How to Connect to Internet with Your BlackBerry without Paying For Data Plan

If you have a Blackberry phone you have asked this question at least once (maybe thousand times). The BlackBerry phone comes with many fancy add-ons, they have an eye-candy look but there is one problem with them. You have to purchase a data plan for internet access. (As far as GSM services tell) This sounded little weird for me because I could access internet even with my old nokia. The trick is GSM services push you to buy a data plan and BlackBerry also doesn't give information for internet access without data plan, but the phone is capable of accessing internet without a data plan.

I own a BlackBerry Pearl (so the details will be told for Pearl but I guess it applies to most of the models) and I am using internet with my Pearl without paying for data plan. To do this you have to make some settings with your phone. First of all you have to set up your tcp settings. In your BlackBerry menu go to => Options - Advanced Options - TCP and enter your APN information for your GSM Service. You can find TCP APN settings in the list below.

When you finish the settings you need a browser to surf the net. The best one is Opera Mini Browser. You download the Opera Browser to your BlackBerry and in the Opera Browser menu you go through automatic network setup. Once the Opera Browser finds out your settings you are ready to surf the net from you BlackBerry for free. (Excluding standart connection charges from your GSM service provider)


Old AT&T Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: proxy

Bell Mobility

Gateway IP:

Port: 9203


Cellular One (Option 1)

APN: cellular1wap

Cellular One (Option 2)


Cellular One (Option 3)

Gateway =

port = 9201


Cincinnati Bell

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


username: cbw

Cingular (modem compatible)

Gateway IP: ?

Port: ?

APN: isp.cingular


Password: CINGULAR1

Cingular (March 05)

APN: wap.cingular

Username for APN:

Password for APN: cingular1

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9203

Cingular 2

Gateway IP:

Port: 9203


O2 (Germany)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


O2 (Holland)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: internet

O2 (Ireland)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


username: gprs

password: gprs

O2 (UK)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


username: o2wap

password: password


Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


T-Mobile (UK) 1

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


T-Mobile (UK) 2

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


T-Mobile (Germany)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


T-Mobile (US) 1

Gateway IP: ?

Port: ?


T-Mobile (US) 2


Username for APN: (blank)

Password for APN: (blank)

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9201

Telefonica Movil

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201



Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: telstra.internet

TIM (Italy)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


Verizon 1

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

Verizon 2

Gateway IP:

Port 9203

Verizon 3

APN: No configuration needed

Username for APN: No configuration needed

Password for APN: No configuration needed

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9203

Vodafone (NL)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


username: vodafone

Password: vodafone

Vodafone (Spain)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


username: wap@wap

password: wap125

Vodafone (UK)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201



password: user

Special note Verizon and AllTel subscribers

Due to the unavailability of public accessible BlackBerry gateways by Verizon and Alltel you will need to seek a 3rd party BlackBerry provision provider. We have successfully tested service. For more information on how to apply for this service and pricing please visit

List of International Carriers' APNs (Access points) <hr style="color: rgb(192, 192, 192);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> The access point (APN) will vary depending on your country and carrier; here's a list of International Internet access points:

*The format is a little off due to restrictions in uploading preformating.

Country Carrier APN

Argentina Personal

Argentina Unifon

Australia Telstra telstra.internet

Australia Optus internet

Australia Three 3netaccess

Australia Vodafone internet

Austria Max Online gprsinternet

Austria One

Belgium Orange orangeinternet

Belgium Mobistar

Belgium Proximus

Bermuda AT&T proxy

Bermuda Mobility

Brazil Claro

Brazil Oi

Brazil TIM

Bulgaria Mobiltel (Mtel)

Canada Fido

Canada Rogers AT&T

Chile Entel PCS

Chile Telefonica GSM

China China Mobile cmnet

Croatia VIPNET

Czech Republic Eurotel internet

Czech Republic Oskar internet

Czech Republic Oskar prepaid cards ointernet

Czech Republic T-Mobile

Denmark TDCmobil internet

Denmark Orange

Eygpt Vodafone

Dominican Republic Orange Dominicana

Finland Telia Mobile internet

Finland DNA internet

Finland Sonera internet

Finland Radiolinja internet

Finland Saunalahti saunalahti

France Orange

France SFR websfr

France Bouygues Telecom

Germany D2 Vodafone

Germany E-Plus

Germany O2 internet

Germany Quam

Germany T-Mobile D1

Greece Vodafone

Greece Telestet

Greece Cosmote internet

Hungary Vodafone (Prepaid "Optimized")

Hungary Vodafone (Prepaid "Standard")

Hungary Vodafone (Postpaid "Optimized")

Hungary Vodafone (Postpaid "Standard")

Hong Kong CSL internet

Hong Kong Orange

Hong Kong New World internet

Hong Kong People internet

Hong Kong SmarTone internet

Hong Kong Sunday internet

India Orange, Hutch www

Iceland Siminn

India BPL Mobile

India Airtel

Indonesia Telkomsel internet

Ireland O2 internet

Ireland Vodafone

Israel Cellcom internetg

Israel Orange internet

Italy TIM

Italy Vodafone Omnitel

Italy Wind internet.wind

Latvia Latvia Mobile Telefone

Luxembourg LUXGSM

Luxembourg Tango internet

Malaysia Celcom

Mexico Movistar

Mexico Telcel

Montenegro Monet

Netherlands T-Mobile internet

Netherlands KPM Mobile internet

Netherlands Orange internet

Netherlands O2 internet

Netherlands Vodafone (normal)

Netherlands Vodafone (business)

New Zealand Vodafone NZ

Norway Netcom

Norway Telenor internet

Pakistan UFone ufone.internet

Paraguay Personal internet

Paraguay Tigo

Philippines Smart internet

Philippines Globe

Poland Era erainternet

Poland Idea

Poland PlusGSM

Portugal Optimus internet

Portugal TMN internet

Portugal Vodafone (Telcel)

Romania Connex

Romania Orange internet

Russia BeeLine

Russia Megafon internet.nw

Russia MTS

Russia PrimTel

Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom

Serbia-Montenegro Mobtel Srbija internet

Serbia-Montenegro Telekom Srbija gprsinternet

Singapore M1 sunsurf

Singapore Singtel internet

Singapore Starhub shwapint

Slovakia Eurotel internet

Slovakia Orange internet

South Africa MTN internet

Spain Amena amenawap

Spain Telefonica (Movistar)

Spain Vodafone airtelnet

Sweden Telia

Sweden Vodafone SE

Switzerland Swisscom

Switzerland Orange CH internet

Switzerland sunrise internet

Switzerland UMC

Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom internet

Taiwan Far EasTone fetnet01

Taiwan KG Telecom internet

Taiwan Taiwan Cellular internet

Thailand AIS internet

Thailand DTAC

Turkey Avea internet

Turkey Aycell aycell

Turkey Telsim telsim

Turkey Turkcell internet

UK Jersey Telecom pepper


UK T-Mobile

UK Vodafone UK internet

UK Orange orangeinternet

Ukraine Kyivstar GSM

Ukraine UMC

USA T-Mobile

USA AT&T proxy

USA Cingular isp.cingular

Venezuela Digital TIM

Vietnam MobiFone Mobi-gprs-wap



APN of Etisalat : etisalat
APN of MTN : [Username = web, Password = web)
APN of Zain :
APN of Globacom : gloflat (for modem) [Username = flat, Password = flat)
APN of Globacom : glowap (for wap browsers


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Tigo guest guest

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tech_support 9 years ago

FYI, I work for a service provider, and your device will work without a data plan but you will get charged for usage.

deborah ghazzawi 9 years ago

i have blackberry pearl unlocked al jawal sim how do i know the apn username

apn password can you help me.

thank you

deborah ghazzawi

7764sal 9 years ago

I have more of a question than a comment. My Blackberry 8100 does not have a browser icon nor will it let me change the default browser as written in the User's Guide. Does anyone know how I can either access this icon or change the browser so I can download the Opera Mini Browser to my phone. I love this phone, it is easy to use but I don't need the Blackberry connection plan. Please help.

bloggerdollar profile image

bloggerdollar 9 years ago Author

7764 for downloading opera mini you should check the link I have in the article for Opera Mini Browser. Download the Opera Mini Browser to your computer and then upload the opera browser to your Blackberry by using the USB connection and the Blackberry Software. Then you have the Opera Browser icon and you can use Opera for surfing internet once you've done the settings.

7764sal 9 years ago

Thank you very much. That worked. Just trying to get the settings worked out now. When dialing up Opera the number just rings and never connects. I appreciate your assistance,

Shawn Sorrells profile image

Shawn Sorrells 9 years ago

In addition, there are several third party software applications that are free to download. My favortite is to set light preferences that are not included in the normal BlackBerry set up.

screw_tech_support 9 years ago

tech_support is telling you this so you don't cheat his company out of the ridiculous $40 a month data plan don't listen to him

8130 User 9 years ago

What about the BlackBerry Pearl from Sprint? The network is CDMA, and hence there are none of those settings mentioned.

Jerrid 9 years ago

Ok iv tried this for cincinnati bell and it doesn't work..

What could i be doing wrong?

profile image

S.Pine 9 years ago


I have a bb 8100, with Tmobile, I had changed the TCP setting, but don't know how to get to

WAP Gateway IP setting? Can anyone help?


Guru 9 years ago

I have 7310g. will the Opera mini browser work for this also.

johnr54 profile image

johnr54 8 years ago from Texas

If you have a data plan, can you configure a Blackberry to act as data modem for your computer using Bluetooth or a USB connection?

evver 8 years ago

johnr54 - yes you can but you'll likely be charged or warned by your mobile provider because of the increase and high data usage. Look up their policy on &quot;tethering.&quot; Some providers will allow you to tether for a price, but you may be able to get around it if you're careful. Just google tethering.

Joe +++ 8 years ago

Unfortunatelly, it did not work for Rogers Canada ... you still have to buy a data plan ... any extra suggestions???

Jools 8 years ago

Excellent worked perfect for me 1st try.

Help me 8 years ago

i have an 8700g from t-mobile, don't the and opera mini, but still it shows &quot;failed to connect to the internet&quot;,,,HELP!


aim is hungalmighty and email is

SylV 8 years ago

I have the same problem as S.Pine.

I have a BB Curve with T-Mobile and my OM browser can't connect to the internet. I found the TCP settings but I can't change the Wap Gateway IP &amp; Port. Can anyone explain how to adjust these?

Put a Smile On profile image

Put a Smile On 8 years ago

I'm not sure I would save anything. As you wrote on the very last line: &quot;Exluding standard connection charges from your GSM Service provider.&quot; Isn't that my data plan that I'm paying $29.99 a month for, which Includes unlimited Internet Access?

dataminer profile image

dataminer 8 years ago from Ninety Six,SC

nice informative and helpful hub

john 8 years ago

by doing this to your phone since if you don't have a dataplan you cant berry messenger people will it allow you to berry messenger people if you do this hack ?

Brian 8 years ago

Looks great, but you don't mention anything about telus mobility in Canada

Ermilo 8 years ago

I am trying to activate my 8300 unlocked BB with Movistar in Mexico, but found this is not an easy issue with them. I already place the APN, but is asking me for user and password and wish ti figure out which could be? I already tried with movistar but do not work.

fiorela 8 years ago

i cant do it! i have the new blackberry curve for at&amp;t and i don't want to pay all that money for internt i tried to do the steps but i can't figure it out i get to the page of TCP and ARN setting and i don't know what to set it to it's already on ...

wap.cingular blah blah then i change it to isp. cingular and the ARN and changed the password and then tired to download the opera mini but it wont work

what can i do?

catty wool 8 years ago

i have a blackberry 7100g i am living in jamaica and the name of main GPRS servis provideris is Digicell can some one give some help on how to get my black berry to work with their services without pay for the services plan. i want to be able to browse the web using their wap services as well.

On Point 8 years ago

S.Pine and SylV makes a good point, there is still no way to add the proxy on the Curves!! and I'm running OS 4.5

So this is pretty much useless, until maybe in the later OS they have an option to add the proxy.

Owen 8 years ago

This isn't *free* browsing, this is paying the data rates for a non-plan use, which is probably triple what you would pay if you actually had a plan. DUMB.

esocial profile image

esocial 8 years ago from California

GOod info - plus I learned something new here, &quot;I work for a service provider, and your device will work without a data plan but you will get charged for usage.&quot; That's intersting!

profile image

Ronald Daniar 8 years ago

Good information! It is helpful!

