How to Open Links in a New Window or Tab in Blogger

Here you will learn the tricks on how to open links in a new tab or window if you’re using Blogger, also known as Blogspot.

Recently, I made my new website using the Blogger platform. I bought my own domain using eNom, a company Google is associated with. Maybe you’re wondering why I chose Blogger instead of Wordpress. I’ve been using Blogger for two years now and I’m comfy with its easy drag and drop widgets from its page elements and design interface. I know enough editing its HTML as well. The easy Blogspot platform is a girl thing. Like an iPhone LOL As from SEO, it’s friendly enough to be indexed quickly especially after my domain is live. The plugins in Wordpress are great but you have to learn which is which and which must is. In Blogger, all things like widgets are there. Why do I have a feeling, I must make a separate hub comparing Blogger and Wordpress now? I definitely will after this.

Ok so when I read articles online and surf everywhere, I open links in a new tab all the time. Maybe I’m used to it but some people are lazy to do that or maybe they just prefer clicking the return button when they want to be back on the original page. Using the Blogger platform, there’s no feature there that will let your links open in a new window or tabs. Here in Hubpages, we have that. And I enable that in the link capsule. Who would want your readers to leave your page sooner, right? If you’re using Blogger like me, don’t you worry. There’s a trick on how to make your links open in a new window / tab. I explained the easiest way below.

Open Links in a New Tab or Window using the New Blogger

New Blogger interface now allows its users to open links in a new window or tab thank God. That is really helpful and amazing. It is done in the Compose mode right away when you highlighted a link, a tab (like shown below) appears. You also have the option to add 'rel=no-follow' attribute. Wow!

Open Links in a New Window / Tab in your Blogger Posts (Old Way)

1. Log in to your Blogger account and go to Edit Posts. Choose the Post you want the link to enable the trick.

2. Choose the HTML tab instead of Compose.

3. Go over the link which has the format below: Take note the anchor text is the link text, that is highlighted and the texts that the reader click.

<a href="YourLinkUrl" anchor text</a>

This is a screen shot of a link I want to be opened in a new tab. The highlighted part has the format of code mentioned in step 3. This is the one we are editing.

4. Insert target="_blank" The code will now have this format:

<a href="YourLinkUrl" target="_blank">anchor text</a>

5. My HTML will now appear like this:

Open Links in a New Window or tab in your Link List Widget

Blogger has that Link List Gadget / Widget that’s so helpful to list your favorite links of website you want your readers to know. These, too are opened in the same window once clicked. There’s also a brilliant trick to enable the Open the Link in a New Window or Tab automatically when people click your links inside the Link List Gadget. The easy steps are below:

1. Log in to your Blogger account.

2. Go over the Design Tab and to Edit HTML.

3. Don’t forget to do the Download Full Template so everything is safe incase of errors.

4. Tick the Expand Widget Template little box.

5. Go over and find the code below. (Press CTRL F and paste the code in the search tab to make it easy)

<li><a expr:href=''><></a></li>

6. Replace the whole code with the new code below:

<li><a expr:href='' target="_blank"><></a></li>

7. Preview your website page and try the links. Save when everything is done.


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acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

Interesting information, thank you for sharing.

vwriter profile image

vwriter 5 years ago from US

Great information. Thanks.

justom profile image

justom 5 years ago from 41042

Hi twentyfive, I'm sure this is a great hub but I really have no idea what you're talking about :-P Peace!! Tom

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 5 years ago from Sweden

Great information and it looks quite easy too! Thanks for sharing! Bookmarked, Voted up and useful. Tina

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

I will have to agree with justom... I will share this with my IT friend but this article is written for someone with a whole lot more "techno-no-how"...

gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

Hey twentyfive, I'll see if I can figuire this out sometime soon, trying to find ways to expand exposure for my online companies!1

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 5 years ago from Massachusetts

Hi twentyfive, great information to help all those blogging on Blogger !

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 5 years ago

Very useful hub. well done:)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Acaetnna, vwriter thanks a lot!

Hello Tom! :) Thanks for reading still :) Blogger/Blogspot is easy to use. Always happy to see you :D

Hi Tina! Thanks for bookmarking it and for voting up :)

Marcoujor hello! Your IT friends may know something more tricky ;) Thank you for dropping by.

