and then turned it on. The disc started spinning and I pulled the card out. After a few seconds, the drive ejected the disc after not being able to read it. It's almost as if I jiggled the disc into its proper position so the drive could engage it properly.

Live N Learn profile image

Live N Learn 3 years ago from Las Vegas

Loved this hub! I ran into the same problem with a stuck dvd once and felt so stupid when I found out about the Eject button! hahaha

hate computers 3 years ago

post its worked instantly, dvd and cd came right out

Jeff Lindsay 2 years ago

Does Apple realize what a problem their drive system is? Needs to be an easy manual eject button or hole for paperclip or something. I used my Macbook Pro DVD about 6 times before a DVD became stuck. Ugh.

Johnk881 2 years ago

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