Dominic 8 years ago

Which one from the list do i pick if i have AT&amp;T?

ade 8 years ago

how can i bypass my isp billing.i mean using my cdma phone connected to pc without paying

Matttt 8 years ago

what info do i put into my pearl if verizon doesn't require an APN?

Alberto Gp 8 years ago

How can I find the apn, user and password from Claro Argentina?

Somebody can help me!, thanks

livn in italy 8 years ago

i pay for data with telecom italia, but if i cancel it, they suspend my BIS account. also, the blackberry plan is 7 euro and they tell me to use as the APN. if i pay for the 9gig internet plan (29 euro) they provide me with and i can use 3rd party apps. now, while paying for the 7 euro plan i can use but will it charge me?

mck 8 years ago

how do i download opera mini browser and then transfer it to my blackberry?

jay 8 years ago

hi,I am from INDIA,I have balckberry pearl 8100 working with vodafone(previously hutch) pleaase provide me the settings for the indian WAP plzzz kindly help me out

shady patel 8 years ago

i want to BB 8100 T-Mobile USA unlock code, so help me please friends, where can i find the code on teh net...

palm2bb 8 years ago

Worked great for me! Thanks man!!! I have AT&amp;T...

ahmadnaim profile image

ahmadnaim 8 years ago from Earth in where people's smile is worthful than platinum

Is it true?What a hacker are you,good job!

nickwilson profile image

nickwilson 8 years ago from SouthBeach Nick

Hey Nick Wilson here, I love this hub..looking forward to reading some more

Khalid 8 years ago

I have a blackberry 8800 that was unlocked from rogers and im now trying to use it with my Fido plan, i have the APN address which I got from you, but I could find anywhere on here the username and password for the APN, PLZ help me!!!

atleta 8 years ago

This is not about having a data plan or not. This is about using the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or using the normal/plain/standard GPRS (EDGE, 3G) accesspoints. Operators usually charge about double for BIS based data transfer and plans. For example I have a somwhat expensive and small plan (about enough for mobile browsing and mailing), that costs 8EUR/month/100MB. The BIS costs 7EURs and either you pay for the download (0.017EUR/10kB) or you buy a data plan. Yes, you buy the same data plan that you could just simply use without using the BIS but you pay for the BIS as well. There's no point in using it, use plain TCP. It might have bean reasonable 10 years ago when the standard solutions might have not been supported in the US/Canada (I don't know), but nowadays it's just having the customer pay more for the sake of paying more.

Basically you pay for letting them use the software on your phone (built in browser, built in e-mail client), and this is ridiculous.

suraj 8 years ago

I got blackberry unlocked 8700c from US recently. I use BPL mobile sim card. It shows data connection refused. I am also not able to browse the net rather not understood the settings. Could someobe help me. Thanks

Tulio 8 years ago

I have an unlocked BB 8320 and a Aljawal sim card, Can I use msn messenger for free? How can I do?

SARAH 8 years ago


TC 8 years ago

I'm working in China and using my Hong Kong CSL blackberry. Is it possible to use a China Mobile Sim Card?

Marcus 8 years ago

i have a blackberry 8700v on vodafne PAUG i cannot access the internet, could u plz help me

northernstar 8 years ago

i don't have any WAP Gateway IP setting in my bb pearl, any ideas ????

Tariq Amin 8 years ago

i'm a resident in pakistan and i must thank you for imparting this useful knowledge with us. I'm using WaridTel service here and works fine with it too, for warid users your APN is wap.warid


Haider 8 years ago

i want to connect my cure 8300 but it just say fail to connect plz tell me how can i connect my phone withour using BIS plan on warid please please

maxi 8 years ago

I don't have WAP gateway or the WAP gateway port settings when I go to options &gt; advanced options&gt; TCP on my blackberry pearl! Any ideas?

devin 8 years ago

You can avoid paying BlackBerry Carrier Charges by using Shark Modem -

gwu 8 years ago

I just got a BlackBerry Curve 8310 and i am using AT&amp;T provider. I tried all the ASPs for AT&amp;T and Cingular but my brower keeps saying "you are not in an area that can handle data communication." This keeps happening in my house and everywhere i go. I didn't get the data plan but changing the TCP doesn't seem to work. When i opened my TCP menu the first time, the username and pass for cingular were alrdy entered and i alrdy have a brower!

frederick 8 years ago

Dear bloggerdollar,

I work for a mobile operator too. I downloaded opera mini on my BB bold 9000. But it was failing to connect to the internet (EDGE) though i was using the correct apn, username and password. I even tried WAP, but still no success. In fact, i didn't find any place to put the WAP gateway IP or specify the port to use

Lanre 8 years ago

i need to know the APN,username n password to my BB without havn to go to my provider,i'm in on MTN network in nigeria

ADIL 8 years ago

i have BB 8800 unlocked from O2. i have installed Operamini3.1, and as per my operator


Usrname, Passwrd: ufone

But aft performing tests it says "go to or contact service provider for settings"

can somebody help plz

mikey 8 years ago

wow thats really great information thanx for sharing .....for more information click on my name or try it on


Vince 8 years ago

I think it is easier to connect the internet using the wi-fi connection

ko 8 years ago

how to hack cellcom gprs edge in Liberia? if please write me the detail to my address

Damon 8 years ago

Verizon told me that I can't use my blackberry without paying the 30 dollars for the internet? Is that true or is there a way around it?

sunnysea 8 years ago

It seems like this option has been banned, I tried to access from USA carrier Sprint, with a regular cheap data plan and they told me it was impossible. As comments from 3 weeks ago, it seems other carriers are doing the same. Too bad...

rick 7 years ago

i have a bb storm unlocked and is running on a tmobile sim will this still work and if so how

Steve 7 years ago

I am using a BB8700c and Opera Mini. Every single configuration I see does not seem to work (APM: proxy, APN: wap.cingular, etc). When I run Opera Mini it goes through the 20 step process only to tell me I have failed to connect every single time. I am using AT&amp;T with the orange sim card. How are the other Ma Bell users tapping in?

andy 7 years ago

hi do u have the APN Username and Password for Optus Australia

ronny 7 years ago

yeah you are my hero, now i can connect to internet using opera, but i still cant find messenger, anyone know where i can get messenger that using non-BIS

Ewusie Quansah 7 years ago

Hello, I am Ewusie in Ghana, West Africa and am crazily in luv with the Blackberry 1800 from T- Mobile cos its handy and sexy to use... please l'll like to kno how l can connect it to the internet cos l really would like how to surf the net on ma phone.. everything works on it apart from the Internet connectivity. Help me out

Luis Manuel 7 years ago

i finished with configuration for

Dominican Republic Orange Dominicana

now i need Username for APN: and Password for APN:

how can i get them?

my e-mail:

Free Online Exams 7 years ago

If you have a data plan, can you configure a Blackberry to act as data modem for your computer using Bluetooth or a USB connection?

Fareed 7 years ago

I have an 8310 curve using Warid in Pakistan. I am paying Rs. 1331 every month to access the BIS. ( Blackberry Internet Service) Is it possible to browse the internet without a data plan?

If yes, can someone pls mail me the procedure at I'll be forever gr8ful!


bblover87 7 years ago

i just got a new blackberry pearl flip 8220 will this work for it also???? 7 years ago

ive got a bb pearl 8210 on orange an am findings it imposible to get the internet settings sent to my phone, just wondering if anyone can send me some info to my e-mail address. thanx

Me 7 years ago

Hi!I have an old 7290 blackberry.I am using orange Romania.somebody could tell me the apn/username/password for wap??thx.:)

Midngiht_Wanderer 7 years ago

Lovely! I am on Warid, Pakistan. I have always thought of a possibility of using the internet without paying extra to mobile operators... one thing that i have observed in here is that most of the bloggers arent having any data plan activated on their SIMs as in for normal phones... so people who have got BB without data plan must activate the GPRS/EDGE servises for say; SE P990i and then insert the sim in their blackberry devices and enter in the APN / Username / Password to enjoy.. bear in mind, normal data rated will be applied to you. anyhow, thanks Bloggerdollar :)

Bold_Storm profile image

Bold_Storm 7 years ago from USA

I live in Iran and I bought an Unlock Blackberry Curve. However, my phone provider doesn&rsquo;t support blackberry therefore they can&rsquo;t set it up for me! They offer GPRS network. I have contacted Blackberry and they said they can&rsquo;t help me?!

I don&rsquo;t know where to plug these setting so I can go online and check emails. Here are the information given by my phone provider, can anyone tell me how to make the following changes in my phone so I can use the Internet and emails on my blackberry, thanksWAP &ndash; GPRSAccess point name: mcinetUsername: Password: Account name: MCCI WAP GPRSProxy server address: server port: 8080Homepage:

st.pete 7 years ago

Please can some one help I have BB8320 in russia, wi-fi connection works but internet connection through provider doesn't, provider is Megafon and they don't have any idea of BB

Haka1 7 years ago

I live in Zambia and i have an unlocked t-mobile blackberry curve 8320. The wi-fi service works fine, but i can't use the wap or internet services provided by zain (provider). I tried the above info but nothing worked. I have opera mini and the blackberry browser on my PDA. Please help

Alex daneshgar 7 years ago

i used the apn numbers and port numbers but my blackberry shutdown and when i took it to t-mobile they knew that i had done it and i was charged for it. so thanks a lot. pay up! now

hmm 7 years ago

Can you watch youtube videos?

nejdi 7 years ago

i have the blackberry curve 8330 and i still have no clue how to get the internet could someone please explain it to me

Brian 7 years ago

i have a blackberry curve 8320, will this work for me?

mycellconnect 7 years ago

You can also set your phone to use mycellconnect myBitNet service to access mobile web/wap 2.0

pennysaver 7 years ago

i am getting the bb curve 8310 for at&amp;t in the u.s. will this work. and does it cost any money. even normal service fees. my last bill was $500 i cant afford the normal charges. also when u say wi-fi workes does that mean that when you get a connection u can go no the internet 4 free?

amara 7 years ago


my boy friend has made a request for the messge facility(text massege).but it was not provided yet.please veryfy whether it is provided or not thank you

gaaray2k 7 years ago

i have my blackberry 8320 but free internet, but i cant setup my work email to it. Does someone know how to do that.

jolie 7 years ago

I was able to do it. I have cingular/Att. it seemed too easy?? will i get charges from my provider?? i was able to get on the internet and download opera mini but i'd hate to get a huge bill afterwards. i guess i'll find out next billing cycle. has anyone had to pay extra??

i have a blackberry pearl 8100.

confused 7 years ago

when i go to tcp theres stuff already there?!?! what do i do ?! ?

profile image

catherine o 7 years ago

cool...was just thinkin how i was going to that

Anthony Scicluna 7 years ago

I have a BB Pearl 8120 and have GOMOBILE as service provider in Malta. Wifi works perfectly but inernet cannot connect due to the need of a data plan which is very expensive. Can anyone help in setting up my internet browser without this blessed data plan please ????

HELP DESPERATEEE!!!! 7 years ago



({ UK - ORANGE })



kicker 7 years ago

So this will not cost anything at all? no data charges or anything?

Dharmesh 7 years ago

I wouldn't try it, im sure it costs a lot!

bloggerdollar profile image

bloggerdollar 7 years ago Author

This costs standard data connection fees that you would pay with another phone. This costs much less than Blackberry data package. You only pay a certain fee per kb.

Fer 7 years ago

Hi , i have orange Spain, its not in the list. Where could I find it?

ray 7 years ago

I have optus in australia. Any ideas?

U.S HAPPY 7 years ago


rosie. 7 years ago

i've bought a blackberry curve 8310 on an o2 contract. if i do this will the internet access i have still be free, or be charged to my contract?

rosie. 7 years ago

oh, i'm from the uk. i forgot to mention.

Dave 7 years ago

Dear Sir, I have a BB 8320 with WI Fi. It seems I have not other choice other than using Cincinnati Bell Data Plan to access my email or shurf the web. This sad. I do not want to use their Data Plan to surf the web. I did the following with Opera Down load 4.2 and it will not connect. It asked me to contact Opera for help. That is like tryiing to find a niddle in a hay stack. I did get one response and that person said he wasn't sure. I need to know. Can I access the web via my BB 8320 with WI FI without using Cincinnati bell data paln. I do not want my emails pushed to me as with their plan. I want to surf the web using my 8320 and Hotspot. I follwoed all the instructions and can not get the the opera to load on my BB. Thank you. What should I try next?

porgie 7 years ago

how come i cant download opera mini in kenya

Lawrence Osei-Kwaku 7 years ago

I have a BB7230 and I happen to be a VODAFONE Ghana subscriber.I downloaded and installed opera mini 3.1 which is compatible with my phone,I also changed my APN settings and hoped to browse with the PDA but nothing happened.I had this "data connection refused"inscription on my screen.could anyone help out.

