How to Create Windows Vista Recovery Discs

You will be surprised that many people do not create recovery Discs and rely upon the recovery discs that the vista comes with. What about if the recovery discs is misplaced or got stolen, what happens to your computer operating system.

Why Create Vista Recovery Disc

All functioning devices are sometime bound to fail in the course of their duty even windows vista may fail to start up. When this occurs to your vista Windows it is the time to call your recovery discs to work. Now recovery discs is used when there is system failure during the boot up period and are used to start up your computer and recover your vista files or any operating system files that you were running in your computer

Vista windows allows only a creation of one recovery discs and hence if you play around with the recovery disc you have created then you will have to buy a new Vista Operating System. Handle vista recovery discs with care and keep away from children who may play around with it

Vista Windows Recovery Manager software is not compatible with the following discs format when creating your recovery discs: Read-write discs, such as CD-RW, DVD ± RW, and DVD±RW double-layer discs

Vista Recovery Manager Software is compatible with the following high quality disc formats CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-R with double-layer support, DVD+R, or DVD+R with double-layer support discs. This explain to you why you will only able to create one set of recovery disc, as you can see the supported discs files are (R) only which means these discs cannot be rewritten

Step to vista recovery disc creation

· Power on your computer

· Ensure your computer is connected to the external power inlet, if not you will be prompted to do so

· Label your discs in numbers as you will use them in the same sequence i.e. 1, 2, 3

· Select Start > All Programs > Recovery Manager > Recovery Manager. – This will open Vista Recover Manager, while on the Recovery Manager click on Advance Option

· Click Recovery disc creation, and then click Next as shown below and follow the on – screen procedures

· Insert your disc when prompted to so, if you are not prompted then just insert the empty disc of the above format

NB: Only one set of recovery disc will be created, when your computer fails to boot up you can use the recovery discs as you labeled them

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