How Computer Input, Process and Output Data Into Information

Data input, processing and output

How computer input, process and output data

This short description of how computer process data into information. It explains what happens from the time you enter your data through the keyboard to printing on the hard copy or saving on the Magnetic disc, Flash disc e.t.c

All information is entered into the computer through an input terminal. When we talk of an input devices, we’re referring to devices that accept data on it’s original format, example includes keyboard and mouse

Step 1

Data is entered through input devices e.g. keyboard.

Step 2

Control Unit (CU) After receiving instruction from the main memory to sent signal and commands , CU sent signal and commands to various part of the computer system to prepare and accept the data. After the data is processed it is sent back to main memory which stores it temporarily before the next command is executed. The data is then send to secondary storage devices after secondary storage device had received command from the Control Unit. For the information to be put into a hard copy i.e. paper, the information moves from the secondary storage device to the main memory which waits for signals and commands from Control Unit. After receiving signal from the Control Unit that the output devices are ready to receive data, the main memory releases the data to the output devices like printers, plotters for printing

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