King D 7 years ago

I really need to know if I will be charged for usage. It makes sense that AT&amp;T would check the bandwidth of your phone and investigate. I HAVE TO KNOW...

julio 7 years ago

ok i got a blackberry 8100 pearl and i don't know how to get to the gateway IP AND PORT PLEASE HELP ME MY E-MAIL IS EAGLE_LOMELI@HOTMAIL.COM

Kevin 7 years ago

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9201

Where I can input those?

Im using T mobile US


KevP 7 years ago

I have a bb curve 8310 from AT&amp;T...which thing in the advanced options setting do i change my phone shows that APN, Username for APN, a email that says, and password for APN...

wat do i fill in for these four things which plan from above do i look at someone please help. Email me at

Eric 7 years ago

I come from Kenya and i use Safaricom. How do i know its APN Number? Can someone help me?

JPSO138 profile image

JPSO138 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

I am not using this kind of mobile. But I have a friend who will certainly find this hub useful.

flyguykd 7 years ago

This worked perfict. I have a blackberry 8320 curve. My first blackberry. I cant wait to tell everyone how to do this.

Jiten88 profile image

Jiten88 7 years ago

You should check out my article on the latest phones out there

Glare profile image

Glare 7 years ago from Washington DC area

I just don't bother, and pay the $30/month for my new Tour. I get unlimited internet, email, text, and TV.

Check out my blog on why Blackberry phones are awesome:

without data 7 years ago

you can access the web with this but you pay $1.99 per mb if you don't have the unlimited data plan.

that can get costy.

tashasaurus 7 years ago

ok i have optus in australia as well?

any one wanna tell me the settings details?


blackberryflipguy 7 years ago

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201


it asks for user pass and apn not ip gateway and apn

deedee 7 years ago

i have tmobile and i've tried the and i also tried the tmobile 1 and tmobile 2...none of them have worked for me. how do you do it? and where do i entere the gateway IP and the PORT?

krietema 7 years ago

deedee, i have tmobile as well. I just did it last night and it worked for me! The only thing I entered was the APN for the T-Mobile 2. And then I went to options/browser and set my default browser config to "hotspot browser" and it worked.

harren maben 7 years ago

this is a nice trick,

Pranay 7 years ago

I have a T-Mobile Blackberry but I use AT&T, I still can't unloack my phone.

travis 7 years ago

i have tmobile too, but it didn't work for me. and did it cost you guys extra charges?

Franky 7 years ago


jonty 7 years ago

Very well written hub .....

very much informative ......

Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

gabe 7 years ago

ok this does work! I have a blackberry 8900 curve with T-mobile this is what i did > went to the settings Icon > Then to the options Icon > went into advance options > went to the TCP/IP> change the apn only from to> save and back out> scroll up to browser> change default browser configuration from internet browser to hotspot browser.> save and exit out.> go to the website send the opera mini program to the phone through text message> downloand except certificates> open download folder> opera mini icon should be in there> click on it follow instructions!!!> USE! now i have a G Band wireless router so i only use this app when im connected to wifi so im not streaming from the cell provider, im sure it'll cost if you do that. but if you have a wifi connection IT IS FREE BROWSING

nahid5692001 profile image

nahid5692001 7 years ago

wow thank you so much!!!

alberto 7 years ago

i got Costa Rica's only provider's APN and ip info

APN: icecelular


Gerardo Aponte 7 years ago

hey i need apn for dominic republic orange please can tell me thanks

MIKE 7 years ago

This actually works!!!!!


Matt 7 years ago

Can someone help? i have an 8100 and i have no ndefault web browser. Ive tried opera but when i try to download the zip file it says that the page is not found.

fareed 7 years ago

i am a warid user in pakistan

what's the username and password for APN???

i have no service entries for the browser..can it still work?

johnny 7 years ago

hey i cant get this to work can you please email me at and help me?

mahoko 7 years ago

im mahoko from botswana,i own a blackberry 8300 and i cannot connet to the internet because my service provider does not have blackberry internet settings, can someone please help

sheepdog 7 years ago

Hi there

I live in south africa

I have just got the bold 9000

Nice phone but the browser is realy slow!and I can't access

Some web pages I pay for the blackberry sevice so

If I down load and use the operamini browser will my browsing still be free?

Can anyone help me?

Charlie  7 years ago

Hello my blackberry 7130 cannot connect to the internet,and gives me message "the browser has not been configured please contact your service provider" but my service provider has refused to configure for me until i pay some service charge.

what do i do????

pls help..

my email address is

pARVINDER 7 years ago


tom cruse  7 years ago

does any one knows how much it will cost to get a bis plan ?????/ i do have a blackberry perl... my servise provider says it cost me $40 /month to get BIS .rediculas

Matt 7 years ago

@Parvinder: Find out the GPRS connection settings. It will have the APN. Its different for every state and circle. Ask your friends if they use GPRS.

Matt 7 years ago

@Sheepdog: Even if you download Opera Mini, you will be paying for the internet charges. Nothing is free here. The point here is BIS is very expensive than unlimited GPRS/EDGE data plan in many places, so we are trying a work around. If we have an unlimited GPRS connection (which is about 30% of the BIS in my case), with little bit of tweeks, you can enjoy the same features of BB Push mail service. But if you have BIS activated, you will be charged for the data usage.

Matt 7 years ago

I forgot to mention that if you are not using BIS and you have changed default browser configuration from internet browser to hotspot browser, you can access the internet whenever you get into a hotspot (wifi), totally free with Opera mini browser, if there are any such free hotspots available.

beautychildz 7 years ago

hello i have a cuve BB 8300 and im paying the internet plan but it can be a pain in the butt so i don't wanna pay it anymore and use it free can anyone tell me how to get hacked please i would appreciate it. thanks

CmLoVe 7 years ago

well, am blis with ur information... but igot blackberry and am 4rom Nigeria, tell me how to make it brows for free...thankz

aTHAN 7 years ago

Can any me setting for service provider "celcom"...for my 8320

Esteban 7 years ago

It isn't free. It's decrease your balance.

NEED HELP 7 years ago

ok im new to the whole BB thing i want to use is on a pay as you go on t-mobile will this work? also how do i find the APN user name and password??

Osei_kay 7 years ago

i need help i cannot browse with my cingular BB 7290 ...My HRT is empty ...i have my service books came with an internet browser ...i am in Ghana and using Vodafone sim ...i tried register with the vodafone uk blackberry since Ghana has got one yet, but this not successful ...i tried at&t which to my surprise proved successful ...why is that the case? can i browse with my device ...i luv it soo much and wouldn't like to do away with it ...any ideas

JonJon 7 years ago

Hi, Im still on my Blackberry Pearl and I'm really trying to adding internet without a service plan. I'm still having a hard time to understanding the steps, maybe I missed a step. Also I just moved to the Philippines this year. pleas help me get my internet running in my phone. PLEASE!!!

kadii 7 years ago

i m in nigeria and i need d APN and Port and password for MTN nigeria

profile image

ritzy 7 years ago

Hello I am on Zain Nigeria and have a my blackberry 8700g powered by vodafone & cannot connect to the internet,and gives me message "the browser has not been configured please contact your service provider" but my service provider has refused to configure for me until i pay some service charge.

what do i do????

pls help..

my email address is

profile image

ritzy 7 years ago

@kadii... this is it;



i don't have the port. i hope thiswill help

ana 7 years ago


im asking a help from anybody.. :c

im from philippines..

i have a blackberry 8100 and i can't access to internet without plan.

i don't know how to download an application such as opera mini..

hope someone would help me..


here's my email add :

Manu 7 years ago


Please someone advice on the following: I have unlocked 8900 Curve II Javelin and 9000 Bold. I just need the browser to use existing unlimited 3G/edge/gprs plan that I have for i-net surfing. With iPhone I had no problems, all the settings were automatic. The only reason I got BB is the comfy qwerty keyboards. So how can I bypass the WI-FI only browser option and have through 3G/edge data plan of my carrier Babilon of Tajikistan?


John 7 years ago

I have a Blackberry curve 8900. i was wondering if i can use opera mini without a data plan.

LAUKIK 7 years ago

Iam using Blackbery Curve 8310 with vodafone connection but didn't find APN for vodafone in india for using free internet access to blackberry.Even if it is possible if any one can help me out of one more thing which is i can get the free software for my blackberry

Charles 7 years ago

Im using Tmobile and does this work for the Blackberry tour? i know that it came out recently and the os in the tour doesnot give you the option to enter in the ip settings and stuff. Im guessing i have to install an older version of the os to get it working. just need a confirmation. thanks

tonyhubb profile image

tonyhubb 7 years ago

Good information! It is very helpful!

profile image

bearee 7 years ago

Do you have the APN settings for the O2 usa


roberto 7 years ago

hello, can someone please help me with the apn settings for porta in ecuador. They don't want to give it to me.

Achal Dave 7 years ago

Wait, so when you say free other than some charges, what kind of charges? Isn't it completely free if I'm connecting through my own wi-fi?

bloggerdollar profile image

bloggerdollar 7 years ago Author

When you connect via wi-fi it's free of charge, but when you use the method shown here you don't have to pay for the blackberry data plan but you get charged the standard data rate for your usage which is the same amount you would pay if you had other than blackberry.

robinot 7 years ago

For Blackberry 8900 to be able to use the browser via WiFi, Got to Options > Browser configuration Then change the Browser settings from Mobinet to HotSpot Browser.

FrozenCanuck 7 years ago

Thus if one had an unlimited web browsing plan with a standard cell phone there would be no extra charge? Also if any one had the information for Fido in Canada, more specifically Montreal that would be awesome.

Stacy 7 years ago

Okay- so until today, I've been able to access the internet on my my BB Pearl 8100 (Rogers, Canada) Pay As You Go- Unlimited mobile browsing ($7.00/ month) using the Rogers Mobile Browser... I've been able to do things like check my hotmail and facebook- that's about all I use it for.

As of this AM, I can no longer access the net without purchasing a data day pass for $2.99 for 24 hours (?!).

Does anyone have ANY ideas how to bypass this??

elliot 7 years ago

can you explain how i can set up my pearl 8110 to work with my data plan which is with orange israel i can be reached at thanks in advance

Joshua Lee 7 years ago

I Have An Blackberry 8310 And I Can't Access The Internetn I've Done What It Said About With The Username And Password But It Still Not Working PLease HELP......

marco 7 years ago

hey guys

is there any one that knows TCP APN settings for cable & wireless cayman islands?


Irfan 7 years ago

Well sir, I have read your information, my question is- without have GPRS access how will we be able to download the recommended browser since normally Black Berry only allows BIS connection, as I am planning to get a black Berry, but the cost of services is too high but the devices itself is quite useful

bloggerdollar profile image

bloggerdollar 7 years ago Author

You can download the Opera Mini to your PC and transfer it to your Blackberry via Bluetooth or USB.

tjandra 7 years ago

I have BB 7290. I followed your steps. I already place the APN, cmwap but is asking me for username for APN and password for APN. Is there anyone can help me?

I downloaded the Opera Mini Browser to my PC. But I can not connect my BB with my PC. How to do it? I can not upload Opera Mini Browser into my BB.

tjandra 7 years ago

Ialready place the APN, cmwap but is asking me for username for APN and password for APN. What are the username and the password?

fifa2010 7 years ago

Can someone help me pls I'm using vodacom(vodafone) in south africa. Can someone tell me the Apn, username and p/w pls

fifa2010 7 years ago

Can someone help me pls I'm using vodacom(vodafone) in south africa. Can someone tell me the Apn, username and p/w pls

PMS9 profile image

PMS9 7 years ago from India

nice info

safvan 7 years ago

thnx its working.....thnx...thnx..a lot

Colleen 7 years ago

Thanks! It worked!!! I'm thrilled!

I have BB8320, t-mobile usa (no data plan).

I used T-Mobile (US) 1

Gateway IP:



...and downloaded opera mini.

Have connected to weather and facebook so far. Works great!

Thanks for the post! It was perfectly helpful! I bought the phone because it had wifi to later find that because of t-mobile settings my wifi usage capabilities were severely limited & browsing was disabled altogether. I'm perturbed with T-Mobile because of this - you buy something with should work.

