How to Get Hundred (100) People to Facebook Like Your Page in Just 30 Minutes

How to Get Those Facebook Likes

A Facebook Page (whether it's created as a standalone page or as a marketing tool for an external website or blog) needs "Likes" in order to be successful. More "Likes" means more people visiting the Page and interacting with the Page's content.

Below is a simple and easy way of increasing those "Facebook Likes".

What You Need

1) A Twiends account. Register HERE. Don't worry, it's free.

2) A Facebook Page of course. You have to be the administrator of the Page.

2) The Twiends Tool. Download it HERE or HERE. It's free as well so no worries.

Step 1

Login to Twiends and connect your account to your Facebook Page. Open the Facebook tab then click on one of the Facebook Pages displayed below the tabs.

Step 2

When the small window displaying the Facebook Page you clicked appears, open the Twiends Tool.

Step 3

Pay close attention to this step. Drag the Twiends Tool to the right side of the screen to free up some space. With the Twiends Tool as the active window, hover your cursor over A(Twiends button) then hit the spacebar on your keyboard. Do the same thing to B, C and D. Just hover and hit the spacebar.

Step 4

If you have done step 3 right, the XY List on the Twiends Tool should contain 4 parameters.You should check if the XY List contains parameters before you go any further.

If the parameters are there, set the Click Interval to 2000 ms. Then click on Start. That's it. The Twiends Tool will automatically do what you would manually do on Twiends.

A Few Reminders

To stop the Twiends Tool, just hit the ESC button on your keyboard. To pause, hit the PAUSE button.

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tahoecale 5 years ago

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inkywink 4 years ago

Try GetLikesFacebook to get free Likes! I've already received more than a thousand free likes for my page. Very easy and effective!

syn 4 years ago

Nothing to say

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 3 years ago from Oregon

Aren't those just "fake" likes?

sealeddreams profile image

sealeddreams 3 years ago

Ok,but I will prefer real likes.Voted up!

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