How to Install and Upgrade To Windows Vista

Many people are still running Windows XP as their preferred Operating System, but the reality is that Microsoft may soon face out Windows XP and will prompt people to upgrade to vista If you may have challenges with your current XP Version. Vista has been in the market for quite some time but still facing some resistance from users who do not want to change with the Technology. Windows Vista provide the best security option compared to other previous Operating System from Microsoft and anybody seriously concerned with their data security from viruses should consider upgrading to window vista

To upgrade to Windows Vista

From previous version is just a step by step process. When upgrading from the other windows version let say Windows XP to Vista, you will be able to keep all your settings include files, folders, and programs from the Windows XP

Follow the step below to upgrade to vista window

NB: Run hardware compatibility by checking compatibility online on the Install Windows page during the upgrading time.

Now you are set to upgrade to Window Vista After checking hardware compatibility. Here we go

1.      Insert the Windows Vista Installation disc into your computer's DVD or CD drive. Make sure your DVD or CD drive is functioning properly. Note that here you may want to create partition, delete or format partition before installation

2.      The window which appear is the Install window and click on the Install now

  1. Get important updates for installation page is the screen that follows when you run the Vista Installation CD, You need to be connected to the internet to get the latest installation update
  2. Type your product key for activation page is the next stage after the “Get important updates for installation”, here you will type the Window Vista Product Key which is a 25 character, by doing this you will be activating the Windows Vista to be install and will be proven that this is your original copy not a counterfeit
  3. Please read the license terms page and check on the accept terms and condition check box, this will allow you to move to the next screen, by clicking the decline tab of this page the installation will be stop
  4. After agreeing to the terms and conditions the next page will be “Which type of installation do you want”, and select on custom type of installation
  5. After selecting custom installation you be directed to “where do you want to install Windows?”, click next if you have all your discs partition or if you intended to have on Operating System, if you will be installing other Operating System Other than vista, then choose which partition to install the vista
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions and make sure that you enable the Anti Virus you were running during the installation process

Once you have done with your Window Vista Upgrade it is time to create the Vista Recovery Discs

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