How to Enable Right Click on Any Webpage or Website

Why Right Click?

Right clicking your mouse can be very useful when surfing the web. It allows you to save images on webpages to your hard disk, to view source of a particular webpage, to download background music from a blog (when website code isn't complicated), and much more.

Now days, many websites and blogs doesn't allow you to right click on their websites. I studied HTML and basic web designing, so I like to look at webpages' HTML codes when I find a new interesting website. And it makes me angry to find out that I can't right click. But as you know, there is always a way to get around something. This hub will teach you how to right click on web sites where it's not allowed.  

Follow These Simple Steps to Right Click

  1. Click on [Favorites] on the top of the browser.
  2. Click on [Add to Favorites...].
  3. When Add Favorite box pops up, enter a name that you can easily remember later such as Right Click. Then click [ok].
  4. Click on [Favorites].
  5. Find the Right Click button you just created, then right click on it. Then click [Properties].
  6. On the Web Document tab, copy and paste the following code:
    javascript:function r(d){d.oncontextmenu=null;d.onselectstart=null;d.ondragstart=null;d.onkeydown=null;d.onmousedown=null; d.body.oncontextmenu=null;d.body.onselectstart=null;d.body.ondragstart=null;d.body.onkeydown=null; d.body.onmousedown=null;};function unify(w){r(w.document);if(w.frames.length>0){for(var i=0;i<w.frames.length;i++){try{unify(w.frames[i].window);}catch(e){}};};};unify(self);
  7. Click [OK]. A message will popup stating "The protocol "javascript" does not have a registered program. Do you want to keep this target anyway?". Click [Yes]. This won't do any harm to your computer.
  8. Now you are ready to right click on any webpages. Whenever you find a webpage you cannot right click, just go to [Favorites] and click on the [Right Click] button you've created.
  9. Enjoy!

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Comments 58 comments

Glost 6 years ago

thanks a lot. it worked.

hyunchang profile image

hyunchang 6 years ago Author

You're welcome. I am glad I could help. :)

Yung Chan 6 years ago

This is for IE, correct? I'm using Firefox. Can you still help me? Thank you!

Eros 6 years ago

Thnaks a lot, this even works in Opera!

shudot 6 years ago

bagabagam mit

woody 6 years ago

you are a genius

ken 6 years ago

Thank you, You just saved me weeks or work Perfect your the man

savi216 6 years ago

not able to activate rightclick

sainic55 6 years ago

the best and easiest way to enable right click is just move to this blog and read the topic.

swingles casas 6 years ago

This still hasn't worked for me. :(

I am trying to get my picture urls off my own website, they are not hidden. My right click just wont work on any web page???? can anyone help with this

JP 6 years ago


Mary 6 years ago

This code does work Thank you a million times!!!! I had a webpage that I created many yrs ago of my dad & I in honor of him and the background was of the both of us around the same ages he has deceased now for over 20yrs and by using this code you gave it allowed me to save the backgroud picture I made!!!! Again thank you for posting the code

Vyara 5 years ago

Ur a genius!! Saved me sooo much time! THANK U!!!!

Bames 5 years ago

thanks a ton....

Tony 5 years ago

nice.. tutorial.. now I can take the image if protect from the website

MJ 5 years ago

It's not functioning... Huhuhu...

I need it badly!!! Another suggestion you can suggest?


MJ 5 years ago

Sorry for the bad comment...

It's wonderful, it's worth it,I did it, all you have to do is follow the step but if its not functioning, try again the 8 steps and wait for few minutes... And try it again!!!!

Good job....

I loove it...

Gaurav 5 years ago

thanks a lot

darshan 5 years ago

U dont need to save it as Favorites or anything else, just copy and paste that java script,and it will work.

free libya 5 years ago

thank you

hyunchang profile image

hyunchang 5 years ago Author

Thank you for all the people who left the comments. I have published this hub because I found the information useful myself. Sorry to those who didn't find this working. I am not a computer expert and I cannot help you :(

onewwookie_love 5 years ago

how do i do it ? >"< i cant find the properties thingy when i right click the button webpage i saved as favourites

Aung 5 years ago

I tried IE9 and Firefox and all not succeed for this page

"" always show "Right Click disabled".

