How to Convert Windows XP SP2 to SP3 without any set up program!!!!!

In these days the technology is grooming highly and with in a short span of time. In the advancement of Technology we need to have some updated softwares or games that can provide the modern outcome. Like me, I purchased a game last Sunday, and I was very exited to play. When I entered the CD into the CDROM, suddenly it requires windows SP3 installed to run. That was very frustrated thing for me, and I was feeling very angry because I didn’t have any SP3 CD. But I decided to overcome this problem to you guys because invention is my hobby, So I am going to tell you how you can change your SP2 pack into SP3 for your convenience.

If there is a version of windows xp SP2 is installed in your computer system, You do not need to worry to change it. These are the steps to overcome this problem:

~ go to start---->Run--> type the word Regedit


~ Your windows Registry Editor will open,


~ Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ Windows


~ Than please modify “CSDVersion” from 0×00000200” (SP2) to the Windows XP SP3 value of “0×00000300” and than reboot your system.


Now your Window has been upgraded to SP3 and you will be able to installed various advance softwares.


This is the easy trick which will bypass the information so that any program or software require SP3 (and if you have only SP2) would exactly work. So now enjoy; with all the gaming stuff. Buy don’t forget to subscribe and enter your valuable opinion in the comments section.

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Jayshree 4 years ago

wow thanx it really helped me a lot

Fayas 4 years ago

Thanks guys !

hcoi 4 years ago


afeef 4 years ago

Thanks a lot.. It works good.

Priyanka 4 years ago

Nice hack, to pretend having installed SP3, why don't u install the SP3 itself. this trick will make your system unstable and vulnerable to malware attack.

charan 4 years ago

yes its working thanks........

M.Brayden 4 years ago

@Priyanka I agree with you.Mean while after some days you face error and stability problem.....

Rahul 4 years ago

Man It Sooooooooo Awesome Thank U Thanks A lot

Nikhil 4 years ago

yes frndz its really wrk................

Krishna 4 years ago


asd 4 years ago

in my system it is not happening

aj 4 years ago

its really working

saurabh 4 years ago

since i have original windows sp2 installed when i do changes with my registry and restarts after booting before welcome screen system gets restarted everytime i recovered it by safe mode fake trick!

VINAY 4 years ago


alok 4 years ago

save time .wohhhhhhh

ruhi 4 years ago

it really works man...

instead of 200 u should make it 300 & dats all enjoy...

ash 4 years ago

it did worked but still asked for some missing files after that

Rankarch 4 years ago

My system got BSOD, so I recovered with safe mode.

This trick is a crap.

Muzammil 4 years ago

Well Done Dear AloktheGenious Its Realy Work

Nice Job

bb 4 years ago

thanks man plz teal how to install mse xp2

kt 3 years ago

please help me my system is crashed during this conversion......

hghk 3 years ago

it only changes 200 to 300 but it not really do as good as i have listened it need a msxml files to to run office 2010

darshan 3 years ago

u r genious

abhishek pujari 3 years ago

I searched the net a lot, bt i think this can be sloved by u only.....plz help me... "The procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformtion could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll", im facing this issue every time i run CIVILISATION 5.... plz help

vikas sharma 3 years ago

thanks bro....

shyam thakur 3 years ago

Greate ...........

jatin 3 years ago

thanx man

StarK 3 years ago worked

thanks for uploading this

sunil kumar 3 years ago

thanks its really work.

Venu Gadu profile image

Venu Gadu 3 years ago

The moment I convert my computer from xp sp2 to sp3 all i can see after reboot is none of the icons are visible, tried all possible troubleshooting steps including xp O/S setup(my system doesn't allow to do setup) but unable to get icons on my desktop. However,started my computer in safe mode to command prompt and rolled back my system from sp3 to sp2.