You have helped me solve the problem. Thank you, Thank you!


turizz 7 years ago

Okay, Im on t-mobile but i have an unlocked at&t phone, its a blackberry curve 8310, and i tried the cingular one, but it doesn't work and there is not at&t one, and the t-mobile one doesn't work either...please help! i really want internet. its pointless to have a blackberry without it. :/

zack 7 years ago


I have T-Mobile and the Blackberry Curve 8310 and no data plan or wifi. The TCP setting was only working for my Tmobile browser, but not for Opera Mini or Bolt (these gave me connection errors). I changed it to APN: Username for APN: (blank) Password for APN: (blank) and now they are working, albeit it's a little slow.

These are other settings that I did not enter into my phone, but you may need for yours.

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9201

muhammad Javaid iqbal 7 years ago

it is great. i am in saudi arabia. i am using my blackberry device to connect internet throw my PC.

setting on blackberry device: option --> advanced option --> TCP/IP ---> APN:

setting of PC: desktop manager --> IP MODOM --> Configration --> access point --> --> save.... connect

ismith 7 years ago

am from the bahamas don't have a data plan can i get apn company here name is btc... Thanks ppl

MacciD 7 years ago

I don't get it ! I have a Curve 8520 , i go down to TCP/IP and click on it . Right now i don't get it . What do i click ? The APN Settings are enabled and ive put or is it another one because im on O2 UK and APN Authentication is Enabled so have i done it right ?

Can someone please take me through it ?

Thanks ,


mbze430 7 years ago

Well I am on AT&T with an unlimited "normal" data plan as I use my sim card on different phones. I do have a Blackberry Storm, and have configured and gotten "generic" AT&T Service Book.

However it seems like getting on the internet is not a huge problem. But getting Applications or having applications work is. App World is off limites without BIS... and it's hard to find a damn application that you want to use that just give you a damn link to download the .alx/.cod to your desktop for installation.

But I like to hear other people's way around getting applications and getting them to work without a BIS plan

toposito 7 years ago

It worked as billed in the FIDO (Canada) network. Thanks a lot!

gramsmith profile image

gramsmith 7 years ago

You really gave great tips about how to connect internet with my BlackBerry.Thanks for the nice article.......

profile image

smiranda 7 years ago

I have a bb8700r for Rogers (cracked) using on Fido, I was reading your post and someone from Canada had the same question about the user and password for, could you help me?

t-mii 7 years ago

i have at&t and blackberry 8310 in usa someone plzz help!!!!!!!!

Benjamin 7 years ago

Ihave a blackberry bold 9900 for telstra in australia

and need your assistance and direction

LukasW 7 years ago

Im with MacciD, ihave a curve 8520 and i have no idea what to actually do in the tcp settings screen :S any help???

christina 7 years ago

hi, i have an o2 bolton of free intenet but my blackberry curve will not connect, i rang o2 and they told ,me too look on the blackberry website, but ive had no luck, can anyone help me? thanks

bs_g1 7 years ago

does any1 have the APN info for Sprint/Nextel???? Please help

ami 7 years ago

how can i use the blackberry internet services on mtn nigeria using the free apn settings

ami 7 years ago

how can i use the blackberry internet services on mtn nigeria using the free apn settings

jonno 7 years ago

hi, im considering buyin a blackberry but i have the o2 uk free texts and internet for £15 a month, if i get a blackberry will internet and emails be free? if anyone can help me out would be appriecated

greenchaos 7 years ago

Hi, my post my be little different. I have N96 on O2(UK) network. I updated my phone to firmware v30xxxx and updated PCSuite to v7 too. I noticed that there is new button in PCSuite to have PC internet connection via my N96 modem. Its easy to establish connection..everything is automated.

My problem is to find out if I am gonna pay anything extra for surf of internet from PC..(I AM JUST PAYING 8pounds/month for unlimited mobile internet..which have to be used ONLY from my phone). In active connection in my phone i have 2 different connections: for phone), and MODEM (traffic from PC...which works STILL on the same

I checked details of my PC connection via N96 modem and it gaves me this: Device Name: Nokia96 USB Modem, Device Type:modem, Server type: PPP, Transports: TCP/IP, Authentication: PAP, Server IP address:, Client IP address 10.xx.xx.xx , where xx are some numbers. In modem settings I see Phone Number: *99# Well it seems like normal Dial-up connection through the standard modem..but no charges come up on my online bill..(which normally is updated every 12hours. Today I have been in O2 store, and guy told me that Modem connection via N96 can cost even 6pounds for EVERY MEGABYTE..he told me that is very expensive and offered me Usb stick modem (usb key)..but I am still curious If I can use my N96 allowance on my PC. O2 network is offering Unlimited usage & download tarrif but I have found out today that IT IS no really unlimited but IT IS limited to about 750MB/month. Wondering what happen on overusage this limit.

Question: If I have Unlimited Internet usage and Download plan on my phone, Will the browsing from the PC via N96 USB Modem be FREE? thx

Ruby 7 years ago

I just had my BB pearl 8100, i had TCP setting but i don't know what"s APN username and Password. Please help me. i am new to BB phone and i am 45 yrs old. Thanks a lot

Cheryl 7 years ago

Hi, i was wondering if anyone can help me. I have purchased a blackberry storm 2 and unlocked it via vodafone. I am currently on unlimited texts and internet from O2 but cannot use the internet, is there anyway i can do this without switching to the simplicity plan, either by paying or a program?


josh 7 years ago

is there a way to gain access to the internet when my blackberry pearl is on orange uk.

NL 7 years ago

I have a unlocked bold. Then, I inserted a T-mobile card. When I go to the TCP/IP, there are just apn and password. I input as directed by this post, does not work... So where can I input the gateway etc?

Karen 7 years ago

I know this seems simple but I am having problems! I am trying to "fix" my old Blackberry Curve for my daughter. I have TMobile (area SC--not sure if thats TMobile1 or Tmobile2)I can get thru the options to the TCP but then I see the APN: and Username and Password but not the WAP Gateway. ?? Help!?

klean 7 years ago

i am on blackberry storm..if anyone in Ghana could help me out i just can't access the internet either networks mtn or vodafone i would really

apn...??any suggestions outside also welcomed..nothing shows at the default browser configuration so i can't choose hotspot wifi to use the tcp

Z R Abbasi 7 years ago

i was searching that how to connect the internet without paying from Blackberry but i m unable to meet my requirements.

any body wana like to tell me....?

victor 7 years ago

heyy i have blackberry 8900 curve and the internet doesn't work:S why? please help me

kez 7 years ago

what if im on orange uk?

Jeff Moore 7 years ago

I've just bought a blackberry storm unlocked from ebay. I had a vodafone SIM in my HTC TyTn which only runs windows mobile version 5.00 hence the upgrade. I need phones which will work for FB and Skype in Mexico hence the nvestigation.

The TyTn with a VF pay as you go SIM works perfectly on the HTC TyTN using a APN of, however when I put it into my new blackberry it wouldn't work. I went down to the VF shop this morning to Buy a (Pay as you Go) 3G SIM which will give 500 MB internet, so many minutes etc.. etc..., but to get the blackberry working VF need to do something special and charge you £5.00. Thats ok, but what I did find was that VF are masquerading a Contract as a Pay as you go deal. They guy started to take all of my details for direct debit then he asked me for proof of address which I didn't have on me because I was buying a pay as you go deal. Why should you need it? because they are taking your bank account details so this isn't really a Pay as you go Deal. It looks more to me like it is a Direct Debit deal with a possible credit check. Not what I wanted as I just want to test the phones for Mexico. If you go for one of these deals also, make sure if you only want it for a month that you take the VF accounts address and cancel it on the same day or else it will be a 30 day rolling deal. For me, I hate taking this type of shit of companies now and won't stand for it. I find it a very deceitful way of doing business, (Not being totally open with the customer). I went down to the orange shop, bought a 3G Sim for the blackberry for £10.00 to allow me to test before I go to Mexico. £5.00 for the SIM and credit and £5.00 to test. They even gave me a brilliant telephone number 07866 225000. A totally open and helpful company. Thumbs up to Orange 5 *****

abz 7 years ago

hey i recently bought a blackberry curve 8530 and i was wondering if there was anyway i could access my home wifi network via my router. its a wap 2 network. i don't think my curve supports that format of network but i was just wondering if it could.

akshat 7 years ago

hey man i have set the APN for airtel india but my bb is asking for APN user name n password

Testing for DNA 7 years ago

This is really great. I think i should plan to have a blackberry for myself, anyways thanks for all the great info you have shared with us.

Jamal 7 years ago

I am Jamal From Bangladesh.

i have blackberry bold 9000, i am in Bangladesh, my service provider is grameenphone, what can i do?

peddi 7 years ago

Hey iam using a black berry 8310 in india and i cant access the internet from it. Can any one give the APN number and Gateway for aircel network in india. I will be very thankful.

Craig 7 years ago

Which APN do I use for 8120 on orange UK

Dylan 7 years ago

can a blackberry curve get free internet without wi-fi?

mougoudja 7 years ago

j'ai un blackberry 7290 je vis en cote d'ivoire j'aimerais que vous me montrer comment je doit parametrer mon phone afin d'avoir acces au service gprs ...avoir mon mail

PS: la societé mtn n'a pas pu parametrer mon phone

je suis a mtn

scaffolding tower profile image

scaffolding tower 7 years ago from United Kingdom

This sounds a bit out of my league, so I'd have to read up more on this.

chinedum from nigeria 7 years ago

i have a black berry pearl 8100 from t mobile i have set the tcp and APn and have also installed the opera mini but the opera mini is saying unable to connect what do i do again my e-mail address is please help out

thank you

hi 7 years ago

please who can give me blackberry free internet settings,I am in Ghana

diana 7 years ago

please help me im using blackberry pearl 8100. Can i have the free internet settings in Philippines.

diana 7 years ago

please help me im using blackberry pearl 8100. Can i have the free internet settings in Philippines. apn, the username and password. thanks

my email add is

Lithuania guy :) 6 years ago

Thank you so much :) now I have aces to internet and it cost me only 3 euro for month :) I was paying 35 euro.

abhishek 6 years ago

hey AKSHAT please tell me the apn for airtel india

opera 6 years ago

guys , if theres one thing that you should know , forget about apns and all ... install opera mini on your mobile and enjoy gprs first up.

Shaheen  6 years ago

Thanks Buddy...Its really working

mimi 6 years ago

Hi, I have a blackberry 8310 an dI have followed all the instructions but it tells me that it failed to connect to the internet. What else can I do. Here is my email address: Thank you!!

vainy 6 years ago

please help me im using blackberry pearl 8100. Can i have the free internet settings in Philippines. my TCP asks for apn, the username for APN and password for APN. PLEASE??? i'll greatly appreciate your kindness. thanks!!! please e-mail me

Yer 6 years ago

I just bought BB 9700 and do not know how to connect the internet. Any advise?

6 years ago

I don't understand this, I have used the 02 UK apns but with no result, i even installed Opera, that didn't work either because of no connection. How can you use the internet and berry messenger without a data plan, if anyones been succesful please do share.

6 years ago

i have a blackberry 8320 and i was on orange but my contact ran out and now im using o2, but now my internet isn't working can anyone help me with this.

Luciana 6 years ago

Hi, I have a blackberry 9700, and i'm from Brazil. Do you know the APN from TIM-Brasil???

i hope you can help me!!!


Jennifer 6 years ago

Hi, I have a BB Curve 8900. I am able to surf without a BB data plan, but I am not able to log onto to MSN messenger or download any other messenger service. Kindly help.

mohi 6 years ago

how about mobily saudi arabia's apn

profile image

zimrainmaker 6 years ago

When I try to download m.opera I get two files which don't seem to be on my Blackberry after I export them. What exactly do I have to do to get Opera working on my Blackberry. I have Blackberry 8320 and am on O2 simplicity pay monthly. Thanks

segun odutayo 6 years ago

Please eevryone here,i need the tcp settings for my blackberry 8300 model.i think i will also need the APN,user name for APN and password for APN.please i will really appreciate this

teresa 6 years ago

Hi there,

I have a FIDO sim card and just got a blackberry pearl flip uncloked (from rogers first).

I won't be able to do this because I use FIDO?

Do you know if when I am on wi-fi and I use the browser will they charge me as well???

thank you!

gerald 6 years ago

plzzz!!!help to set china phones in unlimited internet access...


adekunle 6 years ago


kindly help with the APN, USERNAME FOR APN AND PASSWORD FOR APN in respect of my network, MTN nigeria and i'm using a blackberry bold 9000 as i have followed your simply instructions but cant get through the APN options because the charge from my network provider is drilling a big hole in my purse.


