How To Watch Movies on Your iPhone and iPad

Watching FLV on iPad

Converting videos to play on the ipad used to be the norm.
Converting videos to play on the ipad used to be the norm. | Source

Unsupported Video Formats on iPhone and iPad

One of the big problems with the iphone and ipad is the inability to watch your own movies on the device. For many years the only way to watch movies or tv shows on your device was buy purchasing them through iTunes or converting your video files to an approved format.

Buying everything from iTunes can get expensive and had all kinds of DRM attached to the media. The other option was to convert your media files to h.264 or .mov which is the only video types supported on the iphone or ipad. The problem with converting videos was the amount of time it takes to convert large files to the proper format. Not only does it take a lot of time to convert the files but the video quality is also impacted.

Some people would also hack or jailbreak their device. This was considered against the terms & conditions of Apple and was not supported in any means. Jailbreaking the device was made quite easy and many people did this to break free of the restrictions Apple imposed on us. The problem with jailbrealing your device was the fact that it was unsupported and you were not able to apply any of the Apply firmware updates.

AVPlayer | Source

How To Play Several Video Formats Without Converting

Recently there have been a number of apps that Apple has approved to be active in the App store. Originally the very popular VLC player was available for a short time only to be removed from the App store. Many user's were disappointed in this decision and decided to jailbreak their devices instead.

In the last little while Apple has approved a few apps that enable you to play different video types on your iphone or ipad.

My favorite app is AVPlayer which lets you play a number of different video formats.Currently AVPlayer will play WMV, AVI, Xvid, RMVB, H264, MKV, Divx and FLV. The app only cost a few dollars and is available for ipod touch, iphone and ipad. There is an HD version available for the ipad which will play your video files in HD quality.

This app has many great options like being able to passcode protect folders, change video size and even play subtitles if they have been loaded into the app properly.

One of the best features that sets this app apart from others is the built in HTTP server and its ftp client capability. Many apps will only let you load video files through itunes. This works fine most of the time but I am not always around my computer. The HTTP server lets you go to any computer or device on the same network and browse to the ip address of your device on specific port and copy files directly to your device or pull them off of your device.

The ftp clients lets you ftp from within AVPlayer to another device. This could be your home computer or media server that contains all your media files. Once you ftp to that device you can copy files directly into AVPlayer for later use.

I have tried other apps like It's Playing which is similar to AVPlayer but missing many of the features.

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