You may test by yourself..NO WORKING!!!!!!! I waste my time.

akshay 5 years ago

@mr Aung

this trick works for "websites"...not for "photos" embeded on them...use snipping tool dude!!!

Elisha Chauhan 5 years ago

Thanx a ton :)

pramod gamare 5 years ago

thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx muwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

salihman profile image

salihman 4 years ago from Saudi Atabia

really wonderful ! It works for firefox also. Thank you hyunchang.

For firefox you just add the current or any web page to bookmarks and go right click on it, rename it as hyunchang said and paste the code in the location window.

Suresh 4 years ago worked on Google Chrome!!!!

fatih 4 years ago

great it works.

thans a lot

Saravanan Seerangam 4 years ago

Go to Tools -- Options.

Go to the Content tab.

Here you'll see a lot of checkboxes. Look at the bottom one that says "Enable Javascript". Click the Advanced button next to it.

Now you've got a little window with even more checkboxes! There is one in there that says Disable or replace context menus. Uncheck this box.

Saravanan Seerangam 4 years ago

Saravanan Seerangam 1 minute ago

Sorry,for missed the Subject line

Below for Firebox Browser

Go to Tools -- Options.

Go to the Content tab.

Here you'll see a lot of checkboxes. Look at the bottom one that says "Enable Javascript". Click the Advanced button next to it.

Now you've got a little window with even more checkboxes! There is one in there that says Disable or replace context menus. Uncheck this box.

ajaxx 4 years ago

You my friend are a real life saver. Had to do it twice but the second time it worked perfectly in IE9. I'm a happy camper again. Thank you

hyunchang profile image

hyunchang 4 years ago Author

Thank you for your comment ajaxx. Glad to hear that my hub was helpful :)

Marc 4 years ago

broseph u so awesome

brenda 4 years ago

i cant get it have any ether ideas

David 4 years ago

Just what I needed. Excellent work.


Sudhakar - Chennai 4 years ago

Wow.. it's working. it's very simple. Thanks for your information

bl4ckb0zu 4 years ago

for Firefox/Chrome:

=Term [Favorites] is the same as [Bookmark].

=Web Documents are the same as Location on Firefox Bookmark

pkerr 4 years ago

Sweet!! Works great!

the tip by Saravanan Seerangam made the difference for me.

Josh 4 years ago

Thanks for posting this how-to page. It worked brilliantly.

Jika 4 years ago

Beatiful tip, it really work

Thanks a lot

rahul 4 years ago

absolute genius.

alternative.. 4 years ago

So as to say when you are using Mozilla Firefox if you wanna to copy something from your prefer website, navigate to Options - Content - then uncheck Enable JavaScript.. it actually when I browse this hub aside from putting that JavaScript i just disabled running JavaScripts to my prefer website to copy text from it.

Krishna 4 years ago

Hi , Its excellent.

It worked for me.

I was in damn need of it.

Thanks a Lot.

sum guy 4 years ago

thx Saravanan Seerangam it worked perfectly

sriakr 4 years ago


develop 4 years ago

very good.

it works in firefox.

Cassy27 4 years ago

Well it allows you to right click in Firefox but I cannot COPY and that's the whole point. Better feedback replies than in this article.

Oday 4 years ago

Thank youso much for your help. This allowed me to save a copy of dear pictures that I found in the web

Irene 4 years ago

Great solution. Thanks so much!

creative image 3 years ago

Thanks for providing this information.

Copy 3 years ago


If you still can not COPY use this:

In Firefox: Tools - Options - Content and then uncheck Enable JavaScript!

Another way to do this is to use above code, and then mouse right click and choose View Page Source. From there you can COPY everything you like.


Anonymous 3 years ago

Shift+right click works in Firefox.

Carter 3 years ago

Works like a charm! I use this in Chrome :)

Emyxa 3 years ago

Thanks,works great on Firefox.

Santy 3 years ago

Awsome.... it works on IE and Chrome... Thanks for the code....

kuronekopirate 2 years ago

Wow, I can't believe this actually worked! Thanks so much :D

James 10 months ago

Thank you!

It still works after all these years!

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