How To Make Phone Calls With an iPad

Make Phone Calls With Your iPad Using Google Voice

Using Google Voice To Make Phone Calls

Did You know you can make calls using your iPad simply by having an internet connection?

Its true, the ipad does have a microphone and it has a decent set of speakers that can play music  etc.  Of course it would seem weird to make a phone call in public with an iPad but it could save you minutes if you ever come close to going over the minute limit on your cell phone.  If you are interested in using your iPad to make outgoing calls through google voice, this is what you need to know.

  • Apply for a Google Voice account (I believe Google Voice is available to everyone now)
  • Once you have a google voice account you will be able to create a phone number that you have registered through google voice.
  • This allows you to login to googlevoice and go to the dialing screen.
  • Once you are at the dialing screen, just dial the number that you want to call and you will have the ability to call people without being charged by a cell phone service provider.  No minute limits and if you have an iPad 3G that gets internet anywhere, you can pretty much make phone calls anywhere.

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Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

i am thinking of buying an iPad and I didn't know you could make phone calls with it. That's good information to know. Thanks.

shane_75 profile image

shane_75 6 years ago from Murrieta, Ca

Hey, good to know. How is the sound quality?


Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA Author

Sound quality is normal for what you would expect from the ipad. However the sound comes out of the auxilary speaker so the problem is that the person you are talking to will constantly be on speaker.

I haven't discovered a way to use it without using speaker, unless there was some type of hands free device that you could plug into the audio input.

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