How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop

Tips to Enhance the Battery Life of Laptop

Every year laptops are getting better and lighter with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the main problem with laptop is its battery life. Companies releases the new processors which use less power but resource hungry applications, modern graphic intensive operating systems, power hungry graphic cards and faster hard drives cutting down the life of your laptop battery. You never want that your laptop battery dies out in the middle of some important work. Here are some ideas for increasing the battery life of your laptop.

  • Reduce Brightness of the Screen

The screen draws most of the power in laptop and fully bright screen will squash the battery within 3 hours.

  • Shut Down Extra Programs

If you are not using the programs which run in the background then cut down them. Because it will add the extra load to your CPU and thus lower the battery life.

Reduce number of startup programs,

Each time startup programs occupy more CPU cycles and RAM (Random Access Memory). Launch system Configuration Utility from

“Run > Msconfig > Tab: Startup“and shut down the unnecessary startup programs.

  • Disconnect External Devices

Unplug External devices like iPods, USB mouse, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even external speakers if you are not using them, as they can drain down much battery of laptop.

Defragment Regularly

Regular defragmentation can increase the efficiency of your hard drive.

For XP users go to “Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Rearrange Items on your hard disk to make programs run faster > Defragment”

For Windows 7 go to “Start > Run > Type defrag and press Enter > Defragment Now”. You can arrange a schedule to arrange proper time.

  • Keep the temperature Down

Laptops operate efficiently when its cooler so, daily clean your air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner. Never leave them in hot environment.

  • Optimize Power Options

Windows Vista and Windows XP come with advanced power management option. Using this option you can turn off monitor and hard disk after specified interval of time. You can get “Power Options” from windows Control Panel. Choose the “max battery” for maximum effect.

Hibernate instead of Standby

When you keep your laptop in standby mode it turns the hard drive for some time, but it uses memory which slow down the CPU and thus affects battery life also. But in hibernate mode computer saves the current status and shut down completely by saving the power.

  • Take proper care of battery

Clean your laptop battery using wet cloth rubbed in alcohol, to increase the battery life. Never leave a charged battery inactive for very long time. After charging, use at least once within 2-3 weeks.

  • Pack it up

If you are not using laptop for some time then remove the batteries by ensuring 40% charge and put the laptop in cool place.

  • Avoid Certain common things

Avoid usage of multimedia softwares and graphics applications. Reduce multitasking and mute the speaker of your laptop.

Generally lithium ion batteries have an average life of 2-3 years. But if you follow above mentioned steps then you can surely increase the laptop’s battery life. So, start following these steps and increase life span of your laptop battery!!!

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M. Engebawy, PhD profile image

M. Engebawy, PhD 6 years ago from Overland Park, Kansas, USA

Informative hub. Thanks Kevin.

SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

Good suggestions...I will have to pay closer attention to the batteries.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

M. Engebawy, PhD , thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. :)

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi SteveoMc, thanks for the commment. If we dont know about laptop batteries then how can we fix them ?

Have a great day my friend..

jose7polanco profile image

jose7polanco 4 years ago from Los Angeles

Battery life for laptops now are really good. The problem is, no matter how long your battery lasts, you will always need more! Good hub.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 4 years ago from Global Citizen Author

@jose7polanco , you are correct !!! Now we need more backup power for batteries

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