How to Unblock Facebook

I'm not even going to say why you shouldn't be unblocking Facebook at school or work. But you searched for it, so here it is.

Getting around your school or work filter is actually fairly simple. It all comes down to encrypting your data so that the filter can't see what you're doing. You have two options to unblock Facebook. Unblocking Facebook can be done by using a web-based proxy or a software-based proxy. Both methods will probably work. However, the web-based proxy is faster, but less secure. That means your network administrator might be able to see what you're doing. The second option is slower, but no one will be able to tell.

Option One: Web-Based Proxy

To access Facebook, simply find an online proxy to use. Go to and type in the box. You may need to try a few times to find one that works for you. Once you do, Facebook will be unblocked.

Option Two: Software-Based Proxy

The second option is more involved, but more secure. Once you install the software, you will be able to use it time and time again very easily. It is known as "Ultrasurf" and can be downloaded at for free. It runs from your thumb drive, so whenever you want to unblock Facebook, simply plug it in and run the software. Unblock Facebook with just a few clicks! Once you run the software, you will notice a small gold lock at the right bottom of your screen. This means you are encrypting your traffic. You can use Internet Explorer like you have been, except now, you will be able to access Facebook and all the other blocked sites.

Facebook is blocked for a reason. I'm not responsible if you get caught doing this or if it doesn't work on your network. Please use it responsibly.

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Dan 5 years ago

I used this to unblock Facebook from China:

Jorge Valenzuela 5 years ago

I can't access my facebook throout internet explorer,tell me how to sign in again.

rochelyn 4 years ago

help,me..How to unblock my facebook account ???

freewebproxylists profile image

freewebproxylists 4 years ago from Internet

usefull information, please check my hub as well for some extra information guys!

Joe Oliver 4 years ago

i use, it is very good fast and free

Dr. Lund 4 years ago

are bhosdi walo kuch unlock ni ho raha

Jasmine 2 years ago

The way I know indcules using ADO. Not .Net but old ADO. You must indcule the library, then declare a connection, set its properties, open the connection, then declare a recordset and set its properties. Depending on what you want from the database you can either use a SQL statement or just list the table you want to access. I would suggest doing some research on ADO Recordsets.Don't forget to close your connection, recordset and set then = Nothing to destroy them (no memory leaks).

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