How To Lock Your Keyboard And Mouse

In this hub I will show you step by step how to lock keyboard and mouse. You might be wondering why would any one needs to lock the keyboard and mouse. Just like we lock our houses, doors, cupboards, for protection from others, same concept of locking applies to keyboard and mouse.

You have kids that always come to your room when you are not around and they start pressing buttons.

You are in office and you don't want any one to use your mouse or keyboard when you are away. These type of situations can cause lots of frustration and in some cases loss of data. So now you know the purpose of locking keyboard and mouse.

Toddler Keys Software

Toddler keys is a software designed to completely lock the mouse and keyboard. One of the great features of this program is that it can lock power button. So you don't have to worry if a kid or any one accidently pressing the power button.

Kid Key Lock Software

As the name implies this software is designed to keep kids away from your computer. It has complete customization feature in it, where you can specify shortcut keys to unlock mouse and keyboard.

It can also partially disable the keyboard and mouse, so that you can tell the kids that they damaged the mouse and keyboard :).

Key Freeze Software

This is very simple software with no customization option availible. When you lock keyboard and mouse, to reset again you have to hit Alt+Ctrl+Del, and then hit Esc. It's very simple to use.

These all software are freeware you can distribute to any one of your family members where there are lots of kids around the computer.

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fahdiqbalmalik profile image

fahdiqbalmalik 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

@Reena J Thank you :) I appreciate that.

Reena J 5 years ago

Good to read and thanks for sharing this....

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