How to Delete a Virus in your USB drive or Flashdisk

What is a Virus and how does it infects your Computer?

Simply put a Virus is a Malicious Software (MalWare) created by people who wants to destroy.. your files, your computer, your flashdisk...

(NOTE: Virus and Malware will be used in this article interchangeably)

Now, How do there Malware infects your computer?

  • Downloading pornographic materials, games and applications in untrusted websites
  • Downloading files through peer-to-peer programs (e.g. limewire, torrent, ares)
  • inserting your flashdisk to other infected computer and inserting it back to your computer without scanning it first

These are just some of the ways in which malware infects your computer.

Common Malware infections in the flashdisk or USB drive

These are common malwares that infects your usb drive/flashdisk.

  • Autorun.inf
  • New Folder.exe
  • Trojan Virus
  • Ravmon.exe
  • .vbs scripts

Preventing Malware from infecting your computer should start from the owner itself. You can't just say to your computer "OK I already installed the best Anti-Virus on you and you already have the latest virus definitions. Your on your own now!" What I mean is, it's the responsibility of the owner to prevent infections to your computer whether it be from another usb drive or from the internet.

Ways in preventing Virus infection

As the saying "Prevention is better than cure" and it's very true when it comes to computers. Preventing a malware from infecting your computer would save you a lot and i mean A LOT of headache-free hours..

Now, How do I prevent these nasty bugs from infecting my computer you say?

NOTE: If your Antivirus couldn't delete the malware you can Safe Mode you computer by following this:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually; Instead of Windows loading as normal, the Advanced Options Menu should appear;
  3. Select Run Windows in Safe Mode, then press Enter.
  4. Then scan your computer using an updated Antivirus.
  • SCAN FIRST! Each and everytime you insert a USB drive/flash disk on your computer don't forget to scan it first. (Given that your Antivirus is up-to-date).
  • You can also install utilities that will check the flash disk that you inserted for malware infection. Search it on Major Geeks (this is not an affiliate site)

What if it wasn't prevented?

Well, that's the purpose of this section..:)

So, how to we remove these nasties from our computer systems?

There are ALOT of ways to remove them, but you should also be prepared for the worst case scenario in which the infection is severe and the only thing you can do is back-up your important files and format your computer.

I'll cite some common ways in removing these malware

AND since I dont' have all the answers to your queries, I posted these recommended sites that will help you in your fight againts the malware menace from your pc.

  • TechGuy - this site is full of information about removing malwares (you might want to search first to minimize the hassle in asking for help-maybe you're not the first one to experience such tragedy)
  • Major Geek support forum - this site helps people who had their pc infected by malwares (please follow their regulations)
  • SpywareInfo support forum - this site is also a support forum to those with malware infection

NOTE: To further maximize efficiency,

  • You should install HijackThis (product info is on their site).
  • If you download the Executable version please make sure to place it in a permanent folder. HijackThis makes backups of anything fixed and the backups might be deleted accidentally if the program is run from a temporary folder.
  • Run HijackThis, click "Scan and Save Log", and save the logfile produced. Please do not fix any entries with HijackThis unless a helper tells you to. Most of the entries in the log will be legitimate, or even critical to the operation of your computer.
  • IMPORTANT! The log file is the one that you will post to these sites so that the malware expert can diagnose the situation..

Hope this helps! God bless!

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isyan profile image

isyan 6 years ago Author

@saychiz13: :) sure.. I've been a teacher in STI, a Computer school in the Philippines... but that was before.. I'm a Web Programmer now.. :)

profile image 6 years ago from bear, de, 19701


What you said is exactly correct PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE instead of feeling that my USB or Flash drive is having virus it is much better to scan it.Thank you very much for providing article regarding useful and important problem that everybody are facing today.

isyan profile image

isyan 6 years ago Author your welcome, glad to be of any help.. :)

Jr Labrador 6 years ago

sir nice post. STI din po ako. Gensan. Ayus sir ah.

Recover Deleted Email 6 years ago


This is really a very informative post to save your pc from virus infection !


Uriel profile image

Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

I totally thank you for the information provided here :D It is easy to foloow the steps and clear enough for simple people to understand !! THANK YOU!

isyan profile image

isyan 6 years ago Author

@Jr Labrador: Thanks.. STI Astig! hehehe...

@Uriel: You're welcome.. :)

jhE 6 years ago

thank you sir for those very helpful informations.

but i would like to ask, how about using using Registry Editor to delete a virus or a malware?

isyan profile image

isyan 6 years ago Author

@jhE: regedit.. that is if you are knowledgeable enough to find the location of the reference.. but use it on your own risk because it can damage your OS..

jhE 6 years ago

Thank you sir.

jhE 6 years ago

Thank you sir.

I'm doing

attrib -s-h-r autorun.inf

but it response this

Invalid Switch - -s-h

how to do it right?

isyan profile image

isyan 5 years ago Author

@jhe: attrib -s[space]-h[space]-r

3monZ 5 years ago

thanks a lot for the info^_^

tee 5 years ago

thanks, i found it to be very informative

Nending 5 years ago

thanks a lot to save my precious thing.......

simeon 5 years ago

u're too good

lungten drukda 5 years ago

thanks sir, but how do we know various kinds of virus after we type attrib?

i would be thankful if you could give me some idea..

raffy 5 years ago

sir pano ung attribute sa pagkill ng virus sa usb using attrib??/

Rose 4 years ago

Thanks for a very clear explanation for deleting and checking virus in PC. Im also studying by myself by only reading blogs like this, so far from all that I've read.. this is the most complete, easy to follow, full cover,answer right away question forum.

joi 4 years ago

good job sir.. your instruction is so DALI that even a novice like me cld understand.. thanks po..

isyan profile image

isyan 4 years ago Author

thank you.. to God be the glory

isyan profile image

isyan 4 years ago Author

search the file in question on

isyan profile image

isyan 4 years ago Author

walang ganyang attribute.. you should use del command.. make sure that it's not running on the process

isyan profile image

isyan 4 years ago Author

thank you.. I'm glad that it helped a lot of people..

isyan profile image

isyan 4 years ago Author

thank you.. to God be the glory

Caloy 4 years ago

Thanks tol! parehas tau STI din ako sa fairview kaso pasaway kaya d natapos!

Yung attrib function napansin ko pwede din pala i hide yung files mo para d makuha ng iba kahit i search pa nila i hope mag post k pa ng mga useful about sa flash disk..

isyan profile image

isyan 4 years ago Author

heheh.. yes pwede rin yun.. +s at +h mo pra maging system file at ma hide sya..

avishek 4 years ago

Thanx alot man...really helpful ...thumbs up :)

che 4 years ago

hi sir,

nice post poh napaka informative:)

pwede po ba malaman e-add nyo para poh if ever may mga questions aq regarding computer problems makapagtanong poh aq agad if ok lang po?:)

Raouf 4 years ago

Hello sir,im having a problem with my pc. its window xp. and my pc was affected by trojan,worm and etc. how do i remove them without affecting my files?

grazhie 4 years ago


How to retrieve files on USB's? Aside attrib -h -a -r -s /s /d?

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