How To Install YouTube Videos to your Website

How To Install YouTube Videos to your Website

As promised on one of my other hubs which can be found here I said once I learned how to install each point into my website I would inform you on the process of how it is done. Well it just so happened during some down time from work today i stumbled across this hidden URL on one of my webpages, helping me to better understand how to install YouTube videos into your webpages. It is actually not as difficult as i first thought, It seems really easy but I will let you be the judge of that. I hope this can help a few of you not so internet savvy people out there. Please leave a comment and let me know how you get on and if you have any questions for me I will do the best I can to help. so here goes. Enjoy!!!


How To Install YouTube Videos to your Website-Step 1

Firstly you need to visit this link  

You will be brought to one of Googles pages like shown in the image underneath.


When you click to enlarge the image above you will see there are various options to check uncheck starting with the following:

  • Orientation. You need to decide if you would like your videos to be placed vertically or horizontally on your website.
  • Popular video feeds. You can select from the following options: Most viewed, Top rated, Top news videos and finally Recently featured and you can also check more than one tick box on this option.
  • YouTube Channels. You can for example if you are wanting to showcase your own videos on your website you can put your own YouTube user name here or one of your favourite video broadcasters user name here. Also you can just leave it blank.
  • Search expressions. You can specify a single search expression (e.g., hamster dance) or a comma separated list of expressions in this text box.

Once you have chosen all the relevant options that you would like, you then click on the show code radio button and you will be given a piece of code like shown below.


The code is slightly larger than what I could take a screen shot of on my computer. Anyway you need to copy and paste the above code,the code Google gives you directly into notepad for the time being.

How To Install YouTube Videos to your Website-Step 2

Now you will have to create a new webpage using a hotmail editor one which I use on a regular basis and am currently learning with is called NVU and can be downloaded here for free and is completely free to use, however if you feel generous enough you can make a small donation via Paypal on their site. There are numerous other WYSIWYG HTML editors available but the user interface for NVU (pronounced "N-view") is so basic and very easy to use I prefer it hands down. Once you have your WYSIWYG HTML editor installed you will need to open a new webpage and start off by clicking on source you should be presented with a screen as follows:


Now we need to incorporate the code we saved on notepad from the Google website earlier into this code. First we need to delete lines 4-9 of our new webpage like the image shows below


Copy and paste the code generated by Google onto line 4 and you should end up with a page looking very similar to the page shown below.


How To Install YouTube Videos to your Website-Step 3

Now we have created our new webpage we need to see that it works by clicking normal on the bottom left pane on the NVU platform. If all seems ok then we need to save it exactly as "_inc_youtube.html", without the inverted commas. When you log in to your control panel of your website hosting company you need to enter the file manager and then your website folder and upload your newly created file with file permission 644. Now this file is created we next need to edit every webpage we have by inserting the following html code <td width="6%"><!--#include file="_inc_youtube.html" --></td>. The next time you load your website you should be able to see your newly installed YouTube videos.

How To Install YouTube Videos to your Website-Summary

I hope this hub will help a lot of people and if you do seem to get into difficulties with this, just go back to the link at the top of the page for Google where we got the code from, and there is a link on that page for help or their is a forum where they try to troubleshoot problems. Now then I'm off to try and find out other useful information to write about.

Another Way To Install Videos To Your Website


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