Hi Gary! Haven't you been exposed enough? LOL My new website needs exposure so bad haha Glad to see you here :)

Hi Kash! Cool to share this as I know it's so useful for Bloggers. :) Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks Katrina!

lyjo 5 years ago

Awesome information, great read... thanks!

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Wow, Nice to see a simple but clever trick that everyone should know being told in a hub. Thanks Fehl! I do this all the time in my website, having new tabs opening for the reader, so they don't have to leave my main page if they don't want to. It takes the sting out of things. Sometimes I will even mention that the clicking of a link will make it open in a new tab, as a courtesy to the reader. I am impressed, Miss Curly Fehl. LOL! Cheers from Cassy! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hello moi Curly Cheeky friend :) It's cool way to open links in a new tab. You and your website always impress me ;) Cheers!

pmccray profile image

pmccray 5 years ago from Utah

Thank you so much for this much needed info. I too am a fan of blogger. Wordpress is too much brain damage. Ning is also a favorite, even thought their no longer a free entity. Voted up, marked useful and bookmarked.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I've been using Blogger for two years. I bought my own domain and use their platform now. Turns out that the Panda algo loves Blogger. I've seen my old blogs with the blogspot URL became active again LOL Hoping that my new domain will be better :) Thanks a bunch for the votes :)

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

tremendous help

thank you


piseth 5 years ago

why it still not open in a new tab

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Just follow the exact instructions and steps carefully

piseth 5 years ago

Well done, it work now ,thanks...this is my blog ,when i click on the static page , i dont want to see the gadget of the post body home page... what should i do ?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

It looks cool and clever. Which static page you're referring? And which gadget? When you open your main blogger URL, it will always pop in the Home Page. It's the default.

piseth 5 years ago

i mean when i click on static page such as stock ,forex... I want to hide the gadget news that is below the post body at home page.

piseth 5 years ago

Another question, I want to know how to open the link image gadget in a new tab or new window

t. thompson 5 years ago

This did not work for me. When I double checked, blogger automatically changed my "s to 's. Please assist. Thank you.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@piseth - go to layout and remove the gadget you want to remove. Then it will no longer appear. If you figured out how to open a page list in a new window, it is the same with the image gadget. Just follow the figures above in my article. Thanks :)

@t. thompson - What "s to 's? Sorry I dont follow..Can you specifically tell me what is the problem?

piseth 5 years ago

twentyfive- for image Link I have to use the html code...not the default image gadget and link with the website by google.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

can you lead me to the static page of your website and show the image you wanna remove? thanks.

lobobrandon profile image

lobobrandon 5 years ago

I don't know how much to thank you.. I thought I bookmarked this hub but then couldn't find it. I searched and managed to find it. My link opens in a new tab now :)

Great thanks for the help. Will now add this to all my hubs.

I was always hesitant to add links thanks to this problem.

Voted up and useful and bookmarked for sure this time

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

It's enough that you dropped by :) I'm glad this has helped many people who use Blogger. The same can work in Hubpages, too. Thank you so much for the votes and rates :)

lobobrandon profile image

lobobrandon 5 years ago

:) great hub you have here though.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

thank you Brandon :)

Rocco 5 years ago

thanks, it really help!

shree 5 years ago

GR8 info dude............

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

the new Blogger interface is now allowing us the option to open links to new window or tab. Just tick the button after you highlighted the text of the link in the COMPOSE mode.

lobobrandon profile image

lobobrandon 4 years ago

Sebamed Diva, the new interface allows you to open links in new tabs. I'm sure you would have noticed. Also, comment links on HP are no-follow so it won't work as a backlink

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yeah I told him that, I guess I have to update this hub. LOL

lobobrandon profile image

lobobrandon 4 years ago

Ok don't publish this comment, but he just did it for a backlink. The option pops up the minute you link something so obviously he realized :) And yup update the hub too hehe.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

LOL No worries.. should I delete his comment instead then?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

OK, thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it. God bless. :) Will read your page after I edited this hub. :)

lobobrandon profile image

lobobrandon 4 years ago

No problem :) Just be careful when you allow links :) I usually don't allow them unless I'm certain they'll help visitors to the hub and that they're linking to good sites/blogs.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

thanks, I will spend one day to check all my hubs and the links if they're useful :)

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