How to Buy Wireless Earbuds

A major problem with traditional wired earbuds for a phone or mp3 player, is untangling the knotted wires before you can use them. This can eventually lead to breaking the wires and causing the earbuds to be defective. Once they are untagled the next problem is catching the wires on objects that cause them to be ripped out of your ears and sometimes pulling your player out of your pocket or hands. This constantly drove me crazy, especially when I was exercising or during yard work.

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Do Wireless Earbuds Even Work?

Wireless earbuds are compatible with most portable devices like phones, mp3 players, etc. Currently there are two major technologies - Bluetooth and Kleer. Both types use a tiny transmitter that plugs into the side of your music player, or cell phone. The transmitter picks up a radio signal and the signal is transmitted to the earbuds. The signal from the transmitter can work up to a distance of about 40 feet from the ear piece with standard Bluetooth and potentially longer with Kleer technology.

Wireless earbud technology was first used to help the hearing impaired watch television. You could hear the television audio through wireless headphones without having to crank the volume on the TV. This satisfied the viewer and kept other household members from needing ear plugs.

What You Should Know When Buying Wireless Earbuds

The first and most important issue is sound quality. You want to ensure the sound comes through crisp and clear while still providing enough volume. You will also want to ensure you test out the range. Many devices promise 40 feet but become unusable after 15-20. Some people will want to leave their phone or mp3 player in their gym bag or in an adjacent room while they work out. Constantly being out of range can have a major drain on the batteries and cause static and distorted sound. Good quality wireless earbuds will come with 40 feet of range and even more if you decide to the spend the money on earbuds using Kleer wireless technology.

Make sure you compare battery life as well. Constantly charging batteries or struggling to hear music will become a major nuisance.

Comfort should be an important factor when making your final decision. Earbuds that do not fit right can cause the inside of your ears to become very sore in a hurry. You also want to ensure the earbuds will remain in your ear while you are working out or performing your normal day-to-day tasks.

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