How to Learn Typing From Scratch - A Complete Guide For Beginners

This is Olivetti Lettera 32 a mechanical typewriter made in 1963. This uses a QWERTY layout same as the modern computers keyboard layout is based.
This is Olivetti Lettera 32 a mechanical typewriter made in 1963. This uses a QWERTY layout same as the modern computers keyboard layout is based. | Source

In this day and age when computers are omnipresent and the need to be fast on computers a necessity. Typing on the computer without looking at the keyboard or touch typing is utmost required. Maybe you are in a job or might be in a college; touch typing would indeed make life faster and easier.

So, here I present a simple one page guide for you to learn typing.

In this page you'll find how to use your all ten fingers to type, which finger to use when pressing a letter (each letter has a different finger associated, more on that later) with detailed and simple instructions with tips on easy ways to do that.

Table of Contents

  • Basics of Touch Typing
  • Tabular Representation of Keys and Fingers
  • Home Position of Your Hand
  • Howcast Video Tutorial on How to Type
  • Practice is the Key
  • 30 Day Free Course To Master Typing

Basics of Touch Typing

Each key is associated with a finger which is color coded for easy reference.
Each key is associated with a finger which is color coded for easy reference. | Source

The above image represents the right position for typing. Each letter on the keyboard is associated with a specific finger. In order to type correct and fast first just have a fair idea of which letter is associated with which finger.

Don't try to mug up and by-heart these things. It will make the process even more difficult and you might get dis-interested. You'll come to know all the positions only by practice and daily practice.

Explanation of the image :

  • Red - Keys to be pressed by the left hand with your pinky finger/little finger.
  • Orange - Keys to be pressed by the left hand with your ring finger.
  • Yellow - Keys to be pressed by the left hand with your middle finger.
  • Green - Keys to be pressed by the left hand with your index finger/forefinger.
  • Light Blue - Keys to be pressed by the right hand with your index finger/forefinger.
  • Dark Blue - Keys to be pressed by the right hand with your middle finger.
  • Violet - Keys to be pressed by the right hand with your ring finger.
  • Purple - Keys to be pressed by the right hand with your pinky finger/little finger.
  • Gray - You can use your thumb for pressing the Spacebar which is shown in gray color.

Tabular Representation of Which Finger to Use When Pressing a Key

q, a, z, Tab, Shift, and Caps Lock
w, s, and x
e, d, and c
r, f, v, b, g, and t
p, ; (Semicolon) , : (Colon), ' (Apostrophe), "" (Quotation Mark), / (Slash), ? (Question Mark), { } (Curly Braces), [ ] (Brackets), \ (Backslash), | (Vertical Bar), Shift, Backspace, and Enter
o,l, ". (Full Stop)", and > (Greater than)
i, k, ", (Comma)", and < (Greater Than)
u, j, n, m, h, and y
Space Bar
Right and Left

Home Position of Your Hands

This is important and understand that there is a starting position of your hands that you should keep on the keyboard. Just as the runners in competition have a starting point in typing as well there is a starting position.

Below is the explanation on how you should place your fingers on the keyboard.

Position of the left hand :

  • Little finger on the letter 'a'.
  • Ring finger on the letter 's'.
  • Middle finger on the letter 'd'.
  • Index finger on the letter 'f'.

Position of the right hand :

  • Little finger on the letter ';'.
  • Ring finger on the letter 'l'.
  • Middle finger on the letter 'k'.
  • Index finger on the letter 'j'.

Howcast Video Tutorial on Typing

Practice is the Key

In learning to type it all boils down to three things.

  1. Practice
  2. Some More Practice
  3. And Then Some More Practice

Now it's up to you to set a target time frame in which you'll learn this skill.

In my opinion if you can give about 2 hours daily then you can learn this in 30 days. And for this I'm outlining a day wise specific 30 day exercise which you can take. But ultimately it is the practice and the dedication that you put will show up on the screen, literally!!!

In your opinion in how many days you can learn to touch type?

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Important Points to Keep in Mind Throughout the Exercise

  • Keep your hands at the home position for all the exercise. Do not lift your hands completely from the home position.
  • Another thing is if you make mistakes then don't use the backspace button. Just try not repeating the mistakes next time.

30 Day Course

For all the below exercise open the word program in your computer and type this for the entire page or two. Save all the work that you've done in a specific folder so that you can evaluate the same at a later stage.

if you have a printer then print those pages and file it in a folder and identify your mistakes and if you are not satisfied with your effort then repeat the exercise once again. Please do that it will help you tremendously.

Let's get started.

