How to Import Bookmarks From Other Browsers to Internet Explorer

Stop hitting lockers and banging desks because you have failed to dig out your many bookmarked websites which are in other browsers like Firefox,Opera, Safari or Whatever to your Internet Explorer because i have brought you a simple way out that will leave you banging with pleasure and an everlasting smile :)

Lets begin the process:

1. Fire up your "Internet explorer browser"

2. Click on "Favorites" which is located on the toolbar up.

3. Go to "Add to favorites" and click on icon "pointing down" next to it.

4. Navigate and click on "Import and Export"

5. The Import/Export Wizard will pop up, on it select "Import from another browser" and click next.

6. On the next page select the browser i.e firefox you wish to import from.

7.After click on "import"

8 . Next you will receive a confirmation message "These settings were imported successfully " .

9. Click on finish.

10. Take your coffee and enjoy:)

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