How to Uninstall Windows Vista Easily

Microsoft Windows Vista un installation is the most problematic if you do not know how to do it. Unfortunately there is no direct way to uninstall Windows Vista as you would uninstall other application programs

There are two indirect ways to remove Vista

  1. The first Option is to Install your previous Windows Operating System

This is the simpler way to uninstall Windows Vista from your PC. Reinstall your previous Operating System by Inserting the Original Installation Disc and returning Setup, before doing this ensure that all your files and programs that you need are backed up. Then run the Set Up i.e. Windows XP, during the installation process you need to format your hard disc to remove vista Windows complete and this will enables you regain the space occupied by Windows Vista. Reinstalling your previous Windows Operating System will automatically replace the Vista Windows Software completely

2. Change the Master Boot Code

The Master Boot Code is the code the normally start an installed Operating System, it boots up your Vista Window, this will enables you to remove your Vista Master Boot Code and resume to other installed windows on your computer. Back up your files and programs before starting this process; insert your Vista Set Up Disc, then get your command prompt from the Accessories. While on the Accessories Right Click on the Command Prompt to run the command prompt as an Administrator, on the Vista Command Prompt enter the following code [F]:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force (am assuming F is your dvd drive letter). This command will delete your Windows Vista from your hard drive. Just restart your computer as it will start on the previous version already installed in your computer. Any folder and files associated with Vista should be removed manually from your computer

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