How To Find A Lost/Stolen Cell Phone

Finding A Lost Cell Phone

Losing your cell phone can be a little costly especially if you happen to own one of the more pricey cell phones like the Blackberry or Droid for instance which can cost you several hundred dollars to replace.

Call Your Phone

If your phone is nearby you might be able to hear it ringing or vibrating. Otherwise someone may hear it ringing and answer the phone and arrange for you to get it back.

Also if you have access to a computer you can always use a free service like WheresMyCellPhone. It's completely free and all that you have to is to type in your cell phone number and click the make it ring button.

Send A Text Message

The next thing that you might try is to send a text message to your phone. Be sure to offer some type of reward just in case someone has found your cell phone. You can use a free service like text2day to send your text.


Track your lost or stolen cell phone with GPS. A lot of mobile phones already have this feature, but if you're not sure that your phone has GPS just give your cell phone provider a call and find out.

Call Your Service Provider.

If all else fails then you need to call your cell phone service provider and report the phone as stolen or lost. It's important that you do this quickly because you could be held responsible for any calls that someone makes on your  cell phone.


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