How to Make the LG Optimus V a WiFi Mobile Hotspot- No Root Required


With the updated phones, try FoxFi Android App, which comments reports works with latest versions of the LG Optimus V and the LG Optimus Slider.


OK. Woah.

I came across a new awesome and free Android app called Super Box that is essentially an all purpose toolbox for the Android.

It seemed innocent enough and just relevant for diminishing the number of apps on my device by consolidating.

However, I learned something awesome tonight through this app about my LG Optimus V.

You can make the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V a mobile hotspot!!

The Super Box app has in the "settings" options under "Battery Saver" utilities the ability to turn on "Wi-Fi hotspot" right underneath the option to turn on/off "WiFi".

I tried it, and it turned off the WiFi and successfully enabled the WiFi Hotspot.

I then pressed the "WiFi Hotspot" text next to the toggle and it brought me to a settings screen inside my LG Optimus V for configuring the hotspot settings.

Thinking this was too good to be true, I fired up the ol' Samsung Intercept (no longer activated on 3g) and tried to connect to the WiFi Hotspot I just created.

It worked! Still thinking it was too good to be true, I opened the browser to see if I could browse the internet.


I have also successfully experimented with using the phone with my laptop at work to connect to the internet wirelessly, and it worked flawlessly. It worked with and without a password.

Streaming video will not run smoothly, but everything else loaded fairly well!

I have not tried connecting multiple devices to it at one time yet. If you have, let us know how it worked!

Super Box

Long and Short of It

There are "secret" menus in the Virgin Mobile Android phones that are built in to the Operating System, but on Virgin's side have the menus removed so that access to them is "restricted".

There are probably more than just the hotspot, and by golly if finding toggle apps will bring them up, I'm there.

I have by no means explored the extent of what this can do, but I am so excited to dive right in.

You should do the same.

Please post any "discoveries", and I will do the same.

Intercept folks- This does not work on the Samsung Intercept since it is still sporting Android 2.1, which does not include the Mobile Hotspot feature apparently built into Android 2.2. However, when the update comes to the Samsung Intercept this Spring, it will likely also have this "hidden" feature. Moral of the story, hang in there Samsung Intercept folks.

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Comments 55 comments

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 2 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

Its valid for the old phone version. If you buy a used one and it has first version firmware, this will still work.

smcopywrite 2 years ago

i know the posts for this particular hub are at least a couple of years old. would you please verify for us if the info is still valid Danatheteacher? Thanks for checking on this one for me.

poguemahonesprint 4 years ago

Blocked on Sprint LG Optimus Elite. Bastards!

Dee 4 years ago

Thanks so much you saved me a extra bill!!

Jeremy 4 years ago

I know this is an old post but I have a Samsung Indulge thru MetroPcs. I've tried FoxFi & Super Box. With FoxFi my computer finds it w/ full signal but when I try to connect it says there's no IP address & w/ super box it asks for a wp2 password. Has anyone been able to use these apps with the phone I have on Metro or any phone on Metro for that matter? Super box won't allow me to turn off the wp2 password....thanks for any & all help

Jennifer 4 years ago

Thanks, this is very useful info and the app is great! I don't have internet, so now I can use this with my tablet and don't have another bill to pay!! Thanks.

Anthony 5 years ago

thanks really made my day with the update. I can now get high speed temoraraly even though it isn't that fast where i live. Will take it over dial up any day. :)

Wininlv 5 years ago

Thank you for having this posted. I had to update my LG Optimus V when the screen cracked (note to self, use calendar app to remember flowers on Valentine's Day for next girlfriend). Foxfi works flawlessly on the 2.2.2 build. While I would love blame virgin mobile, Sprint provides most of VM's network and rolled out a similar udpate.

wgs1912 profile image

wgs1912 5 years ago from Florida

Hey Dana. Haydemon is right. Foxfi does work on the ov and ov slider for hotshot. You can also set a password for use. Which is worth a lot just for that. Thanks for all the help with the vm rt. And now the newer Android phones.

haydemon 5 years ago

It doesn't work with Android 2.2.2, but I found one that DOES work: Try FoxFi from the Android Apps Market. No configuration needed, just install and add it as a widget to your phone screen.

MAXX POWER XD 5 years ago

does anybody know if u could make a wifi hotspot with the tmobile, samsung, Exhibit 2 4G??? Because i'm thinking about gettin it, but i want a phone that has a wifi hotspot.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@brantheman, is a good starting resource for rooting the LG Optimus V.

Brantheman 5 years ago

Im thinking about rooting my optimus to get more internal space.

