How To Find Free Ringtones For My Cingular Cell Phone


Everyone wants a unique ringtone for their cell phone, but nobody wants to pay too much for it.  So, here's a guide devoted to helping you find free ringtones for your cingular cell phone.

Step 1:

If there's a specific ringtone that you know you want, the simplest thing to do first is to go for a Google search.  Google can oftentimes point you right to the exact place you need to go.  Unfortunately, sometimes a Google search isn't sufficient.

Step 2:

Before you go any further, make sure that you have enough open space on your cell phone.  Every cell phone works differently, so check your user manual or on the Cingular website to find out how much available space your phone has for more ringtones.  You don't want to waste precious space with ringtones that you're never going to use after all.

Step 3:

If Google doesn't get you what you need, one of my favorite places for both homemade and professionally done ringtones is  They have quite possibly the biggest selection I've ever seen, and it's all totally free.  You literally pay nothing to have these ringtones sent to your Cingular phone.

Step 4:

Beyond that, the aptly-named website also has a significant selection of ringtones.  The primary difference being that they don't really have user-made ringtones, theirs are only professionally done.  Good luck in your journey to find that perfect free ringtone for your cell phone.

Tips and Tricks:

*  Always be wary of websites you've never been to before.
*  Never give out your credit card number to anyone who claims their program is free.  If it really is free then you shouldn't need to give it.

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