How To Get Links To Your Blogs

You will probably know how important it is to get links to your site if you want to have more credibility with the search engines and also if you want to generate some income from your sites using Adsense and Amazon etc.,

So how do you get these links I hear you ask.

Well, the best place to start is to get your site listed on a Web Directory such as the Open Directory which is used by Google, AOL Search, Lycos and many more. Signing up is easy, choose a topic in which your site relates, sub topics will then follow. When you have finished just click the "suggest URL" at the top of the page and enter your details. You will have to wait then to see if your site has been accepted.

She Told Me is another great site. It is like a Social Bookmarking site that allows you to list your blogs which will receive visitors from Google and site users. You will get 100% revenue from ads listed on your article from Google Adsense. Your articles are called "scoops" and if they are good enough they will appear on the front page which will get you more exposure. You will not see your article staight away as it is put in a queue awaiting publication, so just wait a while then log in again to view your articles.You will also get a referral code straight away which will also help you earn extra revenue. If somebody joins and is accepted from your referral link you will also earn revenue fom the ads that appear on their listings as well. So really you can't lose. Join "SheToldMe" today and start earning

Best Reviewer is a similar site to She Told Me. You will need your adsense ID and the name name of one of your blogs to sign up. On this site you write "lists", like your Top Ten Blogs or your Top Ten Favourite Films. These lists are called "Tops". You will also earn 100% revenue from ads listed on your "Tops" plus revenue from your referrals. (You will get your code straight away). Very easy and simple to join. Although if you want to update or modify your tops you have to send an email. Join "Best Reviewer" Now!

Backlinks are also important to get your site noticed. These are links from one website to another. The most important part of backlinks is the anchor text, these are the words that show up as the link. You will need to use words and phrases that are appropriate to your site

For example, say you have a site on "skin care" you should use words like, "cleanser","moisturiser", "exfoliating" or phrases like "i use a cleanser twice daily" or "drinking water is good for dry skin". Include the link in the phrase or word.

This is how it would look <a href="http://yoursitename/">cleanser</a>

The anchor word is "cleanser".

If you use twitter, set up an account with Twitterfeed. This tool will update your twitter account each time you post on your blog letting your followers know of the new updates. It is easy to use and very easy to set up. Just set up your account and then copy your blogs' feed URL into the text box and set up a new feed. Get more followers and get more traffic back to your blog.

Yahoo Answers. Browse questions that are relevant to your blog. Answer and add your blog URL.

You can also try exchanging links with other bloggers who are writing about the same topic. Some might say no but it doesn't hurt to ask and it would be beneficial to all involved.


If you are stuck on what topic to write about,"How To sites" are very popular and usefull. For instance I have one called How to get rid of "Security Tool".

Lists are also a great and easy way.People just love lists. LIke "50 ways to make money online". In this day and age there are a lot of people searching the internet for this topic. Myself included at one stage. Or you could write a list of myths on a certain subject, these are also well liked.


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