Thank God I finally got my system to normal.It's waste of my 2hrs time along this way you have shown us.Bullshit answers.

abhi 3 years ago


pankaj 3 years ago

It is worked .Thank u boss.

rahul 3 years ago

thanks a lot man!! :)

Irfan Khan 3 years ago

Its working man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullshit Khan 3 years ago

How come all the positive responses sound like they were posted by the same person telling HIMSELF what a genius he is!!!????


irfan IRF 3 years ago

Lol working nice i need to upgrade from windows xp sp2 to windows 8 but i cant intall in windows8 on windows xp sp2 ur trick works fine thanks a lot !! :)

KKY 3 years ago


Mohit 3 years ago

thank u very much :D

I miss U 3 years ago

Ohh Thank U Thank U (^_^)

Gaurav Verma 3 years ago

love it, thanks a lot

Sharvan 3 years ago

It helpful.. .. thank you admin.

avondiaz 3 years ago

your Xp will blank after a week or so

masud 3 years ago

thnxs, it works fine....

Midhun 3 years ago

"For me those comments was more useful than this post, because it helped me to change my mind from trying this trick and I could successfully escape from a system crash.." :)

kim 3 years ago

its very tempting but where is the guy to hold responsible if something went wrong not like refunding money if something fails to please you.. better get an sp3 installation Cd. Thanks won't try risking my files getting lost or tampered with.

akash 3 years ago

thanx a lot brooo its working

khan 3 years ago

bullshit.. it might have worked earlier but not anymore. unsuccessful reboot every time

Vipul Patel 3 years ago

thanks i try it now .

Santosh 3 years ago

Simple and Superb

kishor 3 years ago

very good

Sumon 3 years ago

Thanks A Lot

nilesh 3 years ago

thanks its very really helpful

thlaci 3 years ago

thanks a lot it worked fine (I spent a full workday with download, install, uninstall SP3 then I found your idea...) thx again :-)

Kodepaka Mahesh 3 years ago

Thanks this is very useful information

enes 3 years ago

thanks very much......................

now iam playing cod ops 2,creed4

enes 3 years ago

thanks very much......................

now iam playing cod ops 2,creed4

Khan 3 years ago

Good trick but this only chang This is only change name of Service pack2 to pack 3... not Applications and supports

killer 3 years ago

Thank you very much......

shakeel 3 years ago

thank you sir i salute you

Pravin Sanap 3 years ago

thank you..... !

Hiren gajjar 3 years ago

great man......than you

Touqeer Akbar 3 years ago


Touqeer Akbar 3 years ago


buddika 3 years ago

Great and valuable knolodge

sandeep 3 years ago

grt and thnq

judesma 3 years ago

wow this worked thanks

ahtisham 3 years ago

u r such a ginc man!

gd wrk ,

god bles you!

very thx

Manesh 3 years ago

Its not working bro .. skype not working yet..

subhan 3 years ago

It is not working. When i am trying to install Bluestacks it is asking for sp3

Rishabh 3 years ago


Navodani 3 years ago

thank you.................. thank you very much ☺

ritesh 3 years ago

thnx dude

Abh 3 years ago

Thanks a lot.. It was really helpful..


ahmed 3 years ago

wher the link

11 3 years ago

What if I upgraded the OS from sp2 to sp3, what will happen to the files saved in the computer? will it be lost or nothing will happen? Please respond, thank you!

Haydernaz 3 years ago

Thanks bro. good job very nice trick

carry on bro

Nuwan Lakshika 3 years ago

thanx brother its work

it was really helpful

Ari 3 years ago

Why don't simply go here than put your computer at risk?

priyank 3 years ago

its updates but stil bluestack is not getting installed

Naresh Chauhan 3 years ago

thank's its update my system. sp2 to sp3.

srikanth 3 years ago

it worked but hw to show my ram 512 to 2 gb please help

wowee 3 years ago


D.D.Dabhi 3 years ago


.......................................................................................................................................................................Thank You...................................