Day 1 - Type the words keeping your hands at the home position.

asdf ;lkj

It's 'a' from left pinky, 's' from your left ring finger, 'd' from your left middle finger, 'f' from your left index finger. Then hit the space bar with your thumb. After that semicolon from your right pinky, 'l' from your right ring finger, 'k' from your right mid finger, and finally 'j' from your right index finger.

Then once again press the space bar with your thumb and continue the same sequence for the entire page.

Day 2 -

rtyu rtyu

Reminding one more time to keep your hands at the home postion. Type the letters only with the fingers associated with them.

'r' from your left index, 't' from left index, 'y' from right index and 'u' from your right index. Space with your thumb. Then repeat the same for 2 pages.

Now for further exercises I won't be repeating the fingers associated with the letter. Kindly refer to the above table for reference.

Day 3 -

cvnm cvnm

Day 4 -

gfdsa hjkl;

Day 5 -

qpwo qpwo

Day 6 -

adgsf ;hljk

Day 7 -

zmxie zmxie

Day 8 -

by so as to if an ex go in do it of on or up oh be at is

Day 9 -

Do Greater Larger Stronger Better Longer Easier

Type the above sentence as it is, by using shift keys to big alphabets. Use the shift with the correct finger. For example when typing Stronger press the shift key with your right hand.

Day 10 -

Think of ten words and start typing that for two pages. The more the words and the more the pages you type the better for you.

Day 11 - Today is the day for testing your speed and accuracy.

Visit the above link and take the small 1 minute test to check your speed and accuracy.

At the end of the test it will show you your speed in WPM (means words per minute) and your accuracy percentage. If your score is 10-12 WPM with 90% accuracy that is considered to be absolutely good.

Day 12 -


Type this continuously for as many pages as you like.

Day 13 -


Type alphabets starting from z and ending and a.

Day 14 -

abcdefjhijklmnopqrstuvwxyz zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihjfedcba

Day 15 -

Repeat the above exercise.

Day 16 -

Think of ten names and start typing for today's exercise.

Remember to keep your hands at the home position. Don't use the backspace button. Practice and regular practice is the best way to learn touch typing.

There are literally scores of website on the web which offer free lessons, games, free software and many other formats. Read as much as possible. Apply the tips which you get from them. Play games. Make the process of learning as inclusive as possible.

Just my two cents.

Day 17 -

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

This phrase contains all the letters of the English alphabet.

Day 18 -

Today is your reward day. Go to this website and pick any one of games and start playing it for as much time you want. After some time try a different game and then another.

There are many different games on this website which are a great addition to keep you going.

Day 19 -

Some sentences of the above nature (contains every aphabet). Type each sentence for at least 1 page.

Crazy Fredericka bought many very equisite opal jewels

Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz. (Use the full stop too)

The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

A quick movement of the enemy will jeopardize six gunboats.

Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes.

Day 20 -

Go to this page for more such examples and practice it.

Day 21 -

Take the speed test once again from the link which I provided on Day 11. Compare your scores from Day 11. If you see your speed up at around 18-20 WPM then you are on the right track.

If it still shows that your WPM is around 10-12 or even less then you need to practice more.

Day 22 -

Take today's newspaper and start to type the front page news.

Day 23 -

Repeat yesterday's exercise.

Day 24 -

Take that novel which you recently bought and type two chapters from that.

Day 25 -

Rest. Just take a notebook and try to write down where are you going short, what needs to be done to make it better. Just give it a thought and you'd yourself will have answers for the questions.

Day 26 to Day 29 -

For the next three days practice as much as possible. Type anything and everything that you would like.

Day 30 -

It's test time once again. I hope that this time your speed shows as 25 WPM and accuracy as 95%.

I had fun writing this tutorial and I believe this would've helped you. If you have any doubts then you can surely add a comment below and I'd be happy to help.

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kannanwrites 24 months ago from Mumbai Author

@devisree Happy that it helps. Good to know you!

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devisree 24 months ago from India

Very useful Hub.Voted up.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 24 months ago from Mumbai Author

@Sunil You are right there were so many typing institutes. All have disappeared or are on the verge of it. Just like you I also learned it at a nearby institute. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

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sunilkunnoth2012 24 months ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

Interesting topic. Once we all were so familiar with typing, but that was story before the arrival and spread of PCs and internet. I had learnt typing from an institute. But now it is difficult to find an institute teaching typing. You have written well and it is really helpful. Voted up and shared.

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peachpurple 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

good tutorial, i still type with one finger on both hands

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Hmm I can ,I can.

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Wow, you have worked hard on this hub, very useful fir beginners. Good job!!! Voted useful.

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What about tests? Why not to add these to the article

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Useful hub to Learn Typing From Scratch. Voted up.

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