How to Make International Phone Calls to Kiev, Ukraine.

International phone calling.

International phone calling may be very confusing and frustrating. How to call overseas? How to find cheap phone calling cards? How to make phone calls to certain town? How to call phone in Kiev, Ukraine?

If you need to make a phone call to someone in a foreign country and you don't really know how to dial the number, maybe I will be able to help you.

I make overseas phone calls a lot. I am using Skype program for most of my calls, but sometimes I have to  make phone calls old fashioned way, by dialing the number. You have to know a country code, area codes and of course, the phone number.  

How to call a phone number in Kiev, Ukraine

Calling Ukraine from United States should be done the following way:

  • first dial 011 - US exit code for all international calls made from the USA or Canada
  • then dial 380 - country code for Ukraine
  • dial area code - 2 digit area codes (from the table below)
  • dial phone number - 7 digits
  • Your international dialing format from US to Ukraine should be: 011 + 380 + xx + xxx xxxx

To make international phone calling to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine you should dial the following format: 011 + 380 + 44 + xxx xxxx
To make international phone calling to Kiev cellular you will use the same format, but instead of area code you have to dial network code (Ukraine network codes may be as follows: 39, 50, 63, 66, 67, 68, 9x).

Dialing in Ukraine (as in many other places in Europe) includes a 0 (zero) at the beginning of a phone number and very often people making international phone calls cannot succeed because they are dialing this 0 (zero).

In case if you get the phone number from a person and the number starts from 0 (zero), do not dial 0 (zero) for your international calling.
For example, a Ukraine phone number may be in the format 0xx-xxx-xxxx. Do not dial the 0 (zero), omit it in your international phone calling.

Area codes in Ukraine

  • Cherkasy-47
  • Kirovohrad-52
  • Rivne-36
  • Chernihiv-46
  • Kiev-44
  • Sevastopol-69
  • Chernivtsi-37
  • Kievregion-45
  • Simferopol-65
  • Dnipropetrovsk-56
  • Luhansk-64
  • Sumy-54
  • Donetsk-62
  • Lutsk-33
  • Ternopil-35
  • Ivano-Frankivsk-34
  • Lviv-32
  • Uzhgorod-31
  • Kharkiv-57
  • Nikolaev-51
  • Vinnytsya-43
  • Kherson-55
  • Odessa-48
  • Zaporizhzhya-61
  • Khmelnytsky-38
  • Poltava-53
  • Zhytomyr-41

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Vladimir Uhri 6 years ago from HubPages, FB

ReuVera, good info, thanks.

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ReuVera 6 years ago from USA Author

Thanks, Vladimir. I am sure you can explain how to call a telephone in Slovakia.

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