How To Turn on the TouchPad on a Toshiba Laptop

So last week I was home alone while my IT specialist boyfriend was away on business, and the TouchPad on my Toshiba laptop was driving me insane. I kept bumping it whilst I was typing and it would position the cursor elsewhere on the page—totally stuffing up the document I was trying to type.

I thought I had a great way to sort this issue out: I went down to the bottom right-hand side of the screen and right-clicked on the TouchPad icon in the toolbar, turning the TouchPad off. The satisfaction of achievement lasted only about ten seconds: until I realised that I had no mouse, so I couldn't get back to the document I was working on.

Crap, crap, crap, what was I supposed to do now? I tried turning the laptop off thinking that maybe the TouchPad would work again when I turned it back on. Surprise surprise—it didn't.

Now I was presented with a new problem. My laptop has a password. So now not only did my mouse not work, but I was locked out of my computer because I couldn't click on the icon to enter the password.

In my frustration I started hitting random buttons. Luckily some of my IT knowledge came back to me; I tried "Control-Alt-Delete," and YES, it opened up a window for me to enter my password.

One problem down, one problem to go.

Once I was in Windows I started thinking, and figured that if there was an icon on the toolbar then there had to be another icon somewhere else. I went into the Control Panel to see if I could find anything of use. Guess what! I did!

How to Enter Your Password and Enable the TouchPad

1. If you are locked out of your laptop due to a password, clicking "Control" "Alt" and "Delete" (all three keys at once) will open a window that allows you to enter your password.

2. Once you are logged in, press the button on the left side of the bottom row of your keyboard, usually the third key in: it has the wavy-window Windows logo on it.

3. This will open the "Start" menu. From here use the Up arrow button to navigate up to the Control Panel. Press "Enter."

4. Use the arrow buttons once again to navigate down to the "Mouse" Icon and press "Enter" again.

5. Use the "Tab" button to select the "Buttons" tab at the top of the window, and from here use your Right arrow key to navigate along to the "TouchPad On/Off' tab.

6. Once again use the "Tab" key to navigate down to the "Current TouchPad Status Setting" area and once there use your Left and Right arrow keys to "Enable" the TouchPad.

7. Now you can continue to use your mouse as usual. Hope this has helped!

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Lilly 7 years ago

Thank u soooo much...


Fred 7 years ago

Thanks so much!

Gary 6 years ago

Thanks!!! Very helpful---I made the same mistakes!!!!

Jamie 6 years ago

I followed the steps but in the "mouse" section under the heading "Buttons" there is no touch pad section that lets me enable or disable, and somehow i've turned it off.

Madison 6 years ago

Thank you so much! I have an HP but for the most part It was the same.

johnny 6 years ago

thank you for your words of knowledge, i thought to go into the control panel, but was short for time when i was attempting the fix. Smart you are, young skywalker.. :)

Abbs 6 years ago

Thank you- that was fantastic advice my 2 year old turned off it off and we couldn't work out how to get it back on!

Brian 5 years ago

Is there any other way of turning on a laptop

Brandon 5 years ago

Thanks, I thought It was a smart idea when I was having trouble with installing a wireless mouse to turn off the pad. Yup, now two useless mouses(mice?). I'll give this a try after work, but it did give me a "duh the windows key" moment.

Aqeel 5 years ago

OMG you made me lost. You can just say Hold the key Fn then F9

michal 5 years ago

You are my hero! Jestes super. dzieki

Sidelil 5 years ago

Thank you my hero.really you give me a smart idea ok.i whant to thank u agian&agian,god bless u.

Peter Savill 5 years ago

Brilliant answer. Helped me tremendously

saiba 5 years ago

thank u so much u saved me from going to hell b'coz tommorrow i have to give assingment and my touchpad was not working

pjohnson 5 years ago

or you could try clicking fn+f9

that is the quick key to turn touchpad on/off ^^

beechamjane 5 years ago

I'm oh so grateful...thank you!

toshiba user 4 years ago


jo 4 years ago

Simply no words to describe how much i love you!