Pros and cons of rooting?

guest 5 years ago

android market has the app hotspot widget. that little blue circle top left status bar on your phone demo pic is that app i think. without it, i don't know if superbox will turn on hotspot. go to market and download hotspot widget. longpress phone screen, widgets, choose hotspot widget. click icon for hotspot on/off.

curious 5 years ago


I found a way to access the hub, the "Wifi Hotspot" feature. I'm just wondering by using this feature, would it violate ANY VM Terms & Conditions for ANY plan.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@curious, sounds like you might have a phone from the new batch that Virgin "updated", aka, made it not able to do this - sucks! If you just want to use it for internet, you can try easytether - it won't make it a hotspot, but it will allow whatever you connect the phone to to go on the internet.

curious 5 years ago

Does doing this violate any terms and conditions for ANY VM contract? I have the $25/month fpr unlimited data and text.

Laxer 5 years ago

ausome i can get books on my nook

casla 5 years ago

I have tried everything I cannot get mine to work :-( keeps saying network unavailable I had to get a new phone last month because the other one stopped charging now I regret it can you help please?

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@curiously, ok, will help you go to the right rooting links. And as to tethering,

Curiously 5 years ago

Um... Anyone know how I can root my VM O-V? A lot of my features can only be used with rooted phones. Please help. And another thing: How can I charge my phone AND surf the web on my PC at the same time? Help!

Kee 5 years ago

Can I hook my 3g lg tmobile to my flat sreen tv wit do I need

Brandenj 5 years ago

Ive tried to get flash many times. Will not work

EEH555 5 years ago

does anybody know about the adobe flash player downloads.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@wgs1912, sucks.... I'm surprised they did not try to push out an update to the phones running 2.2.1 to stop everyone.

You might try easy tether, that works for me too, but you have to connect the phone via usb cable to the PC you want to "tether". There is a lite version - you should test it out ;)

wgs1912 profile image

wgs1912 5 years ago from Florida

@Dana. I broke the screen on my VMRT so I ended up getting a OV. the hotspot will not work with android version 2.2.2 VM has blocked it. It will only work with version 2.2.1.

Branden.j 5 years ago

Was wondering if there is a website to download movies from for the optimus v. Thanx

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@Octavious Taylor , if you just bought the phone, it may have the newer software version on it "aka" the update the eliminates the hotspot feature.

EasyTether works on my older version one, and it may be worth a try. You do have to have it plugged in to the device you want run off the internet, but damn, it works well.

Sorry man, I'm prowling around trying to figure out if there is a work around for this or something other than rooting/flashing/etc.

Octavious Taylor 5 years ago

I did everysingle step, And when i turn on the wifi hotspot, It just says Network is Unavailable. What is that??

fuchink 5 years ago

man its the return if you get a return phone they fuck u in the ass man i got a replacement phone cuz i had warrenty and it came with fw 2.2.2 and now i cant get hotspot to work the only thing i can think that would work is flashing the shit

Alexa 5 years ago

From what I found out they have blocked the hotspot feature on newer phones anyoneknow a easy to get around it

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@Charles and @Sun

My Hotspot on the three LG Optimus V phones I have in my household all can connect with no problem --- However:

A few questions for you:

1. Did you just purchase this phone? I would not be surprised if at some

point Virgin Mobile updates these phones to block the hotspot feature,

as they did to block unauthorized app installs with the Virgin Mobile LG

Rumor Touch. This is a possibility, and I SERIOUSLY hope this is not the


2. When the phone is saying "Network not available" are you able to surf

the web with the "Wi-Fi" off (aka over 3G)? If not, then you are just

having network problems which can be possibly fixed by resetting this

connection by turning on airplane mode and then turning it back off.

This usually resets the 3G, which is what your wireless hotspot will use

to connect to.

Answer these for me, and we'll go from there.


Sun 5 years ago

I've tried both quick settings and super box, as soon as I get to the Wi-Fi hotspot part being turned on from off it says Portable Hotspot Network is unavailable, yet I am able to be online and am able to use wifi.... (wifi is off when I try to connect to hotspot) What is wrong? Has virgin mobile disabled this feature?

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@Charles b , I'm going to need a step by step on what you are doing to be able to help you troubleshoot - use the contact danatheteacher link up on the top right under my pic. This will send me an email, and I'll try to get back to you asap. I work my real job M-F ---so not promises on super speed, but I'll do my best

Charles b 5 years ago

I still cant get my hotspot to come on ive tried it keeps saying network not available

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@freakinhugebear, you will want to invest in some extra batteries and a wall charger. On battery alone, the hotspot drains it quickly. On power and during constant use, it still drains it but it can last several hours. Ebay and amazon are excellent places to buy extra batteries, and they are cheap.

freakinhugebear 5 years ago

Has anyone used this hotspot with the ipad? I want to use this for work and I am on the computer about 3-4 hours per day and need my phone to be charged all day. How long until the phone dies if I'm using the wifi 3-4 hours and talking all day?

