How to Clean Your Computer RAM and Boost Your Computer Speed?

If you are working with lots of programs in your desktop computer or laptop, you will notice that your computer system gets quite slower. Initially, when you boot up your computer it performs quite fast but as you are working so many programs for long time, its going down slower. The main reason behind this is that your computer RAM is full of remaining progress pieces which you are working with and you do not need them any more. So, if you can erase or delete those unnecessary pieces of information, your computer RAM will be cleaned and your computer will be speed up. This page containing the information of cleaning your computer RAM and boosting your computer speed.

Steps to to Clean Your Computer RAM and Boost Your Computer Speed

To clean your computer RAM and boost your computer speed, follow the following five steps:

Step 1:

Click on Start menu and then click on Run.

Step 2:

Type notepad in the run textbox and hit Enter key.

Step 4:

Save the notepad as RAM_Cleaner.vbs. [When you will save the file, choose All Files opiton and then save it].

Step 3:

Type the following code on the notepad.


Step 5:

Run the file by double clicking on RAM_Cleaner.vbs and that's all. Your RAM will be cleaned.


You can edit the code in step 4 for a greater “cleaning-progress”. For example for greater cleaning of RAM please replace the above code by the following code:


And all other steps are remaining as usual.

By following the steps you can easily clean your computer RAM. The greatest benefit that your computer speed will be increased.

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Comments 22 comments

~JB~ 7 years ago

thanks! i was trying to find a way to speed up my mother's computer and this did the trick... phenomenally easy as well!

1tb external hard drive 7 years ago

Thanks for the nice post.

techyworld 6 years ago

hey thnx for this nice one.. :)

gus 6 years ago

how do you know if its working, cuz i have my computer cpu ussage up and it still is about at 100%, i did what u said do and i can see that it doesnt even say its a notpad things its like a, almost like a program as you can say, but, again how do you know if it worked..

YouHacker 6 years ago

Wow what a joke. This thing gives you a virus.

its a code for a virus.

mcr ;)  6 years ago

YouHacker lies :) its not a virus it works fine :D

Igniz 6 years ago

The code "FreeMem=Space(XXXXXXXX)" gives you a virus? What are you, ignorant o just plain stupid? "YouHacked"? It's more like "MyBrain'sHacked", if you ask me. Go bother somewhere else, you're embarrasing yourself here.

jag 6 years ago

it didnt work it said i dont have permission to do this and i should administration or something for it

wow 6 years ago

gives a virus don't do it...

DONT do it 6 years ago

it tried to give me a virus but i blocked it cause it wasnt strong enough

knowledge is power 6 years ago

this code might get flagged by some antivirii, but do a little research and you will see it does what it says it does and is not a virus. i have a server for minecraft and when I ran it after rebooting i went from 766M free to 849M

it works 6 years ago

If it tells you theres a virus ignore it, it just is annoyed its ending processes. You aren't downloading anything by typing it, so its not malicious software. Nothing external is coming into your computer, youre just telling you device to open up some RAM so you can do something else

Shelley 5 years ago

It's not a virus. If you're using AVG, AVG will tell you it's a virus. You just need to make the ram_cleaner.vbs file an exception in AVG TOOLS and it'll work fine.

Jozeph 5 years ago

FreeMem=Space(128000000) What does mean these numbers? 128mb of ram? if I have 2GB of ram how much should clean?

dono 5 years ago

How come i am getting an access denied pop up?

wow 5 years ago

awesome man!

Finitronics 5 years ago

OK, for anyone who says it gives them a virus, they are just plain ignorant, this is just a simple code that is used by millions of server owners around the world to clear the memory cache. it does NOT delete or modify files or folders. All it does is delete the cache. And for those of you that cant work it, right click and select run as administrator

Computer Cleanup Program-Nina 5 years ago

Wow, this site has some useful information. Easy to understand! Thanks for the tips, I will put them to good use.

Nada Abutalib 4 years ago

that was amazing!!

thank you very much :)

coney 3 years ago

I read and tring to clean my computer ram too, I did fallow all instructions but the double clicking is not working to run the file. what should I do ?

priyanshu 2 years ago

it not work

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