How To Turn Visitors Into Readers

How to turn visitors into readers

Turn casual visitors into regular readers is one of the most important things to keep in mind when we are embarking on the blog.

Once you get visitors who arrive via a web positioning and make known the environment, it's time to make the blog interesting to return in the future and subscribe to the feed is recommended. These visitors are the ones who give life to the blog, visits regularly, writing reviews, help in any matter and those who actually worth. How can we keep? That is the question that I intend to discuss in this article. To begin, I think it's a collection of a number of factors which combined the results of the blog will attract casual visitors and turn them into repeat visitors.

Turning Visitors Into Readers

Good presentation

Whether we like it or not, everything goes through your eyes. When we come to a blog with black background and red type that uses Comic Sans, the first thing we do is add to the blacklist of our mind and never go there anymore. Joking aside, the presentation is fundamental to the idea that we do for the reader must be potential. No use good content, if the project is bad.

Good navigability

When I go to a blog I have all in "hand". If I liked an article that probably interests me to read because the logo should have a link to the Home, and should also be about a link to the main blog page. There are several aspects to consider to say that a blog has good navigability. The categories need to be close to jobs, a site map never hurts, let alone a good icon to subscribe to the feed, it must be something that attracts attention from the moment when the visitor arrives.

Promote RSS feed

Speaking of icons feed subscription, the promotion of this is an extremely important point because it is what differentiates a regular reader of a mere visitor. Promote your feed is very simple. One technique is to put a little note to invite the entry of the same. We also recommend using the WordPress plugin WP Get Box, which, if visitors are new in the box adds a post suggesting that you subscribe / subscribe among its many functions. Another point to consider is the possibility to receive the feeds in e-mail: some find it more comfortable.

Possible contact

If you want to contact for help, comment, criticize or something? The simplest solution is to create a page (usually called "Contact"), in which there is a form to send an e-mail. In WordPress there are plenty of plugins to create contact forms. Also often useful to publish your e-mail on the same page, because some people like to directly send an e-mail before completing this form.

Encourage comments

There is nothing uglier than willing to contribute something to a post and the comments are closed. The comments are what give life to the blog, which allow a healthy debate on the issue discussed in the blog and something that involves so many people can express their views and others. A simple but effective way of encouraging comments in WordPress is to use some plugins that actually produce results.

What are your preferred methods of trying to convert casual visitors into loyal readers? I hope your opinion to enrich this article.

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