How to Find a Word Count for Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Where Did All the Easy Power Point Menu Options Go?

If you are anything like me, it takes you hours to figure out a simple task in the new and "improved" Microsoft Office Suite. We won't even talk about how frustrating it is to do a simple thing like getting a word count for slides in PowerPoint 2007.

Since I spent time fooling around with how to do exactly that today, I thought I could share the very involved process for what was at easy task in the last version with anyone else who couldn't figure it out!

Finding the Menu Button in Microsoft Office 2007

Find the Menu Button

I'm starting at the very beginning, because finding the menu button in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite is not self explanatory! Instead of a simple text link, there is a button with the logo on it. In fact, until you know better, it looks exactly like a useless graphic. However, it is actually a drop down menu for file options.

Click on Prepare

On the list of options that shows up when you find the file icon, you'll see Prepare. Select this option. You'll see more choices. One of these is Properties. Click it and your slide screen will change.

Select the Advanced Properties Option

Still with me? We're almost to your PowerPoint slide word count! When your slide screen changed, it brought up a new menu. You'll see Document Properties with a drop down arrow. Click on the drop down and select Advanced Properties

There's That Advanced Properties Tab!

Looking at Your Slide Word Count

Here we are. A simple one or two click operation expanded to take forever with the new and improved PowerPoint 2007 interface! When you click on Advanced Properties, you get a new window with several tabs. Choose the Statistics tab and take a look at that word count.

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PeterH 7 years ago

Thanks but this reports 67 words which is 10 words more than Microsoft word!

Whitepines profile image

Whitepines 7 years ago Author


I wonder if it includes the title in the word count? I'll have to play around with it and see.

mp3crunch profile image

mp3crunch 6 years ago from Kathmandu Nepal

Nice tutorial. Thanks for it

Rookshana 6 years ago

how do you do a word count in Powerpoint per slide, not the total presentation

Roxanne 5 years ago

Thanks for that, that's exactly what I need to charge for my translation work. Interestingly, The word counts from PP 2003 and PP 2007 come up with different counts for the same document. I prefer 2007, the count is usually bigger!

DavidM 5 years ago

How do you do that in MS PowerPoint 2010?

Jess 5 years ago

Thanks so much ! That was so helpful.

gFrancin 5 years ago

Great information! Thanks

ARSA 5 years ago

Thks for this info! It was reeeeeally helpful!!!!!

Jlehman 4 years ago

How can you count words per slide? Thanks!

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