How to Put Your Marketing Efforts on Auto-Pilot with an Email Auto-Responder System

 The number one reason why businesses lose sales is because they don’t follow up with their leads. Let’s face it. Emailing each potential client individually is time-consuming and difficult. Why not make the best of your time with an email auto responder? Auto responders work for you 24/7, marketing your business for you even while you sleep. Sales and Marketing Executives International did a study recently concluding that 81% of sales are closed after you contact people for the fifth time. Don’t let a single prospect slip through the cracks – follow up with each and every lead with an auto-responder.

 A follow up auto-responder allows you to send out pre-written emails at a scheduled sequence. Without even pressing a button, you will be able to send time-sensitive emails to your clients and prospects. Whether your computer is on or off, you will be able to send out emails instantly and continuously.

 Studies show that 80% of people who inquire about a product buy that product within a year of their first inquiry but 90% of them buy it with a different company. Don’t let those sales leads slip out of your grasp due to bad follow up. Make sure you stay in contact with every potential client by using an email auto responder. Consistent contact with prospects is proven to get results. It is particularly effective when you incorporate time-sensitive offers into your email marketing campaign to nudge your prospects into action.

 Another benefit of using an auto-responder that is often overlooked is that you can receive feedback from your clients. Even if your follow up has poor results, don’t fret. The information you glean from the experience is valuable marketing intelligence that can teach you exactly what you need to do refine your message in order to make sales the next time around.

Bizpack's Contact Manager and Follow up Auto-Responder

Bizpack is an all-in-one business suite that offers numerous services and tools that are very beneficial to small, home-based businesses. One of Bizpack’s primary tools is its contact manager, which consists of a database that allows you to store contact information of your clients and prospects. The contact manager also keeps you up to date with your appointments by notifying you of them via email or text message.

The Bizpack contact manager’s email auto responder is unique because of its email broadcast feature. The email broadcast feature allows you to personalize up to 10,000 emails per day and you can do this from one location. The emails will all come from an email address of your choosing and you can create emails using HTML or plain text to maximize your marketing efforts. You can select all of your contacts when you send out emails or place your contacts in specific groups. Bizpack’s follow up auto-responder integrates with the contact manager so you can stay in touch with the contacts in your database with ease. You can also add templates to your emails to make them more appealing.

The bulk of sales happen during the follow up process. Make sure you follow up with your clients effectively with Bizpack’s email drip auto-responder. Not only do auto-responders make it easy for you to stay in touch with prospects and clients, they maximize your time and efforts. Sending out email after email is time-consuming and not very productive considering that it’s possible to automate the process.

Bizpack’s contact manager includes one of the best follow up auto-responders on the market. Its numerous features allow you to keep up with your clients in a timely fashion without having to make any extra effort on your part. In addition, Bizpack features many other essential tools for operating a successful small business. So what are you waiting for? Take your marketing efforts to the next level with Bizpack’s superior auto-responder system. This marketing system will work for you 24/7, maximizing the number of prospects who become your customers.

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Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 7 years ago

Great hub, Michael. And great advice. BizPack will allow businesses to grow and flourish using the power of the internet in a simple to use way. I can hardly wait to try it!

Bill Beavers profile image

Bill Beavers 7 years ago from California

Michael, Great Hub bringing to light the importance of the drip email system included in the Bizpack Marketing System. I never realized how many sales are lost just from past customers and people we already know. Thanks very much for the information.

Michael Wright profile image

Michael Wright 7 years ago Author

Thanks Jody and Bill for your comment and I think that Bizpack is the missing tool for a lot of small businesses.

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