Nipun 6 years ago

hi,I am from INDIA,I have balckberry pearl 8100 working with tata docmomo. pleaase provide me the settings for the indian WAP plzzz kindly help me out

Kagome 6 years ago

I have the Verizon service with the blackberry 9550 storm 2 in the USA. Need information as to what I need to do for free web browsing. Also of possible do you know if I can do the blackberry messenger for free also? E-mail me @

meme 6 years ago

i have the bb 9700 i put the password and name for the apn but it is stil not working can anyone help me

Emma 6 years ago

Hi Im on orange and i don't know what to do where it says username for APN:

password for APN: ??

Help please

Emma 6 years ago

Its a blackberry curve 8520 by the way

ty 6 years ago

for mtn nigeria- APN- username- web password- web

Bieber Obsessed ;) 6 years ago

im in the uk and i have a blackberry curve 8520, how do i get free internet on it? or how much do u hav to pay? i have it on contract, would i have to pay any extra? sorry im kinda dumb, so yeaahh, mite be the fact that im 13 n don't know much about electronics so i would only understand baby talk... thanks for the help!! :) xx

segelogonba 6 years ago

i need the blackberry configuration for my blackberry 8300 on zain network in Nigeria....someone please help

john 6 years ago

i have an unlocked curve 8900 on payg for vodafone uk. i was wondering where do i save Opera Mini Browser on my phone?

shadow 6 years ago

hi, i lived in singapore

im using bb 9700 t mobile germany

i use the APN u gived but opera mini browser still says connection failed.. why?

pls help!!!!!!!!!

pls email me at :

thanks so much!!!

james yearling 6 years ago

i can unlock most any blackberry phone emal me on and will sort it out for u

thiyagi 6 years ago

Better don't buy blackberry, Andriod mobiles are far better..

10051996 6 years ago

How do i get the code for ORANGE UK?

Please someone help!

parvinkoomar 6 years ago

HI friend,

I bought a blackberry via ebay. It is storm 2 unlocked. I have a problem in connection to internet via gprs. Can you plz help me.Im nt sure what is the APN and Password for my network. Im under optus pre paid card. And also do you know how can i setup the email account withot purchasing any extra data. Its quiet depressing foe me to see i cant do anything with my BB. my e-mail id is

I appreciate your help ...plase thank you in advance my friend

akin 6 years ago

i need to be able to browse with my blackberry for free without paying pls contact me @

ajinkya 6 years ago

hey i have blackberry 9630 sprint . i want to use gprs with airtel sim in india!!! can plz help me out??? my email id is

dave 6 years ago

i had a blacberry curve 8520 unlocke dfrom orange to o2 now i cant get on internet please helppp !!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks dave

jayakrishnan V 6 years ago



Joe T 6 years ago

Hi i have a tmobile blackberry pearl and i want to put it an isreali cellcom prepaid (talkman) sim card and be able to get my email and use bbm does anyone know how to do that or if i need a special sim ?? please email me at


Altamash ansari 6 years ago

i have vodadone ANP for BB9530 in indai

jayakrishnan V 6 years ago



marcel 6 years ago

I have the Pearl 8100. My BBM does not work, when I send request it is always pending. I have the mysimplemobile plan without the internet. I have upload the Opera Mini on but never been able to access the net.

can you send me any information that can help me to

Thanks in advance.

Ankit Sharma 6 years ago

This is Ankit Currently I'm using Blackberry Strom 9530 purchased from USA with Idea can i use Idea normal Internet or GPRS Plan with My Blackberry If yes than please send me the Detailed Process on my ID thanks in advance for help.

Awesome 6 years ago

How do you activate pay as you go BBM???

aditya 6 years ago

i have purchased bb8520 with airtel sim can i connect to internet from my bb without any data plan...the wifi is running good but without sim card, but when i try to use wifi with sim inserted in phone it dosent work ...can u help me on this

sanjay 6 years ago

I have nextel BBerry 8350I without the data plan, can someone help me to how to get a free internet, email and text on my device.

Indrajit 6 years ago

I am using Black Berry 8320. How do I get wap & APN settings.

Authentication User ID & password

VIJESH 6 years ago


Its vijesh from chennai. I bought a BB Storm2-9550 verizon unlocked from US and got a BSNL 3G connection with unlimited data plan. Now facing problem in connecting my laptop to internet using my BB device as modem. some one plz assist the config to fix the problem at

Gerald Amaechi Aniamalu 6 years ago

how can i use my BB curve 8520 ip moderm on my desktop manager to access internet on my laptop. I am actually paying about $35 per month please help

Marcus 6 years ago

Do you have an APN for Digicel's carribean network? I live in Dominica.

Jade 6 years ago

I Habe A Curve 8130 And Im On Otrange PAYG How Do I Connect To the Internet. Ive Changed APN And Everthing Ryt There Is No browser Icon And I Don't Have no connection please help xx

mariam 6 years ago

hi to all

i'm from Bahrain, using batelco line!

how to activet this!! man its hard! need user name and so on!!

can anyone help me?!

here's my contect, change_your_smile at hotmail

Samer 6 years ago

I tried downloading opera but it wont even open on my desktop what do i do

haha 6 years ago

very funny!! this bs does NOT work. LMAO if ur with a service provider that can track every call u make every second u use do u actually think that they cant track ur every little bit of internet usage. lolol;olol u can obviously use internet without a data plan but u will still be charged for INTERNET USAGE. u might as well be trying to make free calls from ur cell phone lololol good luck cuz u will still have to pay for it.

Juan Riano 6 years ago

If you have a BB with Wi-Fi you can do a lot without a data plan. You can browse, chat, email, search and more over Wi-Fi. I have a post in my blog where I go over a list of free apps that do work over Wi-Fi.

Hank 6 years ago

so, im currently using verizon as my cell phone provider and i don't pay the extra money for unlimited interent and email. if i bought a black berry off of someone, it is possible to activate it without being charged for usin the internet? or do i have to do these steps first befor i activate it?

Rik 6 years ago

hey m using blackberry pearl 8100 n my service provider is vodafone India. I got my mobile from USA n unlocked it. Can plz anyone give me APN, Username for APN and Password for APN of - (VODAfone India settings)

thnk u

alex 6 years ago

can anyone help me with apn for mtn ghana

teewhy 6 years ago

i have a bb curve 8520 and i cannit download opera mini and i cannot browse for free.i stay in nigeria and i am using the zain and mtn network.

ian 6 years ago

can anyone tell me what is the apn for idea india....???

cephas adom 6 years ago

I have a BB7230 and I happen to be a VODAFONE Ghana subscriber. can l use it here in ghana

cephas adom 6 years ago

I have a BB7230 and I happen to be a VODAFONE Ghana subscriber.can l use it here in ghana.

TOM TOM Girl 6 years ago

Okay I have an unlimited everything plan with sprint and I have a Blackberry curve 8330 all I want to do is use my phone as a wireless data connection for my tom tom gps but it requires an APN username and password etc. I have seen all this talk about go to options>>advanced>>>TCP well I don't have the TCP/IP or TCP option so can anyone tell me what the APN username and password would be for me or how to figure it out? Thanks

zoom  6 years ago

hi i m using blackberry 8520,in india but internet connection is too bad ,what plan is good to take ,is there any one to guide

PeterL 6 years ago

I am using a Blackberry Curve 8310.

Does anybody know the APN settings Username and Password for Vodafone Australia


Sweet_dreamer 6 years ago

Vodafone Australia: APN:

no need to username or password..

Only downfall still cant use Blackberry messenger.

Only works with Google maps, gmail etc works :)

emmanuel 6 years ago

i,m using blackberry i browse with glo network, how can i browse free wihtout paying any fee

codie 6 years ago

it wont work without paying

Sptdbst 6 years ago

The article says that Opera Mini browser needs to be downloaded on the mobile. It is contradictory since to download the software we need an internet connection. And what everybody is trying to make an internet connection first but everybody fails. Let me tell you about my situation. I unlocked my BB Curve 8320 from T-Mobile(US) with their permission (following the commands they instructed) so as to use it in India with any provider. Now I bought a prepaid connection of BSNL in South part of India, but cannot get connected to the net though I had activated GPRS on the sim. The problems that I face are

1) The Hotspot Browser which is built in only allows WiFi connections to access the net. How can I change that ?

2) To use the net, do I have to use the WAP settings in APN or GPRS settings in the APN. If it is WAP settings, then I don't see a place to input the details.

3) Only once the connection is through, can I download directly to the mobile phone. Any other way of downloading Opera Mini browser to the computer and transfer it using the RIM (Blackberry) Desktop software?

4) Is it possible to connect the phone using USB to the desktop software on the PC with an internet connection and browse on the phone using some driver (modem driver) or software.

I hope an answer to the following questions will solve everybody's problem here. Waiting on your feedback

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 which until now I can't figure to use the internet. Thank you so much for the tips.

orkle 6 years ago

Does anyone know the password for rogers??

profile image

anthony26th 6 years ago


I browse with my blackberry 9630 using Glo and MTN Nigeria and the tariff is so high, i can barely pay for it. Right now i do not have access to internet. Can someone please tell me how to browse for free on my blackberry 9630 without paying. I need the browsing code for either MTN nigeria or Glo Nigeria please.

Thank you in anticipation

jennifer 6 years ago

i have a blackberry keeps sayin not connnected to wouldn't in u.s.a...SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

derrick 6 years ago

help me i have the blackberry curve 8310 and i don't have a clue how to do this. help please

AndyVan 6 years ago

Those of you who have chosen to access the internet by using apns and bypassing the carriers "plans" will eventually be caught.... provided of course your carrier is astute and doing their job. Where do you think all your data sessions are going when you surf the net?? Into the twilight zone?? there ARE events created. It just depends how much usage you are creating as to whether or not you are actually red-flagged. I work for a major Aussie carrier and I personally identify those services that are committing fraud and report them, remember your phone has a unique imsi and can be traced/tracked. The customers are usually given a warning 1st up depending on the amount of data they have used. After that they move to prosecution. My advice, do it legitimately... i'm sure most of you are laughing at this point... but to tell the truth i enjoy catching these guys that think they deserve everything for free!

mickey 6 years ago

i have a blackberry 7290 and i have downloaded opramini;i was told that if i have opra and type in my APN information for my GSM Service.i would be able to browse; but im not sure which info should i choose out of that list provided. please can anybody help me

sweet_dreamer 6 years ago

Andyvan if this was the case they are using an apn gateway to use the internet without a server, u still get charged for it and yes it is recorded but not illegal if ure still paying for the usage, if u work for a major phone company u should know that as well as I work for a phone company as well. Apn is another way of getting the internet setting put onto ure phone to allow u to use internet. If u hadn't noticed other phone require an apn gateway to use the internet ie nokia, samsung etc all require apn gateway. Wat we are doing is not illegal.

Jess 6 years ago

thank you so much!

bloggerdollar profile image

bloggerdollar 6 years ago Author

AndyVan, I use the APN which is basically the GPS/EDGE connection that is available for all telephone models and I get charged the internet fee that I would be paying with other phone models. Forcing people to use BB plans while normal internet connection is available is the real illegal thing. If the APN is so bad, why don't you try to ban this service ??? Oh, right, ALL THE CELL PHONE USERS USE THAT SERVICE EXCEPT BlackBerry owners.

Barry Pinto 6 years ago

I live in the UAE, is there a possibility of doing this here. The network I use is etisalat. Another network availability is DU.

mooxnco 6 years ago

Pls,Pls,Pls! needing apn data for mtn south africa,please help

Ddas 6 years ago

Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I am using Blackberry Pearl 8100 from AT & T.

If anybody help me to give APN address, User Name and Password.

vivek 6 years ago


dude i m using blackberry 8900, n i want to have my BBM (BlackBerry messenger)activated, without going for for any data plans.

if there is any solution for that kindly refer to me


Amitabh 6 years ago


ave purchased a BB Bold 9700 recently and wud really appreciate if anyone cud let me know the APN settings for AIRTEL prepaid sim card service in India.

Pls mail me at

Thanks in advance...Kindly Help out.

Yuvraj 6 years ago


I have a Blackberry 9700. Actually, can anyone please tell me what to write in the fields APN username and password. Also, how to activate net in Opera mini browser (5.0)

LJVR 6 years ago


I have a blackberry Curve 8520. Can anyone tell me what i need to put in for APN, username and password.


