How To Put A Twitter Feed In Your Blog

How To Put A Twitter Feed In Your Blog

This how-to will take a look at putting a Twitter feed into your blog. These same principles can also be used for a Wordpress blog as well. Putting your Twitter feed on your blog will help raise awareness of your presence around the web for your readers, and invite them to follow you.

Building a following on your blog is about building trust and presence.  With Twitter, you can leverage the people that you know and don't know to show that you're an expert in your niche and gain trust with them.

Step One

Sign in to Twitter and Blogger to speed up this process. Navigate to Here you will see the options available for your new Twitter feed. You can change the number of posts visible, the title of the feed (or no title at all), and see a preview of the final outcome.

Step Two

Click on the button that reads "Add to Blogger blog" if you are using the current version of Blogger (most are). This takes all of the HTML work out of this process. If you are using the pre-Google version of Blogger, want to edit the HTML, or are using a different platform click on the "Grab the Code" link to copy the HTML.

Step Three

Clicking on "Add to Blogger blog" will take you away from Twitter to Blogger. If you have more than one blog, the drop down box will let you choose which one you would like to place it in. Here you also can tinker with the HTML by clicking on the arrow next to the "Edit Content" link

Step Four

If you decided to skip the automatic widget creation, you will have to create one on your own. To do this, click on the layout tab in your blogs dashboard. Click on the "Add a Widget" link in the column that you want it to be in. From here, click on HTML/Javascript widget and copy the HTML code into this box.

Step Five

Now that the widget is created, you have to decide where it should go on your blogs main page. Click on the widget in the Layout screen to move it around as you please. Save your blog and go and admire your work!!

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