How to Connect and Set up Cisco Linksys Wireless N Router to Smartbro

Linksys Wireless N Router
Linksys Wireless N Router

I have used different routers in the past and I could say that Cisco Linksys is the best because it’s so fast, so easy to install and set up to any computer and wifi device. I have a laptop at home, desktop, an iphone 4s, and ipad 2 plus my sisters use Blackberry and Samsung mobile phones. All of us are enjoying the fast and secure internet connection we never had. Thanks to Cisco Linksys Wireless N router, the frickin wires, internet ports and plugins can rest now. So I decided to make this hub about how to connect and set up Linksys N Router to Smartbro broadband and to computer.

Before I bought this precious wifi gadget, I had some thorough wireless router window shopping and have asked the tech guys from Silicon Valley, Octagon, Power Mac Center, and all those computer shops at SM which is the best and fastest router for a home broadband. Of course, I have noticed their different ways of sales talk. Nonetheless, there was one who didn’t know what he was talking about. I guess he’s new or something. Anyway, I was happy to find the tech guy who I always trust and ask him the router products. Their shop was using Belkin though he admitted it acts up sometimes. He asked which broadband we’re using and I told him we’re using Smartbro. He automatically knew what to give me, yup the Linksys E1200 Wireless N Router perfect for standard sized homes. He showed me the other Cisco routers in the E-series like the E1500 N router with speedboost, Linksys E2500 advanced dual band N router, E3200 high performance dual band N router and Linksys E4200 which offers maximum performance dual band N router. Other famous worldwide were E1000, Wrt120 N router, E3000, E2000 and lots more. I just mentioned the ones released in my country in the moment.

Anyway, so Linksys E1200 is the perfect match for my internet broadband Smart bro. Bought the router for P1900 though its retail price is P2200. Yup, I always get discounts so if you want to go shopping have me with you. lol Here’s how to set up and connect Linksys wireless N router to Smartbro and computer. Enjoy.

Steps in setting up and connecting Smartbro to Linksys E1200 Wireless N Router

1. Switch on your Linksys router and connect the blue cable to the blue port at the back of the router and connect the other end to your computer Ethernet port. If you’re using an old router, just disconnect it and plug the modem cable to the router instead.

2. Connect your Smartbro internet cable to the internet port of the router. You’ll see the lights on and blinking.

3. Turn on wifi in your computer.

4. Install the Cisco Connect found in the CD provided in the box. Click Run or Set up Linksys Router. Follow the instructions.

5. Once done, click your browser. Smartbro portal will appear right away. Fill out your Smartbro reference number and account number then internet will connect.

6. You’re done. You can then configure or change your router settings by changing them in the Cisco Connect program in your computer.

configure your Linksys Router settings here
configure your Linksys Router settings here

How to Check my Linksys Router Password?

You can check your router’s details and settings anytime by going to the installed Cisco Connect. No need to log in to anything. Just click Router Settings and see the details. You can also change your router’s name and password otherwise the default password and username will appear.

How to check my IP address using the Linksys Router?

It’s easy to see your ip address. It’s still the same as you only changed your router not your ISP (Smartbro) In case you want to check your ip address, you can do so by launching the Internet Speed of your router. Your ip will appear even though the upload and download speed are not measured yet.

How to add other devices to connect to your router?

Just tap Computers and Devices and click Add device. You will see how many devices are connected to your wireless router. You can add more computers, wireless printers or other wireless gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. This is only optional I think because your wifi enabled devices like an iphone, ipad, and others can detect your wifi anyway and can surf the internet even without adding them one by one as long as your guest access are set.

How to limit guests from using your Wifi?

Although the E1200 Linksys Wireless N Router covers a very reliable range, your neighbor or visitors might get your wifi too. Limiting guests access to your wifi is suggestible. You can do this by going to Guests Access and set up the allowed number of guests, and apply a password to your guest network name.

How to block a website using the Linksys Router?

In case you don’t want anyone to open a specific website like when kids are at home, you can set this up by limiting internet access in the Parental controls panel.

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KimberlyLake profile image

KimberlyLake 5 years ago from California

Good info. Socially shared. Voted up.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

wow thank you Kimberly :) Linksys Wireless N Router is the best for fast speed broadband.

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 5 years ago from Massachusetts

Thanks for sharing this great information, it will help all those who do not know much about routers and how set them up right.

Vote up !!!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

It's a pleasure Kash. I've been enjoying the fast Cisco Linksys 2100 Wireless Router so far :) Perfect for a regular home. For business and bigger areas, there are also Linksys routers available for them. Thanks for the votes my friend. :)

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

What a very cool Hub, Fehl. I am not so technical but I was able to follow this no problem. Wow, I'm glad you know so much about routers. I will bring all my problems on the web connections to you. LOL. I am teasing. Thank you for the amazing Smartbro and Cisco Linksys review. You are terrific. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hello there Cathy baby. :) I see that your wifi hotspots are doing ok and fast. If they go crazy, you can always count on me. I'd tweak them for you. :p Oh wow. :) Thank you. I'm happy to see you here. Mwah!

Lu 4 years ago

I'm having a problem. There was an error. I was stuck in 25%. There was an error. Something like 'HTTP connection? was broken'

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Oh that is normal. I encountered same problem when I was installing the Linksys software to my laptop. That happens when the router is recognizing the new connection so you need to wait and be patient. Restart the installation. Restart your laptop and make sure your wifi is turned ON. Then install the software again.

Roxy 4 years ago

Good day! Do you ever have an issue about DNS? Our E1200 is not working whenever we plug in Smartbro. If you directly connect Smartbro to a computer or laptop you'll get connection just fine.

Please advise ideas or troubleshooting steps that you know.


profile image

gelace 4 years ago

Hi Can I do this with just my Laptop? I tried setting it up. but I Had a problem with my internet connection. I mean I was connected to the wifi but no internet. haha I don't know what I did wrong... :(

profile image

gelace 4 years ago

Please help thankyou I have the same problem with Roxy!!..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rxy I never encountered DNS issue with Smartbro connected with Linksys before maybe you have to reboot your computer and plug Smartbro to Linksys and turn it on again then do the installation.

@Gelace it is normal coz your laptop is recognizing your new wifi router connection. Wait for few seconds and install the CD software. Be patient, installation may stop somewhere in between like 20 percent or more.. Just repeat the process you'll get it anyway :) I repeated mine like 3 times :)

james 4 years ago

Hi!I will buy today this kind of router..

It will work if I use globe internet connection?


pfb 4 years ago

i personally use the linksys e1200, and it really does the job with my cable internet connection. it's durable and gives a stable connection to my wireless devices (i can connect at least 3-4 simultaneously)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@James yeah sure it does :) Cisco is the number one router best for any broadband company in the Philippines

@Pfb my connection is fast and stable too. I had no problem ever using this router for two years now

zsasz 4 years ago

got the same problem with roxy... whenever i plug the smart bro directly to my computer, it works just fine, but when i plug it to the linksys router, i got no internet access.. followed the setup procedures and still the same problem.. when using cisco connect it says problem with the DNS.. do you think the problem is with smart bro?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

wait for the Smartbro Portal to load on your computer when you finished the installation as you need to fill up your Smartbro account number and reference number to register using the router. After that, your computer then creates a new connection (Kindbear) as default

Ace 4 years ago

what to do when internet port of a linksys e1200 does not light up when connected to smartbro but its ok when connected to pldt my dsl?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

that may be because Smartbro has a network problem. My router light wont blink and the blue balloon on my desktop wont show up when Smartbro is on maintenance mode and no-network mode.

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