Mike 6 years ago

Hi i have a mate on uk vodafone he has to use a BIS from blackberry on his storm2 to use internet when out i am on o2 and have coming a bberry storm2 on o2 i want to be ablke to use wap without having to get another bolt on the tarrif im on is a iphone 3gs with unlimited wifi and internet added would this be ok to use in the bberry storm2 without incuring extra charges

MKuser 6 years ago

Hi, I'm from Maceodnia and i just buy BlackBerry Curve 8520, but i cant use any application because of the DATA PLAN, could please tell me how to deal with this without paying for the data plan, as u say before.


T. 6 years ago

This is funny!

Who do you think owns and manages those APNs?

Your wireless carriers.

They know exactly who is connecting and using the service.

For them, it's just a matter of deciding whether or not to send you that hefty bill.

Fernando 6 years ago

Wow it is so works with my BB storm...Thanks...

arinxeh 6 years ago

vodafone live is d default browser on my storm and nothing whatsoever seems to remove it even after instaling d opara mini, any clue on how to remove it/

lutaaya 6 years ago

some get me mtn uganda that i can get free internet on my blackberry

pineapple 6 years ago

Anyone know the APN for the Bahamas???

Rahul 6 years ago

I am going to try this on my BB for airtel india .. Currently downloading opera & application loader..


David  6 years ago

I have a blackberry pearl 8120 that i unlocked and am using it in Singapore with a M1 prepaid card.

How do I get free internet?

mayry 6 years ago

hello i have a blackberry bold 9000 and i can't set up my email because only one option appears in the email settings and only using work email account and my phone provider did not give me any password or account for enterprise activation.could you please help me who to contact here in saudi arabia so that i can set up my email..please i need your help so badly...

profile image

gomgoma 6 years ago

what's the apn of vodafone (eg)!


radz87 6 years ago

what about the other network in south Africa? Cell C? im looking for that settings pls

Cindy 6 years ago

Aye , So iGot a Blackberry Pearl But i Don't Have Internet And Im trynah get aim on it . how do i do that ? pleasse helpp !

Tm5891 6 years ago

Hey I just want to clarify a couple of things. I recently purchased a Curve 8900 from ebay (it hasn't arrived yet). I'm currently on T Mobile UK pay as you go. I'm not looking to have 'free' internet access but at least without having to get a monthly blackberry data plan. T mobile offers a 'booster' which gives you unlimited internet access for 30 days for £5. If I apply these APN settings could I use this booster without any further charge as I would on any other phone? Also would this allow me to use the blackberry messenger and app world or is that only available through having the data plan?

Thanks for any reply.

blackberry housing 6 years ago

OMG, This is perfect. Thanks for the information. By the way, I just got a few interesting gadgets from Check them out if you guys have time. I have change my blackberry housing too. :)

Amy 6 years ago

Hello could you let me know the details for orange uk?

/p 6 years ago

Movistar APN in Ecuador should have these credentials..

USERNAME: movistar


Not sure if the same in Mexico. I wish I would have known this info before buying data plan last week ;)

jessa 6 years ago

i have no idea what i was typing on apn on my bb8100?... help me pls.. from phillipines

thapa renu 6 years ago

i don't knw the APN settings for my blackberry 8100 pearl..i'm at nepal..pls pls somebody help me out..i would b so thankful..pls

carlos garcia 6 years ago

thanks for the tip realy helps a lot with all your help well now im going to try with the advice that you gave me now well see what happens

raymond 6 years ago

hi does this work on nokia 5530 pls

carlos garcia 6 years ago

hey boody its me carlos ive got the opera mini brouser downloaded on my blackberry but it dosent work i installed it and it still dosent work the apn is on the without users name or the password cause it dosent need it right.well the apn info in canyou help me

bonno 6 years ago

what's apn? i don't know how to use it. m using a 8320 curve and im in botswana africa. someone please help me

nidhish 6 years ago

i hv a blackberry 8310(in india) , and how can i surf internet on it without data plan , in airtel/vodafone/idea/aircel??

plz send me suggestions to

Dru 6 years ago

Opera works beautiful,all u have to do is change sum settings.the main one is to settings,adcanced,protocol and change it to http.

Ato 6 years ago

Why don't we just come up with a way of activating the data plan without payment....GH Baby.

edre 6 years ago

okii so i have a question!! we all know that if we don't get a data plan from the company we have to pay for each kb we use of internet!! if i do those step is the company going to charge me or it will be totally free?? plz help 6 years ago


I am using BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520 with airtel connection, i need to use internet trough blackberry but its resticted in my mobile please help me.i am waiting for your reply on my mail id "",please guide me

brittany 6 years ago

I have a Blackberry Storm 2 and I got it unlocked to be able to use in Trinidad and Tobago. I need the APN for the network down here to be able to use the internet anywhere. plz and thanks

gogo 6 years ago

I change my TCP settings on my BB8320 but I do non know how to change the Getway IP and port settings!! Would appreciate any help!!

arsh 6 years ago

hi i have a bb 9700. i am from india and using tata docomo connection. but i am unable to access internet on my bb 9700 as the service provider does not provide me the settings for bb 9700. i need ur help for that...

plz help me...

andrewzhou 6 years ago

in Bangladesh. With grameenphone you can get internet with APN(gpinternet). usr:gpinternet pwd:(NULL)

lvbecker 6 years ago

I am in El Salvador, Central America, how can I get messengers etc.... without paying for it? I have a storm unlocked, originaly it is Horizon.

jasnoor singh 6 years ago

i hav bb bold 9700 but the app. i download on my pc and den i transfer dem 2 my bb r not installng

n can any 1 tel hw 2 access internet widout data plan

somebody please help

ahmad 6 years ago

I have 9700 BB and want the user, apn, and password plz help!!!!!!!

Diao 6 years ago

Oooh my!!! This works perfectly. I just saved $20 a month!!! Thanks are a genius.

chantelel 6 years ago

Using vodacom South Africa please help me with settings for internet>>>......



I have the blackberry bold 2.


CHantele :_)

Mr.dimple 6 years ago

hi dear's bb users in pakistan plz read my core hacked data base

UFone manual setup*






Telenor/Djuice manual setup*




Mobilink GSM manual setup*

Salasi 6 years ago

Hi i'm in Ghana using BB 7290 can any one help me with APN for Tigo and MTN

Salasi 6 years ago

Hi i'm in Ghana using BB 7290 can any one help me with APN for Tigo and MTN

leez 6 years ago

im using storm 9530. don't know the username and password for APN. Please help.

Andrew 6 years ago

I have a blackberry pearl 8120 on Rogers Wireless when i followed the directions a APN username and password is required, can I get access to this please?

Eugene 6 years ago

I have a BB Storm 9530, i kno its an old know trick, it has 1 flaw, blackberry apps wont work, all blackberry apps require the data plan, what u will get with the way that was described in this artice is pure internet by using opera mini, but u wont have bb messenger, bb browser and the other apps..

piter 6 years ago

can ene one help mr on my 8520 it wont go on the internet i have tried evere thing tanks

6 years ago

Im using blackberry curve 8520.Can someone provide me the APN and password of Nawras(Oman)?

help me 6 years ago

how to activate bis on stc saudi arabia on bb8900 curve

Prince 6 years ago

I did exactly as you told. but now this message keeps appearing "your device does not currently have any browser configuration service" contact your service providres.

What should i do next

Prince 6 years ago

I did exactly as you told. but now this message keeps appearing "your device does not currently have any browser configuration service" contact your service providres.

What should i do next

VIvek 6 years ago

hie..i am from india and i have a blackberry bold 9700 and an airtel prepaid connection .Presently i am using just mail and messenger plan. i want to use data plan also without paying for it..i do not have the APN for it.

kindly mail me the requd info at

profile image

ms.ocaguimbal 6 years ago

model: BB8520

location: Philippines


can you pls... help e regarding with the APN setting, the Username for APN and Password for APN.

it will really help me alot if i can access my internet with out using data plan.

thank you so much

ramiz 6 years ago

I have blackbarry 9630 i don't know how to connect it in internet, I putted APN but GPRS still doesn't work .

please help me

stef 6 years ago

hey ive got a blackberry bold 9000 and im on optus pre paid in australia? would you be able to tell me the username and password for the APN my email is :

profile image

ferdon 6 years ago

pls i am using blackberry 7290 cingular and have used the settings you advised above, still cant browse the keeps telling me i am attemting to open a connection to a location inside firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by my IT policy.i am using mtn nigeria please help me email is

profile image

ferdon 6 years ago

i am using BB7290 and have tried the settings as said but still can't connect to the net do help me out my email is

Juan Riano 6 years ago

Here is a list of programs I use with my blackberry that run over Wi-Fi and so not using the data plan

Snehal  6 years ago

Hi.. I am using blackberry on Idea , can u kindly provide me with APN settings and WAP getway for it . on my email

AMIT KAMDAR 6 years ago






swaggerific 6 years ago

or u could just go to manage connections at the bottom and click setup wifi

rudy 6 years ago

im form indonesia from indonesia Indosat





S K SINHA 6 years ago

I have Blackberry 8520 and using Vodafone. I can use internet on my mobile.Can someone help to use my BB as a modem for surfing on my Laptop.

johny 6 years ago

can any body help me?

i was in america and i moved to egypt due to work conditions my network was AT&T and im vodafone eg now so can anybody give me the TCP APN of vodafone eg??!!!

profile image

johny94 6 years ago

cuz its not listed on the list!!

dude 6 years ago

So do you pay standard internet prices?

'cuase I can't understand what you mean by :

"(Excluding standart connection charges from your GSM service provider)"

please help :-][-::-[]-:

Daniele 6 years ago

Hi, I have a Pearl does anyone know the APN for vodacom south africa?

bob 6 years ago

i am on orange and i need the apn

mukundan 6 years ago

I have a blackberry mobile china made. Please provide internet setting to my e-mail id

bollz 6 years ago

pls can i get the settings for MTN- Benin email:

mrpaile 6 years ago

what is the apn for Ghana mtn

cristina 6 years ago

Hi i am here in the husband sent me a T-mobile blackberry curved that is already unlocked i guess... how can i use the blackberry messenger. Also what is the APN for Philippines Globe Telecom..i cannot find it here

cristina 6 years ago

hi again please help he with my blackberry curve. what is the APN username and password as well as the APN.please send it to my email address....... or

Coded tools 6 years ago

please i need MTN apn and user name and pass when i subsribe but the gprs changes to GPRS how can i knw the apn.

Am connect to the internet with BB Curve but not connecting thru my subsribtion somebody help

email me somehting

waleed shaher 6 years ago

look i need to open inter net and msn and facebook for free on my black berry 8520

i guess i didn understand what u are saying

can u send me how to open for free to my face book waleed shaher

and i need an answer for uae information(etisalat)

chinenye 6 years ago

have a bb 8320, with Tmobile, I had changed the TCP setting, but don't know how to get to

WAP Gateway IP setting? Can anyone help?


fadi 6 years ago

how to make this work in JORDAN !??

Blendi 6 years ago

it works one day then no, how is possible?

If i remove the battery and place again it works

again one day

sanjeevi 6 years ago

thanks, it works with airtel - bb 9700

thuggish 6 years ago

i have blackberry 9500,in kenya using safaricom network please help with setings

marinhyska 6 years ago

hey hello. i am from Albania. i have a black berry storm 9530 in albania im using vodafone al please can u tell me the setings? Thank You

Aya 6 years ago

i have a blackberry 8520, and im using Zain JO. i need the username and password please. Thank you 6 years ago

??????? ??? APN ?????? ???? ???????? ????? ??????? APN Settings for your Blackberry and iPhone

Emeka 6 years ago

i want you to please mail me the settings of free browning for b/berry 8900..i am in Nigeria and i am using MTN

charlie 6 years ago

please tell me im not gunna get charges extortionate amounts for doing this..

Shani 6 years ago

you can read how to use internet on unlocked blackberry phone with full functions mean with blackberry browser and with all services like facebook , blackberry messenger etc. to read click at my name.

Sandeep 6 years ago

I have BB 9700 china made cell. I am with chatter. Is there anyway you can connect to internet without buying data plan. I live in Toronto, Ontario. Please help.



rugutt 6 years ago

i am in Kenya using a verizon wireless blackberry 9530 in the safaricom network,i need assistance with the settings to connect to the internet.the phone origintated from the US


Confused 6 years ago

How do i get internet on my orange uk blackberry pearl?

chapaa 6 years ago

hi guyz am in kenya n i real need the internet settings for my black berry 8800 n its to expencive to pay the blackberry plan so u gurus please assist email me @

CodedTools 6 years ago

Dear Nigeria BB users,

Mtn is trying to make some difficulties to browse on pc/laptop.

