How to Put Captions in an Xtranormal YouTube Video

XtraNormal Video to YouTube Video - Creating Captions

XtraNormal is a fantastic free piece of video editing software for video creation and animated movie making.

The results will be so impressive that the next natural stage will be to share the video with friends by creating a YouTube video.

Adding captions can enhance your video too. This article will show you how to put captions from your original XtraNormal transcript onto a YouTube video.

I use the Basic version of XtraNormal movie making software which is free, though even with this version you can purchase additional features at a small cost. XtraNormal is a fun way to create YouTube video to share with others.

XtraNormal video editing software gives you the ability to use animated characters they have created - the one I used to make my video is a 'stick' woman but you can use crash test dummies etc.

XtraNormal's software team is very clued up with current trends so the latest characters are zombies! But you get the picture?

In XtraNormal you will create a transcript - a written version of what you want your character or characters to say.

You write out the transcript yourself once you have decided on the dialogue in the STORY tab box in XtraNormal. Captions can add a new dimension when uploaded with XtraNormal as a YouTube video.

My video features a 'monologue' and is aimed at you the reader of this article.

Using XtraNormal Video Editing Software With Windows Notepad

Screenshot with both XtraNormal and Notebook opened.  I have copied the transcript over from XtraNormal to Notebook and then saved it.
Screenshot with both XtraNormal and Notebook opened. I have copied the transcript over from XtraNormal to Notebook and then saved it. | Source

Creating XtraNormal Captions File Using Note Pad or a similar Plain Text Editor

So you make your video in XtraNormal - I am assuming that you have followed the 'How To' files provided by XtraNormal and know how to create a video.

Maybe you have created a simple 'how to' style video (like this one) and would like those viewing it on YouTube to be able to read the transcript as captions as well as hear it?

Or maybe you've made a funny video and want the YouTube video viewers to read your funny dialogue as captions.

XtraNormal voices for characters are computer generated and this can lead to some mispronunciation - captions might be needed anyway.

Here is how to save your dialogue/transcript file for later use as YouTube Video captions.

Once your transcript is prepared and you're happy with it:

  • Highlight all of the transcript text in the STORY tab box by starting at the first word and holding down your mouse button and dragging the mouse across and down until all of the text is highlighted.
  • Hold down Control and press C on your keyboard - this will copy the text to your clipboard.
  • If you are using Windows, open ALL PROGRAMS and select ACCESSORIES. If using MAC, PlainText is suitable.
  • From the drop down menu, select NOTEPAD.
  • When Notepad opens, hold down Control and press V on your keyboard - this will paste the text from your clipboard into Notepad.
  • Select FORMAT from the Notepad toolbar and select 'Wrap Text', this will enable you to see all of your pasted text. If you don't do this, it will appear as a single line transcript.
  • In Notepad, select FILE, SAVE AS... and rename the file transcript.txt.
  • Save the file to your desktop for easy access.


Editing After Publishing Your XtraNormal Movie To YouTube Video

To upload an XtraNormal movie to YouTube video, you will need to have a YouTube account.

If you haven't already done so, set up a YouTube account, it is very straightforward.

Let's assume you're now ready to create your YouTube video.

In XtraNormal

  1. Go to the XtraNormal video editing software and click on the 'MY STUFF' tab.
  2. Click on your video or right click on the word DOWNLOAD and save the file to your computer. Sometimes it will tell you that it is 'rendering' but I found that it still opened when I clicked on it.
  3. If you click on the video, it will open in a new page and below it will be the option to share to a variety of social networking sites and also to YouTube.
  4. If you save it to your computer first, you can upload it from there once you are in YouTube Video Manager.

In YouTube

  1. Once it has gone to YouTube (and be patient, it takes a few minutes to download), go to VIDEO MANAGER under your user account name.
  2. Click on EDIT below the newly uploaded video and select CAPTIONS.
  3. This will take you to the CAPTIONS screen on your YouTube video.
  4. Select Upload Caption File or Transcript and when prompted upload the NotePad file that you created earlier. Give it a file name.
  5. The file will take a minute or two to upload.
  6. Click on the uploaded file name and the transcript you saved will appear further down the page with a time stamp allocated to it.
  7. Go to the bottom of the transcript and click on DONE.
  8. Ensure that you have the 'show captions' tab selected below the YouTube video (alongside the 'full screen' choices etc. it looks like a square red button).
  9. Press PLAY and ensure your captions are now displayed below the video. If you monetise the YouTube video, the captions will automatically move up the screen (see video provided here which I made for this article).

So you now have a YouTube video with captions! It is also possible to translate your captions if you intend them for a foreign audience.

YouTube video Captions are also useful for the hearing impaired.


XtraNormal Video - Fun & Easy To Use

XtraNormal is basically an animated video creation suite but with a little time and effort, you can produce some excellent videos to share to YouTube video.

XtraNormal also allows you the option to save your video to your own computer and then edit it further with your own video editing software.

I use Windows Movie Maker (shipped free now with most computers) to enhance the XtraNormal video further and a quick look at others YouTube videos will show you what can be achieved with a little time and effort.

I hope you found this article useful - many thanks for reading.

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Jools99 profile image

Jools99 4 years ago from North-East UK Author

Bill, thanks for your comment - it is good fun and really easy to use.

Jools99 profile image

Jools99 4 years ago from North-East UK Author

Janine, you should play with it with your 2 girls, it is good fun! Thanks so much for your comment.

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Thank you Julie; I have never heard of this site, but it is something I definitely want to look into. Great job and I appreciate the heads up.

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Janine Huldie 4 years ago from New York, New York

I have pinned this to try to do in the future. Thank Julie so much for sharing this and giving step by step directions right here. Have also voted up and shared all over!!

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