How to Relocate The Task Bar

Taskbar relocation is a cool idea, I’m sure lots of you know how to do it however I see people that ask my husband how did you get your task bar up on top of the screen and not on the bottom like the default.

To relocate it is very simple, just right click on the Taskbar and if the “Lock the Taskbar” option is checked then uncheck it. (Picture 1)

Once it is unchecked, drag it to one of the other three sides of the screen.

Picture 1
Picture 1

You can also resize the Taskbar. If you put your mouse cursor on the edge of the Taskbar, the cursor will turn into the Vertical Resize cursor. You can then drag the Taskbar to make it smaller or bigger (Picture 2)

You can also hide or show the Quick Launch toolbar or add other toolbars by right clicking on the Taskbar and selecting Toolbars.

Picture 2
Picture 2

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