I can configure Blackberry MTN,ZAIN,GLO ETISALAT as a modem on your pc/laptop if you had make their Bundle.

Pay and let me help u configure ur pc/laptop to browse using ur BB note that u can not browse on ur pc/laptop with bbweek/month bundles.

Contact me asap if you need just 8k.

Coded Tools


Mic 6 years ago

Pls my mail is I want mtn ip and settin for mtn and zain in nigeria for my black berry curve I need ur help pls.

boon 6 years ago

please guys- if anyone knows the APN details for Orange UK please share here or email it to me @


sav 6 years ago really worked...thanx

lei 6 years ago

hi, anyone knows the APN details for optus australia? please share or email to


miki 6 years ago

Hi Im on orange and i don't know what to do where it says username for APN:

password for APN: ??

by the way im using 8520

Help please i don't no how to get these code

harshad 6 years ago

i have blackberry 8520 curve in india and my service provider is bharti airtel.

I want to free data service from them.

please provide me the setting of bharti airtel

CuteSingle 6 years ago

Pls I use a BB curve 8300 and I am in Ghana, do email me with the apn, username and password for mtn and zain respectively. I want to use the free internet service.

watson graham 6 years ago

Excellent information. For DIY computer tips

Tizie 6 years ago

My blackberry 8100 tells me that it does not have configuration settings whenever i try to use the browser and i cant find the TCP option on my advanced options menu. This is really bugging me and i really need your help. Am in Kenya and i use Zain gsm line. Contact me on plizzzz.......

koliko 6 years ago

it works here in ghana. but i need a hack for free browzing

profile image

jatonas 6 years ago

Hi there,

I've blackberry curve 8520 and my provider is telkomsel.plzz,tell me the tcp setting,APN,username for apn and password for apn..btw I'm from Indonesia..



profile image

jatonas 6 years ago

Hi there,

I've blackberry curve 8520 and my provider is telkomsel.plzz,tell me the tcp setting,APN,username for apn and password for apn..btw I'm from Indonesia..



Fay 6 years ago

Amazing, thank you!

cjames 6 years ago

hi! i gat a bb curve8520 in haiti using digicel, can someone tell me about apn, user and password?

plz email me : thx.

Tina  6 years ago

how do you go n the internet with a blackberry 8310 ? my phone only has tzone. ? help please !

richard 6 years ago

i live in ghana and own a blackberry 8310. i want to find out how to connect my blackberry to the internet without my sevice provider's data plan. ma email is thanks

tawanda  6 years ago

i've got a blackberry 8800 , and im on o2(uk) n and i've done all of the step above but the opera mini ... isn't working plz email me on

katie 6 years ago

How do i get BBM and email working?

Hi guys i just bought a blackberry curve on pay as you go T-MOBILE UK, having a bit of a problem setting up the BBM and email i have tried creating a BBm account online but it keeps telling me my device needs to be registered by going through Menu > Settings/Option > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > Press the Menu Key > Click on Register Now, and it still does not work can someone please advice me on what i should do please email me on thnks!

muhammad 6 years ago

plzzzz i need bis setting on my blackberry 8100, i don't know how to configure it plzzz help,i only have the sim configuration.this is my email thanks

b v narendra 6 years ago

sir, i am from india.i was using blackberry 8330 sprint cdma mobile which is programmed for indian reliance network.i want to use reliance gprs in this mobile,pls give the sip user id and password for using free gprs from reliance,pls help me.this is my email .thanks

Paul 6 years ago


I have the BB STORM 9530 but nowhere does it show me how to enter the IP address or the Port Number for Rogers on this phone

in my TCP/IP box

APN Settings Enabled this is not ticked

APN Authentication Enabled is also not ticked

its asking for Username for APN

and password for APN

Then in Manage connections box i scanned for network host i have ROGERS its shows 2G then an H

how do i enter IP and port numbers

Even tried to load Opera mini it did not seem to want to open...

And when i go to advanced options on the phone for default browser configuration all i have is a blue box under that i cant do anything with it..

I`m not having fun with my new toy can any one give me more instructions on how to load all this..


Paul in Brampton On Canada

Paul 6 years ago

I forgot my Email address

Paul in Brampton On Canada

BuggyBarabata 6 years ago

Can I say Genius? For sure you can use internet without a data plan, but believe me it will be more expensive.

So, I would say - senseless topic!

samuel 6 years ago

please i'm in Ghana and i have a blackberry 8310 smartphone(edge) with at&t. i want to access the internet but the data charfes is too expensive (40 ghana cedis is the minimum and i cant afford it). can you help me browse on it normaly like any other phone with MTN Ghana? My email is Please help me cos i realy need for my project work as soon as posible. thanks

samuel 6 years ago

please i'm in Ghana and i have a blackberry 8310 smartphone(edge) with at&t. i want to access the internet but the data charfes is too expensive (40 ghana cedis is the minimum and i cant afford it). can you help me browse on it normaly like any other phone with MTN Ghana? My email is Please help me cos i realy need for my project work as soon as posible. thanks

Nai 6 years ago

Hi, anyone knows the APN details for Optus Australia? Please share or email me

Many thanks!

Mickey 6 years ago

Heyy im so confused -_- i have no clue how to work this thing , i have the blackberry 8520 . how do you get the free internet ? im not good with the technology stuff so help me out please !

Mickey 6 years ago

ohh and my emails

Lizzy 6 years ago

I have a Samsung Star on a contract with Vodacom. I can't upgrade until next year. I am going to USA for 6 months. Can i buy a Blackberry in South Africa (without having to take out another contract) and use a USA simcard (AT&T) while i am in the States - in my south african blackberry. and can i BBM my friends back in South Africa for free?? or will it be better to buy a blackberry in USA? will i have free internet, to BBM my friends in South Africa?

Don Petex 6 years ago

i own bb pearl but i need an automatic setting with my mtn line in nigeria, please how can help me email me at

Mustafa Al Dardery 6 years ago

I have BlackBerry Curve 8520 in Egypt , i just have purchase new BB and i Can'y connect the internet through wireless network,so i have tried many times but i couldn't although i can access it from my old Nokia

please advice

Kotishwarr 6 years ago

Hi there,

I've blackberry curve 8520 and my provider is vodafone india.

when I go to browser it says you are not in an area that can handle data communication..can you pls... help me regarding with the APN setting, the Username for APN and Password for APN.

As i am still a student it will really help me alot if i can access my internet with out using data plan.



zarra 6 years ago

i have blackberry 8520 curve in malaysia service provider is

I want to free data service from them.

please provide me the setting

zarra  6 years ago email

gsavix 6 years ago

for tim brazil proxy ip address is ; port:8080 or 9201; user: tim ; password: tim ; ip type: ipv4 ; ip address: automatic (thru dhcp) ; dns: automatic ; autentication: normal;

elori 6 years ago

thank you is great

da vinci 6 years ago

have a blackberry 8800 vodafone Hungary and need help to access internet service in Cameroon.using the mtnwap.please help email

zarra 6 years ago

Dear admin,

i still didn't rcvd any feedback yet.

my email

srikanth 6 years ago

hi i use blackberry 8100 in india my carrier is vodafone .. can u plz give me apn nos user name n password? plz help me.

srikanth 6 years ago

hi i use blackberry 8100 in india my carrier is vodafone .. can u plz give me apn nos user name n password? plz help me. my id

Johny 6 years ago

Can blacberry 8520 operate in South Africa without vodacom's internet settings and how dow one get the settings. Please forward help to


jam 6 years ago


this a great post. kindly send me the most updated APN,username and password. I'm using a globe gsm here in the philippines. your help is highly appreciated..send it to

julius 6 years ago

model: BB9700

location: Philippines


can you pls... help e regarding with the APN setting, the Username for APN and Password for APN.

it will really help me alot if i can access my internet with out using data plan.

thank you so much

Denn 6 years ago

For o2 UK please go follow the link for updated TCP/IP settings. or use the info below.

O2 GPRS settings (WAP):

Note: Different settings for contract and PAYG (Pay as you go)


Access point (contract):

Access point (PAYG):

Gateway (IP) address :

Username : o2wap (contract) / payandgo (PAYG)

Password: password

Session type: Continuous / permanent

Authentication: Normal

Security: Off

Port number: 8080

O2 GPRS settings (Mobile Web / Email):


Access point:

Username: mobileweb

Password: password

Session type: Continuous / permanent

Authentication: Normal

Security: Off

Email servers (POP):

Email servers (SMTP):

DNS Servers: and

Note: The "Mobile Web" service must be enabled for these settings to work.

* We've also been told of an alternative username of 'faster', with a password of 'password'

Contact o2 Customer Services to get this enabled.

James Gosling 6 years ago

I'm with T-mobile in the UK. I have internet access on my phone and that is unlimited, but if I use it as a data modem I am charged quite a lot extra. T-mobile offer the option of an additional £5 a month to use it as a data modem without the additional fees. Given that I have internet on my phone already I think it's a bit much to charge extra for connecting it as a modem!

srikanth 6 years ago

hi i use blackberry 8100 in india my carrier is vodafone .. can u plz give me apn nos user name n password? plz help me. my id

Tahir 6 years ago

dear fellows

am having a problem tht am having bb8320 curve

and in Pakistan am using warid services i need the settings for WARID in pak so that i can use it without data service thanx

Tahir 6 years ago

sorry for missing my Email its

thankyou in advance and waiting for ur precious input;)

Alex Brnjac 6 years ago

Does BBM work with this "Glitch" Enabled?

Please reply :

Moeed 6 years ago

Hi There,

Location : Dubai U.A.E

I am using BB 8520 Curve

I have data plan and it works perfect but when i turn the mobile network off and try to connect with WiFi.I can surf the net with browser but my WiFi sign is grey not white.and I can not send emails and use instant messengers(Yahoo/MSN/GTalk).

please help me...

Moeed 6 years ago

Sorry to mention my email address

my email is

Thanks in advance & waiting for your help

eric 6 years ago

hello i was just wondering if you might be able to help me out, i have a blackberry 9700 but i cannot get the free internet to work on this. please help me out, my email is

Dheeraj 6 years ago


I am using Idea BB. Can any one plz give me apn nos user name n password for IDEA. my email id-

Aldrin 6 years ago

I have a blackberry 9700 Bold, but it comes from Dubai..I need to set it up for internet in South Africa, Vodacom. Can you help me set it up please??

luke 6 years ago

hey, do u have the username and password for FIDO (canada) thx

uzor 6 years ago



acube 6 years ago

Hi, I have a blackberry 9700 Bold, but it comes from Dubai..I need to set it up for internet in turkey. Can you help me to set it up plz?

rachael 6 years ago

hi i am on an orange pay as you go lackberry curve can any help me with settings to get free internet , i live in the uk , england , please reply xx

tatya 6 years ago

Hey . I have a blackberry 9700 Bold. and i have singtel provider .. can yiu help me with the setting to gett free internet? Thanks

sydney 6 years ago

Location: CA, USA

Service: ATT wireless

Model: BB 8220

Did anyone have success with ATT plans? Or do they block this type of access? I'd rather use Opera and be out of BB web of products.

sydney 6 years ago


issy 6 years ago

hi i have a bb 7100v.please can u tell me how to setup my browser without a data plan .pleese reply on

Miguel 6 years ago

This is the most dangerous and dumbest article I have ever read. The author claims that we can get free internet without a data package. That is not true.

This strategy will get you internet access, but you will PAY for that internet access at non-data pack prices (triple the price.

Follow this strategy if you truly want to go bankrupt.

Rosemina 6 years ago

Just wanted to know if the AT&T gateway port thing still would work since it says "Old AT&T". I'd like to try this out on my Blackberry 9700.

profile image

bbexpert 6 years ago

Since all comments are moderated, this one will probably never see th light of day. But I'll give it a try anyway.

This is the one of the worst postings on

Blackberry "tips" I have ever seen.

First, the original poster - bloggerdollar - wrote a post that he knew would garner a lot of traffic whether what he wrote was true or not. That traffic is how he's making money (los links!!) - on visitors desperation. Come on people, the word "dollar" is in his user name. It may be a penny or two at a time, but the more you people buy into this the more he makes from the Google Ads. Did you not notice he abandoned this thread a long time ago. He hasn't answered any questions in 5 months, and that was just one. Before that it was a year. And do you not realize that most of the people saying what wonderful informationn this is, are just the original poster posing as someone else. And no one has sung the praises in over a year.