m367 5 years ago

I used 17 GB last month, no problems. Streaming video and internet browsing. 2 months now doing this. The phone has started to overheat and shut down when plugged into charger and hotspot on. Battery depletion is quick also when hotspot on. Looking forward to Dana's Motorola Triumph hub. Anyone try the new phone yet?

m367 5 years ago

OK, this is strange! You when your trying to pull up a website on the phone, or the computer and it just lags, you hit refresh a couple times and it pops right up. I was using phone only browsing and it slipped out of my hands. It dropped a few inches onto the table and the site immediately came up. I started tapping the phone on a lag, and it seems to work every time. When I'm tethering, same thing. The computer will lag, I tap the phone on the back, no more lag. Is this a coincidence? I also have to tap it to change orientation on the phone from vertical to horizontal. Maybe mine is defective?

m367 5 years ago

14 GB in less than 1 month. Speed seems to be getting faster the more I use it. Got 899kbps best test, usually between 100-300 kbps. I tried MetroPCS 4g LTE. Although I was able to tether using easytether app, PDAnet doesn't work. Able to activate hotspot, but unable to use. WAP2 Password preinstalled. It sucks anyway. A few times the speed was 2mbps, but most of the time, since metro has no 3G it was slow on 1X, 600 kbps avrage 4G speed. Not worth switching.

m367 5 years ago

I haven't found anything in the terms and conditions regarding tethering mobile internet from a phone. The y do throttle back the Broadband2go service at 5GB. 6GB so far and no cut=off.

m367 5 years ago

In addition, I have been a VM customer over a year, and came to follow danatheteacher moving through the RumorTouch phone hub. These tech companies will not sell us an all in one solution, so we are here figuring out ways to get around their crap! I fired Comcast after they raised my internet bill to $59.95. I am posting this from my Optimus V, quickstings enabled hotspot to my laptop.

m367 5 years ago

I am tuning in to find out, if, after a while of tethering, if VM will limit or throttle back the connection? I have used 3.5GB the last few days, as monitored by 3G Watchdog app. I discovered this hotspot also, but using an app called quicksettings. Getting the wi-fi hot spot and tethering my laptop up to 700kbps, mostly lower at around 300-400kbps. I have been successful in streaming video from megavideo, videobb with about a half hour wait for buffering for perfect playback. Something else, when stream has fully buffered at megavideo, another stream at megavideo-or I use videobb, because of the limits- starts and I am currently going through season 1 of Leverage. doing this, by the time one episode is finished playing, the next one is ready to go. I watched 3 episode last night seamlessly. Thing is, how long will VM let me thether before deciding I use too much data?

Wadya 5 years ago

@graphicartist21 - LG Optimus V does not have Flash and also the powerful zoom. I am not sure whether lens quality is good enough for Fast Sports action.

graphicartist21 5 years ago

I mean pictures with action like driving sports things of that nature. The camera seems to take some time to capture an image and can blur.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@graphicartist21, by action pictures do you mean video? or screenshot? IF you want screenshot, I found one that works on unrooted LG Optimus V's. Its $3.99 but it works great. There is a trial version with five screenshots you can try to make sure it works. Its called "Screen Shot It". As far as video goes, there are no apps I am aware of for this sort of phone with its specs.

Graphicartist21 5 years ago

Thank you twonkey worked well. I have a new question, is there a way or app to take action pictures on the optimus v?

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@GraphicARtist, I do not believe so. You can, however, download a video server and stream the video from your phone to your TV through a compatible device like an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 or many others.

IMediaServer works well. Twonkey worked well last I tried it.

graphicartist21 5 years ago

Ive upgraded to the optimus v after reading your hubs by way of the rumor touch. Any way I wanted to know if there is any possible way to have a video out through the usb which they do make the cables for it. I got the idea from seeing my friends new iphone cables and the droid usually can do equal or better at time to the iphone.

ray 5 years ago

maybe it will work with the intercept after the 2.2 update this spring? Probably, 2.2 enables wifi hotspot in android phones, and virgin will probably hide it just like they did with the 2.2 optimus V, right?

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@Will, ha ha! Nice!

Will 5 years ago

works great, showed it off to bunch iphone/ipod users they all could not do it and enjoyed wifi at the restraunt

StefanieMoo profile image

StefanieMoo 5 years ago from Washington

It doesn't work for the Intercept ;(

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@bigsupersquid, ;) It is shiny, isn't it ;)

bigsupersquid profile image

bigsupersquid 6 years ago from BFE, MO, USA

Nice find on that super box app.

its file manager is quite lovely on my shiny, new, permanently rooted V. (don't worry, I'll still be working on my old rumor touch even though I've upgraded.)


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