Jozele 4 years ago

Cheers man, my one year old son disabled my touchpad and I was loss stuck on how to fix it, until I came across yo fn+f9 solution. Thanks again

John 4 years ago

Thanks for the info!! :D

Emma 4 years ago

My mouse pad is STILL not working. I am using my sisters mouse now.

Beverly 4 years ago

Unfortunately, that did not work because this unit complains about it not being a Microsoft Mouse. $@!#%@#^#@^#@#!!! I'm going create an image of the system and just restore the blinking thing. Such is life. I've got a wireless mouse, but once in awhile, I'd like to get the touchpad back and am not rich enough to pay $29 to do so. Ciao and thanks for the attempt at helping!

Frank 4 years ago

Damn my touchpad stil not working

iverson7 4 years ago

thank you sooo much

Tiara 4 years ago

OMG THANK YOU!!! I never thought it would works again :3

Chriss kiss Mfugale 4 years ago

my Toshiba laptop its touch screen please help me

gilbert 4 years ago

thank u so much , u save my life

Ryan 4 years ago

on my laptop oyou just have to double click on the small icon in the left hand corner of the touchpad to enable/disable

NAncyAl 4 years ago

I spent hours trying to solve this problem having no idea how I got myself into it. Your post empowered me and reading the fn/F9 folks sounded easy enough, but not on my computer. It is FN/F5! Problem solved!

LJG 4 years ago

Many thanks, extremely useful

Wendy M 4 years ago

Thank you so much, I had the same issue with my laptop. : )

Yvon 3 years ago

Thank you so much. It was very frustrating. Other sites wanted you to install, reinstall drivers etc...You saved me a great deal of time

folkfan 3 years ago

F5 key does it on my satellite

beth 3 years ago

I don't have a mouse icon and fn doesn't work. What now

profile image

nag48 3 years ago

I tried your step by step instruction. Unfortunately once again my laptop (Acer a pretty old model) stopped at the same place : Administrator - log in with password". I press the 3rd button on the last row (which has a logo similar to Windows) - but did not open the Windows Control panel or anything that could take me to the next step. I tried so many things I found on internet. Pressing F2, F12, FN & F7 re-booting almost everything . I assume that I have messed up the key pad (including the mouse) settings and now I cannot enter the password to start my laptop. Can someone please help me how to get rid of this.

Andie 3 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I spent an hour trying to correct this simple mistake after the touchpad was turned off by mistake, got to love kids. I found answers a plenty but all of them were too complicated for my uncomputer savvy brain to understand. Yours were simple and to the point even though my laptop was slightly different you had enough information for me to get that touchpad going again. So I thank you and now I can get back to doing my homework, and my son will just have to play with something else for a while xD.

Tony 3 years ago

on my Toshiba laptop there is an icon in the top left corner of the touch pad, double tap it quick the icon lights up and touch pad is off, double tap again and it turns on touch pad

Bob 2 years ago

Garbage. This is too much work for a simple function. Will donate unit or just recycle for parts. Toshiba never again, windows, not impressed w u either.

imoh silas 2 years ago

gosh this is cool tho am still working on it

hamid 2 years ago

Thx very much

Prity 2 years ago

Thank you so much you made my day.I was getting frustrated from last two days.Thanks again.

Gordon Mac... 2 years ago

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that gets themselves into stuff like this...When I got a laptop 'bout 3 yrs. ago I hadent used a computer for many yrs. The Indians at the Gateway customer service call center began to know who I was by my voice. Great recovery on your part, great story...

kadoristephen 2 years ago

my computer satellite sensor go off and l want switch it on the keyboard

Dylan 2 years ago

Thankkkkkkkk Youuuuuuu Soooooooo Muchhhhhhhhhhhh.You help me so much.

Hungoverasfuck 2 years ago

I have to say, I am sitting here with a hang over trying to figure out how to fix my laptop! However the novel you wrote at the start just made me want to leave this site very quickly! My laptop will stay broken thanks, all the best

Regina 21 months ago

Won't ALT F9 at the same time also unable the mouse pad?

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