First, if you don't know how Blackberry devices work, I"m mean really know, then you should NOT be playing around with the settings. While some of what is said in the original posting is true, most carriers have put things in place to prevent people from doing this anymore. And even if you can get it working, you will get charged, and charged BIG TIME.

Pay the money and get an inexpensive data plan. Almost everyone "thinks" they need, and use, a lot of data in a month. But a huge percentage of users never go over 2 Gigs a month. You don't need some 500 Gig a month plan and you don't need unlimited.

If you can't afford to pay for a relatively inexpensive data plan, then you should NOT be buying a Blackberry, or any other smartphone for that matter. Is it really that important to feel important, and to impress your friends, so much so that you are willing to hack into your own phone, void your warranty, and never be able to call your carrier again for tech support. You people need to get a life.

I am blown away at how pathetic this thread is and how pathetic and desperate the people are on here who are literally BEGGING for help.

No, I don't work for Blackberry and I don't work for a phone company. I'm actually a waiter. I pay for my Blackberry with tip money. If I couldn't afford to pay for it, I wouldn't have it.

So many of you are on here asking will this work, or will that work. That's the whole point. Try it. And that's my point. If you are so unsure of this that you are too scared to download Opera Mini unless someone ressures you, you have no business attempting to change the settings on your phone.

It's crazy - "will it work on my model". "I can't find my APN on your list - could you get back to me RIGHT AWAY, I'M DESPARATE". "I tried the ARN (?? whatever that is) and it isn't working - PLS HEEEEELLLLPPPP"

OMG - get a life

Grow up people. This isn't high school, or rather grammar school, and the Blackberry is not the latest Pokémon card.

bbexpert = idiot 6 years ago

bbexpert, wtf are u talking about? School kids are much smarter than you; you deserve to work in a waitress job and go under so much debt that someone shoves a knife into you ass

haniey 6 years ago

y i can't acess Yahoo messenger thru my blackberry curve (connection eror : please ensure device time is correct)plz help me

abby 6 years ago

how do i get internet on my blackberry bold 9000, on manx telecom. i live in the isle of man.

profile image

abbys38 6 years ago

hi, i'm getting a blackberry bold 9000, and i was wondering how to get internet on it with PAYG, on manx telecom, thanks

ron 6 years ago

hi i have a bb pearl 8100 and i can't access to the internet.please can u tell me how to setup my browser without a data plan.can you pls... help me regarding with the APN setting, the Username for APN and Password for APN. i live in the Philippines and my service provider is sun cellular. my email is

it will really help me alot if i can access to the internet without using data plan. tnx

silas 6 years ago


Henrey 6 years ago

am in Kenya using a verizon wireless blackberry 9530 in the safaricom network,i need assistance with the settings to connect to the internet.the phone origintated from the US i can't even send SMS i cant find my SMS options please help with the APN


bbexpert 6 years ago

Really @bbexpert = idiot???

Read the posts and read how many people can't connect and it won't work and help me, help me. This is pathetic.

A waitress job? Shove a knife up my ass? Classy all the way. I LOVE when people prove my point by their own words.

utoo 6 years ago

@bbexpert -

if you're so good then why bother looking in this page?

Haze 6 years ago

Thanks for the info. I have a blackberry curve 8520 and it worked for me! :)

I'm on orange pay as you go with the dolphin plan, so get some free internet every time i top up £10. All you have to do is download and installed the Opera mini browser straight on to your blackberry (if you are in a wifi spot go to direct from your blackberry, if not download via BB desktop using USB cable) Once you have downloaded and installed it, don't load until you edit the options. To do this go to Options > TCP/IP > Tick 'APN settings Enabled' then under that, 'APN:' type 'orangeinternet' (or which ever network you are on) Untick 'APN Authentication Enabled'. You don't need to enter any Username or password. Save and load Opera (which should be in your downloads folder) Hope it works for you. Worked for me

nii 6 years ago

I'm using blackberry pearl(8100)),the browser was working until i gave my phone to a friend to use, and he reset everything.i pls went you to help me with the APN username and password. am in Ghana and use MTN network.

shiney 6 years ago

I am from India and using Blackberry Curve 8520 with service provider Vodafone. IN previous posts i came to know that we can surf Internet without taking any specific Blackberry plan from service provider(only standard data usage charges will be applied)

What would be APN settings for Vodafone India apatrt from mention above for Vodafone UK/NL.....etc..

Please someone help me out with it.

Amin 6 years ago

Hi there, I am from Indonesia.

I did pay for blackberry service (blackberry messenger, internet unlimited)

Now Im in Barcelona, Spain. Im a bit stuck now coz before i changed my SIM card, i can operate all the blackberry services thru wi-fi conection in my apartmen.

Since then i no longer able to talk to my friends using BBM (blackberry messeger)

I tried many many times to setting this and that in "manage connections"

I hope someone can tell me what to do, please.

Email me :


hilton 6 years ago

hey there...

i am having a blackberry curve 8310 vodafone,and i am using a tigo sim card/network in Tanzania i can't connect to a wireless network i am having somebody help me out wit this problem plzzz wit all the info and steps i should e.mail

karol  6 years ago

hey, im from brazil but i moved to argentina, I have a bb curve 8590 and now I'm with provider Claro Argentina.

I need the APN setting!!!

my email is


bogi 6 years ago

to all using BB in Kenya safaricom APN is saf and password is saf. enjoy

Dani 6 years ago

I have a blackberry tour, and recently moved to Paris from the US, where I had a verizon blackberry. When I got here I unlocked my phone and got an Orange account, with data included in the plan. Once I put in the orange sim card, though, I didn't have an internet browser and haven't been able to use internet or e-mail, even though it is included in my plan. Verizon says that this is because their phones are incompatible with Orange sim cards, but is there a way to fully utilize my Orange plan without paying for Verizon's $60/month international data usage? Essentially, is there a way to keep the physical blackberry tour that I had with blackberry but to fully use it as my Orange blackberry, with the data plan I have?

riaz 6 years ago

Hi can some help me configure my blackberry curve with south africa mtn settings I like to see if this is true.

Emily 6 years ago

i have a 8320curve and i cant find the wifi set up i need help asap

kenshin 6 years ago

Hi all,

I am from Mexico and tryed the config and it worked :D

Only on opera mini, thnxs a lot

john 6 years ago

who knows the APN/username/password settings for Internet Everywhere prepaid ORANGE in Spain?

lows 6 years ago

i have a blackberry. i had to pay £5 every month for internet access and i have forgotten the number i have to text to carry on with the internet. can anyone help?

MCE 6 years ago

Hi! I own a BB Curve 8520. Data plans are too expensive here in the Philippines. It would be of great help to get free BB internet for free! PLEEEEEAAAASSSE help!

I couldn't find the APN settings for Philippines. I use Globe. Thanks!


Matt 6 years ago

I bought and then unlocked a bb 8520 from a market in Bangkok. I don't understand why you guys are all having so many problems...You can still access free wi fi when you are in a wifi hotspot, just make sure you change your settings so that this is the primary source your bb will connect to. Unfortunately, bb are corporate money grabbers though and won't allow you to use msn messenger for free without a data plan. This is a joke, msn is a free program yet they've placed a price on it...Anyway, if you want your own internet connection without connecting to wifi how can you expect to have this for free? You don't expect to get free internet at home on your computer from BT do you?

ajay kumar  6 years ago

tell me how can i download opera mini for bb8210......... & access net for airtel india

Afaq 6 years ago

I have 8310 curve, how i configure the internet setting in Pakistan.

please guide me.

ahmad 6 years ago

hi i have 9530 storm and i am from israel my sim card is not work on my phone and . if i tybe mebd is opend but meb2 is not open

king 6 years ago

how do i do that in jamaica

ian 6 years ago

Hi! I own a BB 8310. Data plans are too expensive here in the Philippines. It would be of great help to get free BB internet for free!please help me

I couldn't find the APN settings for Philippines. I use Globe. Thanks!


amad 6 years ago


i am amad from pakistan

i want to access internet without BIS can any one tell me how can i use ? my network is Ufone

Username for APN

Password for APN

Can anyone advise what i need to do to access internet here with Opera mini

Please help

Thank you

haha 6 years ago


above is true 6 years ago


khushbir singh 6 years ago

i have an blackberry 8900 from at & t from usa now i used this bb in india after unlocking. I used vodafone connection. How i used internet without using blackberry services packs. please help me

Genius 6 years ago

Mail me for anyhelp on how to use ur

qasim 6 years ago

i have got a blackberry 8700v but when i got it it never had a internet app how to i gwt a internet app ??

snakee 6 years ago

right all i want to use it for is bbm im new to all of this and was wondering if bbm costs anything extra or goes onto my data i get 500mb a month and just wanna know if having bbm uses much of this ??

snakee 6 years ago

right all i want to use it for is bbm im new to all of this and was wondering if bbm costs anything extra or goes onto my data i get 500mb a month and just wanna know if having bbm uses much of this ??

jeremy 6 years ago

how can i get blackberry messenger email me at

yhzseoer01 profile image

yhzseoer01 6 years ago from USA

Good information! It is helpful!

Ziko 6 years ago

Hi, i have a bb storm 9530 and i can't access to the internet. please can u tell me how to setup my browser without a data plan.can you pls... help me regarding the APN setting, the Username for APN and Password for APN. i live in the Njgeria and my service provider is GLO Nigeria my email is

it will really help me a lot if i can access to the internet without using data plan. tnx

Ziko 6 years ago

Hi, i have a bb storm 9530 and i can't access to the internet. please can u tell me how to setup my browser without a data plan.can you pls... help me regarding the APN setting, the Username for APN and Password for APN. i live in the Njgeria and my service provider is GLO Nigeria my email is

it will really help me a lot if i can access to the internet without using data plan. tnx

philip 6 years ago

Hi, i have a bb storm 9530 and i can't access to the internet. please can u tell me how to setup my browser without a data plan.can you pls... help me regarding the APN setting, the Username for APN and Password for APN. i live in the Njgeria and my service provider is mtn Nigeria my email is

Prince 6 years ago in Airtel....have an tell me the settings to access bis over wifi

Roggit 6 years ago

Ok. So i got the opera mini browser downloaded onto my computer and then had it transferred to my blackberry curve, but i haven't been able to locate it on my blackberry for use. Where do these files normally get saved? Can someone help me with this plz...???

kaushik 6 years ago

I am from india,vodafone network what r the settings plz email it 2 kaushikgg@rediffmail.


kaushik 6 years ago

I am from india,vodafone network what r the settings plz email it 2 kaushikgg@rediffmail.


MobiShark Support 6 years ago

Roggit. Perhaps resetting your BlackBerry might help. It should show up then.

MobiShark Support 6 years ago

Roggit. Perhaps resetting your BlackBerry might help. It should show up then.

profile image

philpense 6 years ago

I write as a novice who was just given to me [no contract]. I understand that the article is about avoiding an expensive data plan but does this workaround avoid the need for any contract/carrier plan.

Have a Sprint BlackBerry 8330. My home internet is through Verizon DSL and another Sprint smartphone with a data plan.

I would ask if there is some way to access the internet with the access I already have. My Blackberry has a USB connector cable and bluetooth.

Looking for informed guidance on how I can get access

koby 5 years ago

I'm using BB tour 9630 pls can i get the settings for MTN- Ghana. Email pls help

profile image

Undergroundrain 5 years ago

I live in Saudi and I've just bought a torch 9800 blackberry. little did i know that when in Saudi that my smartphone is no more than A PHONE. i can't download apps, i can't access twitter or Facebook or whatever social network there is!! the BIG SOS question is HOW CAN I GET AROUND THAT??

i know that when ever there is a technology-blocking technology there is an unblocking technology. so i humbly call upon all the tech-wizards PLEASE HELP :-(

Hemanta 5 years ago

hi, i am using BB Bold 9000 with pre-paid SIM from Vietnam MobiFone. could you pls giude me on APN user name, password and other settings. u can email me on

best regards


Oldbill 5 years ago

I have downloaded operamini to an unlocked BB8700g. I have the icon on the screen but it shows message that the signal is being blocked by a firewall and fails to install

pablo 5 years ago

plllleease i mdesperately need help with MTN Nigeria blackberry free apn,charges are too expensive for a student......please somebody help

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