How to Charge IPod Shuffle 3G

Learn how to charge iPod Shuffle 3G easily. This also describes the features of Apple's latest music device-the iPod shuffle 3G.

How to Charge IPod Shuffle 3G

To charge the iPod Shuffle 3g, first locate the USB connector cable. Make sure your computer is turned on.

Connect the connector cable to a USB port on your laptop or desktop computer. Make sure that the port you use is a high-power USB port.

Connect the other end of the cable into the headphone port on the iPod. Make sure that your computer does not go into hibernate mode. This is how to charge iPod Shuffle 3G. This is also how to charge iPod Shuffle 4G.

Apple IPod Review

Apple has moved one step up from the regular iPods with the Third Generation Apple iPod Shuffle.

IPod Models

IPod models differ in four main ways:

  1. The presence or absence of a dock connector.
  2. Whether the screen is full color or black and white
  3. The storage capacity
  4. How navigation is done. IPods may have a scroll wheel, multi-touch display, click wheel, etc.
  5. The size.

IPod Shuffle 3G

The third generation of the iPod shuffle was introduced in March 2009.

The main features of the IPod Shuffle 3G are:

  1. The navigation controls are Apple earphones with remote. This is done via a chip designed by Apple for that purpose.
  2. The memory capacity of the iPod Shuffle 3G is 4GB. It can hold up to 1,000 songs!
  3. It can be synchronized with Windows XP and higher and Mac Os 10.4.11.
  4. The iPod Shuffle 3G is the smallest Apple iPod. It can easily be held between thumb and forefinger and is smaller than an AA size battery. Now that’s really small!
  5. It’s the first iPod Shuffle that is available in black.
  6. After being fully charged, it allows up to 10 hours of audio.

  1. The Third Generation Apple iPod Shuffle is being advertised as the Apple iPod that “talks to you”. With the ‘VoiceOver’ technology, the Apple iPod shuffle 3G can tell you what song is being played. It can do this without interrupting the music.
  2. Song names, playlist contents, etc. can be spoken by this device in 14 different languages, compliments of the “VoiceOver” technology.
  3. This Apple iPod Shuffle allows multiple playlists.
  4. The iPod Shuffle 3G allows you to change between playlists.
  5. The iPod Shuffle 3G can be carried around securely by attaching it to your person with the convenient stainless steel clip.
  6. It helps protect the environment by being PVC free.

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