Earning Ideas for Housewives and Teens- Building Beauty Websites for Women and Girls Using WordPress

Quite a few people nowadays are working online in order to supplement their income. You may want to add to your family’s income in this way as well. A beauty or fashion website or blog is a good alternative for people who are interested in these topics.

Fashion Blogger

Both men and women can build sites on these themes. Right now, there are quite a few men who blog on male fashion trends. They also cover some of the health topics that are popular among both genders.

You can blog on almost anything that interests you in beauty and fashion. For example:

Top Tips on Fashion Blogging

Anything that interests you may also interest your readers. If you notice that you receive a large jump in traffic when you write about a particular theme, you should address that theme often, since your audience wants information on that topic.

Fashion Blog Ethics

Earn from Ads

You earn from your site in several ways. You may join a network that pays you to show ads on your blog. There are two types of networks that are popular. Some sites show ads and are paid whenever a visitor clicks those ads. Other sites earn per thousand visitors that they receive.

The ads are generated automatically once you are approved for the network you are interested in and place their code on your site. They are related to what you choose to write about, so there is a good chance that visitors will be interested in them. If you write about fashionable belts, you are likely to show ads from Saks Fifth Avenue or other companies that manufacture and sell this accessory.

Earn from the Sale of Products

Fashion and beauty bloggers also earn by referring clients to their favorite stores. These persons may show pictures of clothing or accessories they like, or talk about cosmetics that they find useful and link to those items. If a visitor clicks on a link and makes a purchase through that, bloggers earn a commission on the sale. This is a good way to share products you like and add to your family’s income.

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