Ibrahim 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for avery thing you have done for all user's of computer trick

abhilash Saha 3 years ago

No,it does not work properly .As I changed the registry number, the properties shows windows versiion is 3.But when I wanted to install kaspersky Internet security it shows error. needless to say that kaspersky needs sevice pack 3 of xp.

shafi 3 years ago

It is not restarting normally after doing this, want to restart with previous settings

GUNIT 3 years ago



Wasim Shaikh 3 years ago

Thanks its Work

Wasim Shaikh 3 years ago

It work i m just Install Blue stack Software

if not install then upgrade (net.frame) then install

Heungkey Park 2 years ago

Thanks a lot!

prasanth 2 years ago

(-; its working

akhil 2 years ago

my data size changed to 512 after changing from 300 to 200..before i turned 200 to 300

Shah ali 2 years ago

change sp2 to sp3 but not work properly.

prince 2 years ago

really fake... don't mislead people

Ambarish 2 years ago

Thank you ! it worked simply.. very useful

Margaret 2 years ago

best advice I have ever had, & so clearly written, so easy to follow

Neil 2 years ago

It really workz thx a lot man hats off to u

Hamish 2 years ago

Thanks so much now I can connect my computer to my WHS

avr 2 years ago

not working man ...

Prateek 2 years ago

thnx but... i want to install bluestacks in win xp .. so help me to install...

nw setup requires net framework 2.0 sp2

rao 2 years ago

i will try

totoraks 2 years ago

nice sharing thanks

vipin 2 years ago

thanks dear. it works...

nitin 2 years ago

gr8 man tell me more tricks about window xp

nitin 2 years ago

gr8 man tell me more tricks about window xp

Gedlu L Enyew 2 years ago

wow ,,thanks a lot am happy with you,,keep it up

saurabh kesar 2 years ago is woking............1 more to increase RAM.......

sid 2 years ago


it did worked..

Ashish 2 years ago

it is not workinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

don't give fake commets guys :-( 2 years ago

Thank you very much Sir......ongking

Pravin ade 2 years ago

wow, its work dude, happy. thanks a lot

ind 2 years ago

guys it works but after changing the registry, you need to restart. i don't know why some people are telling that it doesn't work.

Well, it worked for me. THANKS FOR THE TRICK

gourav 2 years ago

Showing error to run regedit

Stranger 2 years ago

Wowee...simply great!!!

sourav 2 years ago

nice yar thanx a lot

ammar 2 years ago

yar right hand side blog is not opening

cd version key wala

waha kuch b ni ara

what to do?

Bipin Kumar Sharma 2 years ago

It's very helpful. Thank's.

aniket singh 2 years ago

help me plzzz how to play android games in windows xp sp2 without bluestacks

Amit Patil 2 years ago

Really, nice trick....

Thanx a lot for such a awesome idea....!!!

Mansoor 2 years ago

These are Not clear Instructions well it works (y)

darsh mewada 2 years ago

after changing it

if any thing goes wrong? or not?

any applications or data will be removed? or not?

Oyesh 2 years ago

How to Edit Value?????

ketu 2 years ago

registry editing has been disabled by the administrator. what's next now bro?

Abhishek 2 years ago

Waha PR yai likhna hai "0x00000300"

talha 2 years ago

It does not work

Mahesh 2 years ago

Its working ,,, thank you boss thank you so much

azy 2 years ago

its reaky amazing

KIPILLasa 2 years ago

im test this im use virutalbox im start my virutal computer im Convent windows xp sp2 to sp3 and im rsetart in Virutal Computer RIP!

prasanth 2 years ago

its just FAKEEE d comments kept by the management

GE-YAN 2 years ago

vary intelligent boy...Execllent

Rana Zubair 2 years ago

Thanks broo..............

it is working

DD 2 years ago

This cmments r vry complicated.

nakul 2 years ago

kutte badiya h

santosh rathod 2 years ago

It works good.

2 years ago

Didn't work for me

Ramesh Goswami 2 years ago

Amazing it Really Work.. Don't give fake commets guys :-( I Have done But i want to install Bluestacks in win xp3.. Please Help Me For Bluestacks ...

Raj 2 years ago

thanx it worked

sunil 2 years ago

Didn't work for me

Ysh 2 years ago

Love u genius

inam 2 years ago

SKYPE VERSION 6 IS not competible with it

not working well

ikram 2 years ago

i did it......thnx

biki 2 years ago

thanks for your help....!!! its works fine.

