How To Screen Capture On Your PC

Screen Captures On Your PC

When the need for screen captures usually present themselves as online training opportunities or some ways of showing proof of something or how to do something specific, the format to do this is often with a screen capture software that takes all the information that is presented on screen either in the form of screen shots which are just photos or actual video of you scrolling and clicking around your computer on websites and computer applications.

There are some good pieces of software that you can get to do screen captures, such as Camtasia, which is a high end user experience that really makes it easy to create screen captures which in the editing process has a similar vibe to Windows Movie Maker with the timeline you can drag an drop video and add other things like titles and end credits.

Camtasia offers a free 30 day trial and then you have to pay a few hundred dollars for the actual software download, which is the proper version of the software, I would recommend buying a copy as they really are useful for creating online training videos that capture real time screen play shots in video format.

If you've looked on YouTube, you might have noticed people using this type of software to show you screen shots of people playing games. or in the make money online scene they will show you screen shots of money that all play as a slide show. and the many uses of these screen capture systems are good to have for personal sites or even businesses.

Now for simple screen shots you can use a program called snagit, but before purchasing these always make sure there isn't already a screen capture program already built in your computer as this is what usually happens to people who don't explore their PCs or Macs, Snagit you can take screen shots and store them away or send them to people or use them for site applications, this one isn't too pricey.

The screen capture interfaces are notoriously easy to set as it comes up with a small box which has the record, pause and stop buttons and you can also add other options like a red pointer, so that a circle will be highlighted around your cursor and when you press record, the box becomes hidden, so that it doesn't appear over your screen video capture.

Screen Capture Software On Your PC

How to screen capture on your pc.    Image source - super screen capture
How to screen capture on your pc. Image source - super screen capture

Screen Captures With Screen Capture Software

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