How to Subscribe to Podcasts on iTunes


How to Subscribe

This guide will teach you how to find and subscribe to your favorite podcasts on iTunes. iTunes is a great way to listen to subscribe to your favorite internet podcasts.

Whether you like listening to the latest headlining celebrity gossip, skateboarding tips or audio lessons on how to speak Spanish, you can find it on iTunes and I will show you how. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open the iTunes Store

Open iTunes on your desktop. On the left side of the iTunes screen you will see the words iTunes Store, click it. The iTunes Store will then load on your screen. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

If you do not have iTunes you can download it for free at: Install iTunes on your computer then repeat step 1.

Video Tutorial:

Step 2: Search for the Podcast you want

Once in the iTunes Store, you have two ways of finding the podcast you want. The first method is to do a search for a specific podcast. Type in what you are looking for at search bar in the top right corner. Your search will bring up a list of results and you now need to filter these results by clicking the words podcasts on the left.

The second method is to browse through the podcast section by clicking podcasts on the left side of the screen. The podcast section in the iTunes Store offers a wide variety of audio or video podcasts to choose from.

Step 3: Once you find the Podcast you want click Subscribe

Using either method find the podcast you want. For example I did a search for CNET and clicked on one of their several audio podcasts. The CNET podcast page is displayed on screen and I can subscribe to this podcast by clicking the button Subscribe Free.

Subscribing to a podcast automatically downloads that podcast onto your computer which can be added to your mp3 player. To manage the podcasts you are subscribed to, click podcasts under your iTunes Library. In your podcast library you can change your podcast settings to check for updates daily, download only the latest episodes, etc.

I hope you find this how to guide useful. Once you learn how to subscribe to podcasts on iTunes it will be easy for you to find other podcasts and establish an awesome podcast library.

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