Deepu 2 years ago

Thanks a lott... it works....

usman 2 years ago

Kindly tell me how to fix kernel32.dll error during installation of skype?? even i have upgraded to sp3 by above mentioned method.

Sangpuia 2 years ago

Thanks man you rock \m/

Debopriyo bhattacharjee 2 years ago

thanks you rock

Salman 2 years ago

Bhanchor ,Matherchor,Lode,Bose di ke tere me dimag hai aagar computer kharab hua to tu tera

Baap paise dega.......Chutiya Alok the genius ghanta genius chutmarika

Ranjith 2 years ago

Thanks a lot, Now my windows has been upgraded from sp2 to sp3 easily, this is useful for me.

Arun Lodhi 2 years ago

ThnX / Gre8

Gusai 2 years ago

very nice brother..............

kenver 2 years ago

when ido this mypc starts to be slow and my desktop is empty i cannot right click and oly thing that i can use is mouse and my taskbar and icons are not visible i cannot do anything please somebody hwlp me

waqas ali 2 years ago

computer shut down karna ha ka restart

Kailas 2 years ago

Nice Trick Man.

Huzaifah 2 years ago

Totally Fake !!!!!!!!!!!!

Plzzz don't do this Trick, this is fake trick and all fake comment. I do this on my Computer then i restart my Computer. It stuck in Boot Loading and Automatic Restarting. If you don't Believe, do that trick on your Computer

Aman 2 years ago

Its really work or not

Sandy 2 years ago

"Control\backup store ""not available windows.

how that possible

plz help me

mussaddaq 2 years ago

solve my problem its amazing thanks a lot u r genius

sathish 2 years ago

Hey its working really thanks guys...

no name 2 years ago

thanks man its working

Adil Khattak 2 years ago

Great Admin

Its Work.

SANTOSH 2 years ago

Simple And Very Nice Thankssss

Hisham 2 years ago

thank you for this

go forword

Divya.M 2 years ago

It'z so good idea 4 ppl who all r lazzzzzy lyk me........ tanq...

ya 2 years ago

thank you guy

Rahul 2 years ago

Faked comments..... its tottally wrong... am trying but it didn't works....

matlab puri Chutiyapanti......

Khadiza Ohid 2 years ago

Thank You Very Much.

ron 2 years ago

ITS TOTALLY fake plzzzzzz don't do that

Naqash 2 years ago

But some latest software is not working on used to this trick.

Original trick is go to google and type the window xp3 file and install on your sp2 your operating system is ready to use sp3.

HASSAN BUTT 2 years ago

I have tried this trick but it is not useful for the latest versions of games and softwares. Please download here Windows XP Service Pack 3 file.

File Size: 316 MB

Thank you for Reading my notice.

HASSAN BUTT 2 years ago

Facebook Account: Hassanbutt786g


Chichawatni, Panjab, Pakistan.

Je Ming 24 months ago

thanks for ur advise it's help me a lot.


umesh Darji 23 months ago

Thank you so much it's work

Thanks again bro

gamini 23 months ago

very g........ood job

Dharmesh 22 months ago

Thanks for ur advise

Hafiz Rizwan 21 months ago

Wao That's Realy Great Trick

Yogiraj 19 months ago

so useful boss.You are so brilliant.

umar 18 months ago

I changed it , after google chorome not working

Hassan Butt 12 months ago

Nice trick....

Zoheb 11 months ago

its not working its change in sp3 but when I try to install program its gives error 0x80090008 any solution

Nitin Dwivedi 8 months ago

man it really work thanks a lot

Ramanand Goswami 8 months ago

Will upgrading from SP2 to SP3 affect the MS Word. I have made auto-correct entries that are in thousands. Will those entries be gone after upgrading? Please tell.

Amit Rathore 6 months ago

This is Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anil Dutt 5 months ago

hello Sir mere System me windows xp sp2 he but muje windows sp3 chahiye .............mera jo Antivirus kespersky he wo sp3 maang raha he plz help me

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